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Cancellation of Modern Money, Cancellation of Modern Commodity-Money Relations Means Cancellation of Mankind

Cancellation of Modern Money, Cancellation of Modern Commodity-Money Relations Means Cancellation of Mankind
Eugeme Volobuev 21.08.2013

Why Marx and almost all classics of Marxism-Leninism demanded cancellation of money and commodity-money (market) relations? Because money which existed at the time of Marx became capital, that is instrument of exploitation. The main thing is that that money was equal to gold and limited economy development. It was possible to issue that ammount of money, additional goods and get surplus value which correspond to the ammount of gold.

It's impossible to think about construction of communism with limited ammound of equal to gold money, communism where: "On the highest phase of communistic society … when productive forces will grow and all sources of public wealth will pour down a full stream together with all-round development of individuals…" (K.Marx of "Critique of the Gotha Program")

They failed to get continuous stream of products or goods for people having no equal to gold money. Therefore it was vitaly important to cancel that commodity-money relations existing at the time of Marx, Lenin, Stalin. Canceling money in the USSR they followed the way of direct cancellation of money, having entered artificial way of production called exchange of products. Prices fell, tariffs for price works decreased, wages and pensions weren't increased for decades, various public funds of distribution and non-productive funds existed on enterprises got developed, in the end of the year unspent money remaining on accounts of enterprises and organizations were destroyed, annual release of money was hidden, despite fight against money release of money got increased and at the end of existence of the USSR made more than 70% of the gross domestic product. All that fight against money undermined financing of the development of the country, reduced rates of development.

Mankind followed here other way, having kept money, but having cancelled its equality to gold in 1976. A lot of things got changed after that cancellation. The concept of monetary capital disappeared and capitalists ceased to appropriate surplus value to fixed and wage capitals. They started getting surplus value by direct release of money, far from productions and commodity-money relations (market), by simple pressing of a key of the computer in the bank. That is capitalism disappeared, productions and commodity-money relations (market) ceased to be exploiter. Issued money ceased to distinguish division of labor, it became general (communistic!), money began to be issued to pay general (communistic!) work of the population of the country. Mankind reached threshold of communism. Monetary communism!

The most important is that new most powerful way of production where equal to gold money limit production of goods, where increasing stream of let-out goods goes alongside with correspondingly unlimitedly increasing stream of issued money. It is clear that it is a final way of production for mankind, that now mankind would live in the commodity-money relations eternally because it's impossible to stop these increasing streams of let-out goods and money. It is clear that any attempt to damage this way of production, to eliminate, for example, money or commodity-money relations is terrible crime against humanity and mankind, it's attempt to push off mankind from objectively necessary way of its development. It is clear that the first step in formation of this new most powerful way of production is directing of the stream of issued money to people, that this most powerful way of production has started working in interests of people, that unlimitedly increasing stream of let-out goods go to people.

Nothing of the kind. This full, open and lawful (budgetary) direction of issued money to people is prevented by thieves who have appropriated issue of money in Russia. If issued in Russia money goes to everyone, only at the expense of conversion of money supply basing on gold reserves to the support basing on all commodity weight worked out in the country for all history of its human existence, everyone in Russia could already become dollar millionaire. There wouldn't be poor people, beggars and homeless in the country. This 2013 these thieves will appropriate about 500 thousand new issued rubles belonging to each soul in Russia. As a whole, this 2013 thieves will appropriate five times more issued money, than there's in the budget of the Russian Federation of 2013 deprived of issued money. It turns to be difficult task: to overcome plundering of issued money, bases of corruption and gangsterism in Russia, it is necessary to overcome thieves who have five times more money, than all state has.

This difficult task becomes sharply complicated by the fact that transfer of issued national money to people is prevented by heads of communists who stand shoulder to shoulder with the thieves plundering issued money. Despite numerous addresses of ordinary communists heads of communist parties and movements refuse to bring up a question of direction of issued money into the budget.

For example, Zyuganov has been refusing to bring up question about direction of issued money to the budget for many years. Though everything's already clear with Zyuganov who occupies antinational, anti-communistic, anti-human position.

The matter is far not only in Zyuganov. Many our known and respectful communists who honestly spent all their life serving the cause of the working class as they understood that cause, but when I urged them to be engaged in transfer of issued money to people, they answered me literally the following: "Dear comrade Volobuyev! I am grateful to you for aspiration to apply Marxism taking into account present time. I understand that Marxism is not dogma, but a guide to action. But I don't agree with your development of Marxism and prefer to understand socialism and communism in that theoretical and practical view which has been developed by K.Marx, F.Engels, which V.I.Lenin and I.V.Stalin built and dreamed to create." That is they answered that, say, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin had no idea of cancellation of gold parity of money and they weren't going to consider this idea, that they didn't transfer issued national money to people during their life and now weren't going to do it.

Special alarm is caused by the fact that newly formed communist parties occupy the same anti-communistic and anti-human position. So, now work in IAC (Interregional Association of Communists) on creation of new Communist Party consisting generally from members of the CPRF removed from the CPRF by Zyuganov is taking place with all its might. New party quite probably could become more powerful, than the CPRF as the number of communists expelled as a result of mass cleaning from the CPRF is in many times bigger, than the number of members of the today's CPRF. Adoption of the program of IOC is planned for August, 31, 2013. The draft of this Program is already submitted on a site of IOC. http://com-stol.ru/?p=12313#more-12313

This draft of the Program instead of development of commodity-money relations in interests of people proposes reduction of "commodity-money turnover to the minimum". That is it is offered to push mankind off from objectively necessary way of its development, to commit terrible crime against humanity. Thye give simply ridiculous justification: "Commodity-money relations bearing possibility of assignment and accumulation of material benefits besides distribution by labor continue to work." That is justification is given at a level: to take kitchen knifes away from the population as somebody can cut himself. Thus the authors of the Program of IOC don't care that they offer the communists to fight against commodity-money relations chosen by mankind forever, to go against mankind, to become bad people.

It's high time to all communists, as well as to all people to understand where mankind goes to and to start helping mankind in its following chosen objectively necessary way, instead of fighting against mankind, committing terrible crimes against humanity.

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