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Michael Delyagin: “It’s Easier to Find People Who Took Belief in Pre-election Pledges on the Cemetery”

Michael Delyagin: “It’s Easier to Find People Who Took Belief in Pre-election Pledges on the Cemetery”
Source: "Mir Novostey" 14.02.2012

The head of the Ministry of Health and Social Development Tatyana Golikova informed that according to the results of the January of the current year level of unemployment made 6.3% of the number of economically active population. 4,76 million unemployed live all in all in our country. According to her, level of unemployment is one and a half times lower, than in January – February of 2009 – the heaviest phase of crisis (in February, 2009 unemployment in Russia made 7,1 billion people or 9,5 %).

- What actually happens on labor market? Whether you agree with statistics of our ministers?

- It is possible to convict imperfection of our statistics and its political involvement a lot, but as a whole labor statistics represents facts. Yes, at the peak of crisis in February, 2009 the number of unemployed magnificently decreased as a result of recalculation for 1 million people. But dynamics of unemployment corresponds to the reality: it sharply fell after sharp phase of crisis passed.

Partial employment which is estimated by the Federal State Statistic Service jumped up from 4,8 % in November to 6,0 % in December: it is very big jump for inertial indicator, but it can be single seasonal fluctuation. Earlier partial employment was gradually decreasing since spring, 2009.

Probably, it is connected with reduction of public works: if in December, 2010 enterprises which the Federal State Statistic Service surveyed (hardly less than half of average and large enterprises of the country) occupied 47 thousand people, in November, 2011 – already 13,6 thousand and in December 2011 – only 7,2 thousand people.

- What trades are really in deficiency in the market and why?

- First of all, we are lacking professionals of all specialities including those spheres where seems to be overproduction. Bookkeepers, lawyers, experts in marketing, PR managers –names of these trades became synonym of the concept “professional unemployed with overestimated self-appraisal”. Try to find experts of these trades even in Moscow! Head-Hunters know them nearly by name and fight for them to death because higher education sells diplomas, but don’t give knowledge.

We are lacking certified experts of all technical specialities. There are no smart technologists, engineers, workers of especially difficult specialities. For example, aviation factory in Lukhovitsy decayed, as I was told, because of lack of workers who stretched wires through special apertures in fuselage and other parts of the plane.

Yes I saw myself oligarch who danced when he learned that last in the country aged repairman of domains had time to finish repair of his blast furnace a month before death.

After the Tatar Yoke stone building in Russia stopped: part of masters was killed, the other part was captivated. Liberal reforms at full speed going up to now exterminate masters of not one – all without exception trades.

- Why are there no people of working specialities? Whether it testifies that industry develops? It doesn’t look like this. Why did the workers appear to be claimed then?

- Workers survived and kept qualification, not mentioning motivation to work to a hell of the 90s gradually leave – some retire on a pension, some – to the cemetery. While new ones don't appear. Say, potential engineers run away from the country just having got education - not only because of money but also because in the developed countries they would never be slaves to idiots, while it’s almost inevitable in sprained to liberal reforms Russia.

The same could be said about engineers: when it was necessary to launch production of old rocket "Voevoda", 75-year-old developer was appointed the chief designer: they found no younger one.

- At what expense does unemployment reduces, if it really happens?

- After sharp phase of crisis in spring 2009 ended, restoration of a number of occupied in corporations including offices occurred. Besides, manufacture develops all the same and as it’s being developed extensively, it demands new hands. It’s not rapid growth, it’s slow creeping - but demand for people with labor motivation is huge. It’s difficult to satisfy it as salaries on manufactures are, as a rule, very low.

- Vladimir Putin is going to create, as he said, “25 million new hi-tech” workplaces. What workplaces does he mean?

- You should ask him, not me, as he is going to do it. For example, I don’t understand how it is possible to create even one million non-technological workplaces, without having limited corruption radically – including closest friends of dear president.

No signs and even real attempts of modernization I don't see. And it’s easier to find people who took belief in pre-election pledges on cemetery: it’s a place of their natural concentration.

- How Russia with its technological backwardness can really participate in the international division of labor today? What can we do at a level of the USA or Japan? Weapon or satellites? We aren't able to make either cars, or industrial goods. Or it is necessary and possible to learn to do it? But whether there is sense in it?

- If we will not learn to produce goods with high added cost – we will generate dictators (because only expert possesses due freedom and self-respect not to admit dictatorship) and will be crushed by global competition as Libya.

As to low level of production of tractors and satellites – we should learn to do it. At Stalin we managed to study in conditions which weren’t better, than today.


- Whether it’s favourable for Russia to develop manufacture today in general? To invest in it? If we live at the expense of import goods? Perhaps, it’s better to continue development of science, instead of working specialities? Or it’s easier to give work to mass of unemployed in industry or agriculture?

- To develop manufacture in Russia is impossible and joining the WTO on crushing terms fixes it definitively.

You won’t give work in science to unemployed from depressive settlements of city type – it is necessary to think and to have speciality there. Besides, science can't be groundless: it needs real base in the form of the developed, complex industry.

It’s necessary to enter a rule for employment of the unemployed – migrants could be given workplace only on equal terms with the Russian and only after the Russian refuses this place. But it is not favourable to corrupted bureaucracy, “legal experts” who serves its interests, interests of diasporas and ethnic criminal groupings, brand almost every attempt of protection of legitimate interests of citizens of Russia in this sphere as "fascism" and "extremism".

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