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"The President Was Again Made Look Fool”

"The President Was Again Made Look Fool”
Delyagin Michael 24.04.2012

Putin’s report in the State Duma of the Russian Federation last week abounded with wide statistical material, urged to show outstanding successes of the cabinet and its prime minister in all directions. Figures were pleasant to hear and could seem really serious progress. But it became clear to experts at once: authors of the report used favourite official method — to hide true situation behind most favorable for comparison percentage, thus unprofitable ones remain aside, at need are forged.

Let's begin with the fact that oil in the world markets in 2011 in comparison with 2010 rose in price almost by 40% (together with it - other energy carriers being the main revenue of the Russian export). How did this fact affect gross domestic product growth? In no way: the same 4,3%, according to the official statistics. Such growth of gross domestic product only compensates failure of 2009 and remains below minimum 5.5% necessary for sociopolitical stability. Moreover — average standard of living officially grew by 0,8%, taking into account obvious understating of inflation and advancing rates of enrichment of “offshore aristocracy”, but objectively for 90% of the Russians it decreased not less than by 7,5%. Putin told nothing about it. It is necessary to remind that "wizards" from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the subordinates from the Russian Federal Service of State Statistics managed to make inflation indicator slightly more than 6% and the prime minister told about it with pride. While the scheme of similar "magic" isn't a secret to anyone: to achieve necessary result of statistics expensive goods and essentials are taken together without taking into account total amount of consumption. Say, if bread rose in price by 10% and "Mercedes" — by 1%, "average" inflation will be considered equal to 5,5%. That’s why Putin so nervously reacted to remarks and questions of the deputies on specific social and economic problems.

While they are so that mere enumeration can occupy not one issue of the newspaper. Therefore we will stop only on few.

Some growth of the population of the country was caused by the inflow of migrants destroying not only labor market and life of the Russians, but also ethno-cultural balance. Russia continues to die out.

Statements about creation of 25 million new workplaces and jump from the 120th to the 20th place on investment climate without measures to achieve it remind promises of Mao Zedong of the times of catastrophic “big jump”.

International reserves are big only because of refusal of development: it’s possible to direct 250 bln. dollars on it without risk of falling of rouble.

Showing thinking about “sausage electric trains” at a level of joke, Putin could have recollected other joke: “at socialism there’s nothing in shops and there’s everything in refrigerators - at capitalism everything’s on the contrary”. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization, the USSR in the mid-eighties entered into ten countries of the world with the best type of food. In 1989 on production of meat per capita it conceded only to the USA and Germany, on production of fish — only to Japan, milk and sugar — to Germany and on production and consumption of butter it was absolute leader.

In Russia meat consumption per capita in 2010 (there’s no later official data) was higher than the level of 1989 (source — Central Statistical Office of the RSFSR) only by 14.5%, consumption of fish hardly reached the Soviet level, consumption of sugar and eggs lagged behind by 28%, milk — more than by a third.

It’s “average temperature in the hospital”: growth of inequality led to that many eat worse, than in the USSR. Decrease in average height of recruits and deficiency of their weight — realities not only of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, but also of Russia! In 2008 about 80% of the population consumed dairy below rational norm, 70% - fruit, more than a half - meat and fish, 30% - sugar and 20% - even bread.

Words that they didn't ranch cattle to have meat in RSFSR at all and killed just unproductive dairy cattle show misunderstanding of that in midland dairy and meat cattle breeding is more favorable than beef breading. Such words don't explain how the RSFSR could produce in 1980 3, 3 million tons of beef (now — only 1, 7 million tons). Cattle is now comparable to the level after collectivization in 1933-1934.

Putin promising support to cattle cultivation, obviously, doesn't know that Sberbank and Rosselkhozbank right after the message on joining the WTO by Russia, according to the data from cattle breeders, stopped crediting of the branch.

Thus to boast of the export of wheat caused by lack of cattle consuming it — the same as to boast of meat import.

Most likely, despite demonstration of strained super-optimism former-future president of the Russian Federation perfectly well understands that the resource of model of export of raw materials and eating up of the Soviet inheritance has been almost exhausted. So, for preservation of “social stability” within operating political-economical model of the corruption state living for the sake of robbery of people and legalization of what has been stolen in the West, in the near-term prospect he would have to rely only on naked lie and force.

Certain gap between top management and bottom and medium levels of system of the state administration took place in our country. In fact, bureaucratic echelons refused to fulfill their duties and got engaged — likely imitating the top management — with overestimated reporting and corruption which wasn’t also mentioned in the report. More than 60% of the Russians who solved problems of survival showed to the state powerful request for justice — request which was evidently heard by Putin only in his pre-election articles.

Our "national leader" should either continue self-destructive liberal policy of the Kremlin "tops" of the last quarter of the century: with the sad end for the state and personally for him — or to make political 180 degrees rotation. But it will be not supported by "the senior companions” from the USA who will then quickly put forward grown up activists like Navalny. It will be difficult to be busy with the development of the country also because of possibility of direct infringement of economic interests of a wide range of Putin friends. This choice, of course, is painful, it will take from half a year to one year and it looks like Medvedev with his “big government of kirienkos” will have to answer for vigorous and destructive liberal inaction.

It’s fondly to think that liberals don't understand it: for them Putin is unacceptable due to his potential ability owing to self-preservation instinct to stop slipping in system crisis and to transfer Russia from liberal way of self-destruction to development rails. Failure of alternative and obviously westernized political projects of the "president Medvedev" and “liberal revolution” seemingly generated the third project — Putin's discredit by demonstration of his inadequacy. Nothing’s special is needed for this purpose— it’s enough to force him to tell nonsenses as it happened in the present report of the premier before the State Duma.

The president publicly showing such level of understanding of the situation can be either honest victim of circumstances, or general figure of fun, or the tool oа endarkment and even country murder. He can't be only the instrument of creation — no matter if Putin wants or not, he should choose the destiny.

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