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People of Russia Need the Financial Agency as the Jews Auschwitz

People of Russia Need the Financial Agency as the Jews Auschwitz

- How do you find initiative of the Prime Minister Putin about taxation of citizens not on the job but at place of residence? What will it give exactly?

- To collect income tax is possible only where the one gets income. After all a tax, as a matter of fact, is being paid by the company which pays a salary: its sum is automatically subtracted from the money which the worker receives. Subsequent mailing of tax collection at the place of registration of workers - excessively expensive and consequently senseless occupation (not to mention that considerable part of the Russians doesn't live in place of registration at all including for safety reasons).

The fact that the Prime Minister Putin doesn't think of it rather distinctly characterizes a level of preparation of the statements done – as well the state policy as a whole.

Possibly, Putin’s idea is to increase uniformity of distribution of tax collection across the territory of Russia - but for this purpose is necessary to collect taxes from enterprises at the place of implementation of their activities, not at the place of their formal registration. They are talking about it since default of 1998, there’s such world experience, but as it is unprofitable both to large corporations and authorities of the richest regions, "things are right where they started".

Besides it is simpler to express care of regions not in oddish tax innovations, but in change of the budgetary policy which during all Putin period has been directed on withdrawal of maximum of means with their subsequent redistribution from regional budgets. Local budgets are being exsanguinated.

- Why do we need the Financial Agency for? After all there is the Ministry of Finance, what’s the reason for creation of new structure? Or is it really necessary?

- Talks about creation of RFA have been taking place since the beginning of 2009. It is supposed that this joint-stock company will be engaged in management of financial assets of Russia - first of all it will deal with the enormous saved-up reserves.

From institutional point of view it can become the tool which the government and first of all the Ministry of Finance will use to intercept from Bank of Russia management of the main part of the international reserves of the country which do not make the budgetary funds.

While from system point of view this structure will allow to reduce even more transparency of usage of enormous state reserves, to relieve the Ministry of Finance of responsibility for their, possibly, pitiable destiny and to complicate their usage for modernization and development of the country, for the benefit of the people of Russia.

For the ruling party serving interests of the global ruling class it, probably, is absolutely necessary.

People of Russia need the Financial Agency, from my point of view, as the Jews Auschwitz.

- What can you tell about imperfection of our tax system? What is the experience of the developed countries in this question if to compare our system and theirs?

- The main difference is that tax system of the developed countries is described in laws exhaustively and the taxpayer will protect almost with guarantee own interests in court against tax authorities if those ones break the law.

While in Russia taxes described in the law make only a part of real tax system; different illegal requisitions having, on the one hand, informal and on the other - almost obligatory character – make its second part.

About 6 years ago not Limonov but the president Putin called actions of tax authorities, as far as I remember, terrorist - no visible changes to the best occur since then.

- What taxes should be added and what maybe, on the contrary, should be cancelled?

- First of all it’s necessary to lower twice obligatory social contributions - according to perennials requests of business - to 15%, having made them flat. Situation when the poorer man is the heavier taxes he pays is not acceptable: in particular, it is the main source of deficiency of the Pension Fund.

Russia should cease to be the offshore for oligarchs.

Income tax shouldn't be collected from the income made of 3 living wage, while from income over 100 living wages should be collected on a rate of 20%.

Productive small business which is not engaged in speculative types of activity should be released from all types of taxes for 5 years.

The rate of Mineral Production Tax should depend on mining-and-geological and climatic conditions, not on the world prices.

VAT should be decriminalized: schemes of its fictitious return and its non-payment through "short-lived firms" should be destroyed - though it is already a question not to tax policy, but to the bases of political system of the modern Russian Federation, not saying directly that it’s "corruption".

- Whether wealth tax is necessary and whether it will help national economy?

- It is secondary, but technically difficult question; therefore it should be discussed separately. In practice it will pour out in the progressive taxation of real estate and transport.

It is essentially important that it shouldn't infringe middle class and should concern property of both physical and legal entities.

Thus wealth tax is not the instrument of ensuring social justice (graduated income tax and cancellation offshore, in fact, mode for oligarchs should serve to it – therefore these measures aren’t being considered).

Wealth tax only can make unproductive consumption of superrich people slightly less favorable, than now, having slightly increased their motivation to make productive investments. Thus it won't correct such discouraging features of the Russian investment climate as power racket, heavy corruption, vulnerability of the property rights and total arbitrariness of monopolies.

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