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On 1% I Feel Pity for Prime-Minister Medvedev. What about You?

On 1% I Feel Pity for Prime-Minister Medvedev. What about You?
Аlexander Golovenko 01.06.2013

On May, 21 we can celebrate one year of govern of the ex-president D. Medvedev the Russian government and today only the lazy doesn't abuse both of them. Of course, they deserve it. The prime minister has time till fall at the best. Then - inevitable resignation. Or even earlier. Well, if we are pleased to hear that the Minister of Defence of such nuclear power as Russia are pulled out from a bed of his mistress to whom he ran from his second already wife earlier in the morning by OMON? Thus he didn’t have with him either nuclear briefcase, or bodyguards. In her flat they found rolls of money and heaps of gold brilliants.

Thus all those details became known to mass media. As they say, it was indicative flogging. On the other hand, the Minister of Defence - exclusively presidential creature. Prime-Minister Medvedev is not responsible for Serdyukov…

You, of course, remember languid sigh of regret of ardent publicist Tina Kandelaki whom goodhearted Dmitry Anatolyevich after sensational family scandal sent to the Public Chamber. Here you what she wrote in her blog, from there her ladies' tears spread on all Internet:

- There’s an impression from outside that the party and Dmitry Medvedev are purposefully "merged" … In general all information publicizing activity of Medvedev as though is purposefully aimed on undermining of serious attitude towards him.

As if someone had that "serious attitude" towards the kid except her. As if "United Russia" for which she longs doesn't deserve status of the criminal organization.

It was one and a half months ago. Today other, not less ardent publicist categorically claims on the portal "Nakanune.ru":

"It’s final and irrevocable fact that Dimon Medvedev “has been merged “as the prime minister – the fact, as they say, is medical, it has been even stamped. He has been merged by all …"

I don't want to join general chorus because I more than once stated my attitude towards "majestic kid" in Network. In particular here on Forum.Msk in September, 2011 in the article "If We Should Recognize Medvedev's Boarding Extremist?"

Today I want to ask different question: if you really don’t feel sorry for "Dimon" a least a little?

We generally don't think over such fact that he couldn’t really do anything on the post of the prime minister and even the president, if the country for already 13 years has been operating in a manual mode by one person and we all know who I mean. Actually he was taken to the Kremlin and then to the office of the prime-minister and was strictly forbidden to touch anything and to press any buttons.

Unless he could replace though one unusable minister of the government who was appointed to him by instructor Putin? No, certainly. He can't do it even now. Even odious ignoramus Livanov who drags the country in the Middle Ages and wants to disperse Academy of Sciences. Even though at once three fractions of the State Duma wrote a poison letter against him to the guarantor.

Certainly, fight against time zones and "Ilyich bulbs" is totally ludicrous. Fruit of plentifully watered with beer mind. I don't exclude that it was invented not even by speech writers, but senior companions who forced him to sound the nonsense to the whole world. By the principle, any toy is OK…

If not enough nonsenses were done by "decorative president".

Though I give prime-minister Medvedev plusses, for example, for the fact that he twice (!) publicly opposed unfairly cruel sentence given to two soloists of "Pussy Riot". After our Khamovniky’s justice sent two young mothers for two years to stay in prison. Though under the law it could grant them delay, to give them suspended sentence or to justify in general.

Dmitry Anatolyevich considered that six months which the girls stayed in pre-trial detention center is quite enough and it would be possible to do without imprisonment …

After all we know why they were imprisoned. In essence for punk prayer "The virgin, make Putin go away" which they sang in the Christ the Savior Cathedral at the end of the presidential election campaign. In fact they were imprisoned for "insult of feelings of the believers" though the law on their protection hadn’t been adopted by the State Duma yet.

Such law shouldn’t be adopted in our multi-religious secular state, in which religious organizations with all their feeling and wishes are separated from it under the Constitution …

As what is sacred for orthodox is a sin for the Muslim. And vice versa. We have: "Christ has risen", they have: "Allah Akbar!"

In my opinion, our prime minister is in general kind starry-eyed person. Did you see how he sincerely rejoiced having received Iphone from Steve Jobs? Well, pure child … How greedily he ate hamburgers and drank cola with the First secretary of the Washington regional committee, having made world advertizing to them.

What things do I pity?

It is a pity that his good words about modernization appeared simply words, if they weren’t bluff initially. So, Russia didn't get down from "oil needle".

It is a pity that fight against corruption widely declared by him, which he made pre-election trump failed having not begun. The bribe won.

It is a pity that judicial reform also failed. Well-known words "freedom is better, than not freedom" appeared to be simply beautiful slogan. Same "Pussy" felt it on own destiny.

It is a pity that his attempts to return to dear Russians at least few rights and freedoms taken away from them were almost brought to naught. Even darling "United Russia" made a fool of him.

At first it decriminalized article about slander at his presidential desire, having moved it away from the Criminal Code. Then according to the instruction of already other president it added it back.

They returned elections of the governors, but it’s done in such a way that population can’t chose the head of the region against desire of the Kremlin.

None oppositional party could appear in the State Duma against his will. None candidate for president not approved by V.V.Putin is able to receive registration and to compete with him.

Generally, at all my critical relation to the successor I wouldn't start beating him today understanding perfectly well that none of us would achieve more if we were he …

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