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The Year 1937 Begins in Canada

The Year 1937 Begins in Canada
Saidov Ruslan 09.06.2006

The group of Islamists planned to capture a house of parliament of Canadaand to kill the Prime Minister Stephen Harper - the Canadian special services announced. Charges are brought to 17 prospective conspirators detained at the end of the previous week in the coarse of the largest antiterrorist operation led by the Canadian police.

The purpose of the action, as enforcement agencies declare, was to bring to the withdrawal of the Canadian military contingent from Afghanistan. Members of the group ideologically close to "Al Khaida" planned to capture hostages in the parliament including the head of the government and to kill them if their demands wouldn’t be fulfilled.

The following thing confuses: among 17 "terrorists" - five are children. That means that an act of terrorism in comparison to which Basayev's raid to Budennovsk can seem unpretentious operation taken from the textbook assumed to make 17 very young men, five of whom were simply children. Naturally their have Arabian names, they church-goers.

Connection with "Al Khaida" is, probably, dragged in for appearances – not without purpose they talk only about "ideological affinity". According to such logic "ideologically close" could be everyone.

Nevertheless, more than 400 policemen took part in detention of group of teenagers. In a coarse of a series of raids in Toronto the police has withdrawn a computer hard disk, complete sets of a camouflage, a door with bullet apertures in it and also the materials used in manufacture of an explosive, including 3 tons of ammonium nitrate.

One shouldn’t be an expert to understand – it’s strange to speak about capture even a henhouse not that of a parliament with such "arsenal". Each fisherman-amateur has a camouflage. So, having dressed up in it with a holey door atilt 17 "ideologically close" were going to attack authority. Oh, besides everyone should also bear on him approximately 180 kgs of ammonium nitrate.

Nevertheless, valorous special services affirm that the grouping "represented real and serious threat" possessing "ability and intention to carry out attacks". As Luc Portelance, the Deputy Director of the Canadian Service of Investigation and Safety, it looks like suspected "have chosen ideology of violence having inspired by example of "al Khaida".

Serious charges, serious argumentation.

In general, to have a concept about a flow of thought process of the Canadian Enforcement Agencies it is necessary to read BBC and not to fall from a chair at doing this.

"To have something to compare with: explosion in 1995 of a federal building in the city of Oklahoma as a result of which 168 people died was fulfilled with application of only one ton of ammonium nitrate - the representative of the Royal Canadian mounted police Mike Macdonell explained to BBC. - Our investigation and arrests haven’t allowed to admit assembly of explosives and committing of attacks”.

That is there weren’t any explosives. "Horse policemen" found out 3 tons of ordinary fertilizers which saltpeter is in reality and invented a plot on that base.

Ali Khindi, the imam of Torontomosque, has informed mass-media that he knows the majority of the accused and considers that two or three of them can be involved in criminal activity but not in terrorism. "One of them made criminal acts selling weapons", - agency Reiter cited imam’s words.

Surprisingly it has reminded me the recent events occurred in a number of North Caucasian republics. Belonging of the young men to Islam becomes there the main "accuse", only instead of mythical "Al Khaida" not less indistinct "vahhabism" appears. The argumentation of the trial vividly reminds materials of affairs of 30th years.

"Authorities of Torontoand Ontario, meanwhile, do not exclude an opportunity of making of new arrests" – BBC informs. Naturally. The Arabs and saltpeter are in abundance.
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