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Sergey Kurginyan Lifted the Veil from Secret Operations of the Intelligence Services

Sergey Kurginyan Lifted the Veil from Secret Operations of the Intelligence Services
Surikov Anton 04.07.2006

This spring “FORUM.msk” published a 3-parts report of the famous political scientist Sergey Kurginyan which was read by him on the meetings of the club “Substantial Unity” on the 13th, 27th of April and on the 18th of May. Till the present moment this report is in a great degree has been overworked by the author in a form of a book “Weekness of Power. Analytics of Secret Elite Games and Its Concptual Fundamentals”, the presentation of which will take place on the 22nd of June. Later the content of the report is supposed to appear on the site “Kurginyan.ru”.

Interckannish Sorting Out in Washington

One of the key themes in the book became analyses of the situation in the USAin connection with more and more growing contradictions inside Bush’s administration. The author of the research proposes to refer critically to the existing stereotypes about “democracy” and “clarity” of political process in United States. Obviously, for the first time in the domestic political science he observes this process through prism of clannish struggle of elite groups in the American special services: CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI and others.

According to Kurginyan’s analyses, the group headed by the Vice-President Richard Cheney and Minister of Defense Donald Ramsfeld backing up by military secret services DIA, спецназof military service and air force also having strong positions in CIA took the course to establishment of monopolistic control over finances appointed on intelligence activity thus having made a demand for absolute predominance in the closed to onlookers world of special departments of the USA. If such plans will be realized, it will mean not only disproportionate strengthening of one force clan to the others detritment but also will lead to major changing of all political system construction existing in the USA for the last tens.

No wonder that the push of Cheney and Ramsfeld provoked severe resistance. Not only from the part of elite which are grouping around oppositional Democratic Party but from the part of the respublicans also. As the head of this machinery resistance appeared such icon figures as: George Bush-the older and Henry Kissinger. Their main alliances inside the administration became the State Secretaty Condolise Rice and high-rank member of the National Security Council Tomas Gram.

“Military opposition” to Ramsfeld also has been formed. It was headed by the well-known general Anthony Zini, Tom Clancy – respectable in the army and special departments “an American the ideologist Julian Semenov” acted as an ideologist. However, the main shock wave of enemies of the group Cheney-Ramsfeld is highly experienced national director of secret service Joan Negroponte backing up by CIA.

In the frameworks of resistence tqo main fields for battles figured themselves. The first one – of foreign policy, being concentrated around nuclear programm of Iran. At the time when Cheney and Ramsfeld are for the power actions here, Condolise Rice is after more flexible position. What is paradoxically is that the president of Iran Makhmud Ahmadi-Nejad who craves for consolidation of own power under the slogan “rebuff to the enemy” is interested in “gently-forceful“ solution of the crisis not less than the group Cheney-Ramsfeld. On the contrary his opponents headed by the former president HashemiRafsanjani are eager to prevent such scenario by way of negotiations with Condolise Rice.

Thus backstage side of crisis revokes vivd remanicenses of other examples of “sucessful collaboration” of as it seemed irreconsilable enemies – Washington“hawks” and conservative Shiite politicians in Teheran and Kuma. It reminds such examples as the steal of hostages in the Ambasy of the USA in 1979 which brought Ronald Reigan into the White House; scandal “Irangate” in the middle of 80th.

Foreign policy field of inter clanish stuggle isn’t rectricted by just one Iran. It spreads in the directest way also on other coutries and regions starting from neighbour’s Iraqand further to far African countries: Liberia, Sierre Leone, Angola. It spreads also on former USSR: the Ukraineand Russia.

Thus, according to Sergey Kurginyan’s evaluation, it became one of the most important reasons of the squabble which grasped the Ukranian “orange”, of the antogonism among Victor Yuschenko’s surrounding, on the one hand and Yliya Timoshenko’s team together with its significant members as Alexander Turchinov, Andrey Kozhemyakin – on the other.

As long as Russiaconcerns, the echo of Washingtonclanish sorting out, obviously, will influence to the degree the contours of the operation “Successor-2008”. It has already influencing if to scrutinize better to some recent resignations and cadre perturbations.

“Irangate-2” has ended in resignation of its initiator.

Besides the foreign policy fireld of battle there is one more, ulterior concealed, on which inner conflict between the American special services takes place: CIA under control of Negroponte attacks the structures which are oriented on the group Cheney-Ramsfeld. By the time there is a pause on this field which is caused by the resignation of the Director of the main Intelligence Department Porter Goss from its post and consequently the appointment to it on the initiative of Negroponte the former director of NSA general Michael Heiden – the private enemy of Ramsfeld and one of the consultants of Klancy’s books.

"Political scientists A.Surikov, S.Batchikov and A.Nagorny during the seminar in India. November, 2005”.

It’s not clear right now how actively Heiden will join in the clannish sorting out on his new post. While Negroponte obviously counts on him and on his high qualfication which Goss has been lacking – that altogether with aventurism of the surrounding of the last and disposition towards legal constrains has served as the decisive reason for his forced retirement.

Sergey Kurginyan thoroughly investigates some of connected with each other special operations of CIA taken place during Goss’s time appointed at the group Cheney-Ramsfeld and its foreign partners. Speaking shortly, the general idea having been supported by the existing in the Americanpublic opinion stereotypes is as this: overthrow Vice-President and Minister of Defense by way of organizing of some load international scandals. Thus by way of fabrication a kind of “Irangate-2”. To achieve it the following 3 episodes were chosen:

1. Illegal deliveries of weapon to the Westerns Africa on the border of 1990-2000th using forces of kind of Joint Venture with participation of representatives of the USA, Russiaand Eastern Europe;

2. "Grey" deliveries approved by the group Cheney-Ramsfeld by the Russian-Ukrainian businessmen of nuclear-missile technologies to China, Pakistanand Iranin 2000-2001 inexchange for loyal attitude of the countries to the military ventures of Pentagon in Afghanistanand Iraq;

3. Organization in the beginning of 2003 at participations of the Russian, German and Iranian emissaries in Bagdad, Katar and Dubai of the secret agreement between the American and Iraqi command about capitulation of armies of Iraq in the course of the second war in the Bay.

In the frames of the first episode the figurants of which became former President of Liberia Charles Teylor (just distributed to the international court in Gaaga) and the leaders of internationsl aviatransport companies Victor Aminov (But) and the American of the Arabian origin Richard Chichagi (Shishaggi), it was planned to form myth about “mafia” ostensibly specialising in the 90th in contraband of the arms to former Yugoslavia, the Caucasus, Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq as well as in connected with contraband of adjoining types of illegal activity with liquid goods: oil quotes, gold, diamonds, drugs, materials with high specific cost.

The second episode with the Russian journalist Oleg Orlov as a figurant was meant to arrouse to the public the thought of unprincipeled compact between Cheney and Ramsfeld with the Russian-Ukrainian “mafia” and bribable officials and with enenimous to the USA Asian states. As a result of the dubious tactical profit of the Americans Soviet nuclear-missile technologies could be found in the hands of “countries-outcast” such as Iranand geopolitical oponents of Americasuch as China.

At this the connection between the first and the second episodes were stressed both trough the charges in belonging of Aminov’s aviacompanies to the transportation of strategic of cruise missile Х-55 from the Ukraine to China and Iran and through kept in the documents of U.N.O. confirmations of his partnership with Orlov at the deliveries of the arms to Angola against sanctions.

Besides, the role whish Chichagi played in the evacuation of the relatives of Ben Laden from the USAafter the events of the 11th of September, 2001 connected the scheme of Goss with “international Islamite terrorism”. At last the thrird episode should point to the stable character of corelations of the group Cheney-Ramsfeld with “Russian mafia” from KGB and GRUas well as with Iran. That’s to the fact that the group is to some extend obliged to the Russians and Iranians that it has to work off these obligations to the detritment to national interests of the USA

In particular as people of Cheney and Ramsfeld are from the former members of CIA иDIAthey, ostensibely, favour commercial-political collaboration of the “Russian mafia” with Columbian “grugs peasants” from the grouping FARC and “international Islamite terrorists” on the Near East ill-intentioned towards the USAand Israel. Thus in CIAappeared extremely intricate construction which could have, being proved by evidences, provoked giant political scandal in Washington.

However, no convincing proofs were received notwithstanding all Goss’s attempts that, obviously, predetermined his retirement on account of his unsuitability to the post.

Kurginyan’s diagnosis: deintellectualization of the analytical process.

Deintellectualization of analytical process, renunciation of serious discussion of important questions, creation instead of system of primitive myths and cheap popular prints deriving aside from the real problems – that is one of the reasons which made Sergey Kurginyan proceed to the writing of the book.

Once having a look at one of the internet-forums where the discussion of the second part of Kurginyan’s report took place, I came to find one characteristic reactions. A man claiming to be one of those who forms the left ideology has written approximately like this: “Saw a text, a lot of letters, tell me in short – what is this all about?”. He was explained briefly in 4-5 items. In general such enumeration found out to be analogous to the answer to the question about the content of the Soviet movie “17 Mgnovenij Vesny”, you would receive an answer like: “It’s about how professor Plejshner feeded animals in the zoo”. Such episode realy was seen in the movie and it’s really important for the one who work in the zoo. Meanwhile the film is not about it, but about contrary different.

In the example taken I was, however, more astonished not by those 4-5 items in the zoo-style but by the persistent agression of those who were interested in the report towards the site “Kompromat.ru”. It goes without speaking that this site – is successful commercial project and its owner Sergey Gorshkov – a talanted man who treats the content of his child with fairy large share of cynical irony. In reality our analytics is lowered to the level of “Kompromat.ru”! Unfortunately, we have to it into consideration.

In this connection I will try in the simplified way to clear up some moments which awake questions. Including the question – why it is necessary to refer to this delicate and closed theme.

The author of the book – that should be stressed again – doesn’t claim to fulfil functions of the judge and public prosecutor in connections with those who appear in the Goss’s schemes. He doesn’t charge or blame anybody, only says that the schemes described are principally possible. If it is not so? He also says that persons who appear often in mass-media – do not belong to mafia engaged in amateur performances at their own responsibility but they are people who fulfil the tasks which are put by the state. The state instantions stand as organizers of secret operations, on account of this they have to protect executors, help them, if it’s possible, but not leave to the mercy of the fate.

From Kurginyan’s point of view it’s not acceptable if organizers don’t feel their moral responsibility, neglect the function of executors’s defense. It’s much more disgusting if the executors are sacrificed to advisabilityas a result of cynical deals of their formal and informal chiefs, if they are appointed to the roles of pointsmen and scapegoats at hooting of moralizing mob.

As a matter of fact the author of the book makes it clear that in this concrete case with Goss’s schemes it wouldn’t be possible to turn the black linen inside out selectively. I am with him here.

The second moment which arrouses questions is the possibility of belonging of the Russians to those three episodes around which Goss ettempted to organize scandal. For example, if it’s ok that in the 90th the large-scale sale accorsing to the “grey”schemes was taken place, the profit from which, ostensibely, went to “mafia”?

As long as I understand in most of cases “mafia” took not the whole profit and, as a rule, not a half or even a fourth. Still the significant part in that or other way went to the army and military-industrial complexin a form of so called off-budget financing. If we try to recollect what was going on with the budget financing by that time then we can ask a questiong: if some other alternative could exist here?

The next theme is – the export of the Soviet missile, nuclear, biological and other technologies abroad, to what extend it is righteous?

"А.Surikov and А.Nagorny at the time of holding seminar in Israel. November, 2003".

If we take nuclear constituent then we’ll see that, as it is known, coming unravelled of the technologies has started long before the ruin of the Soviet Union. Thus, apart from the USA, the USSR, Great Britan, France and China in the 70-80th such countries as Israel, India, Pakistan, South African Republic and Swizerland provided themselves with nuclear arm while Japan stopped at a half step away from it and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,Iraq (before Israeli attack on Osirak), Libya, Brazil and Argentina lanched intensive works in the field. The same was the intension of shah Iranbut after Islamite revolution and in connection with Iranian-Iraqi war it had to stop the project.

From the beginning of the 90th a number of changes happened. Indiaand Pakistanlet out a secret and carried out nuclear testing. The SouthAfricanRepublicand Switzerland, on the contrary, dismantled their nuclear potential. Libyaand Argentinastopped them voluntary and Brazilfroze them. At the same time Democratic People’s Republicof Koreaannounced itself nuclear power and there were certain suspesions towards Iranas to being nuclear ambitious.

The question isnatural: what will happen if Democratic People’s Republicof Korea,China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Iranor Brazyl create or improve in the coarse of time their nuclear-missile powers using as well our technologies? If this threaten with making from the part of these states of effective disarming blow on the Strategic nuclear powers of Russia? No, it doesn’t, even if the programme of modernization of domestic SNFwill proceeds in the same dissatisfactory way as it has been done during last 15 years.

The only real threat for SNFof Russia in foreseable future is – the first missile-nuclear blow form the part of the USAaltogether with operation of its future system of anti-missile defense that has been recently talked about in the competent magazine “Foreign Affairs”. On the other hand, big Asian countries with the help of nuclear-missile arms can better withstand to each other as well as to the USA– the only power that has already applied atomic bomb against Japanand now publicly threatens to use its tactical nuclear means against Iran. That means, from my point of view, that nuclear-missile status of big states of Asia and Eastern America will have restrictive, stabialising influence on the situation in the world, will moderate agression of Washington.

At last one more theme under discusion: what for the assistance to the Americans in Iraqwas done if such assistance took place at all? I propose to look at it from the point of view of 3 passed years. Whatdowehavetoday?

At first, the USAis so deeply in the Iraqi slough that it makes it difficult to display new agressive actions especially with the use of land army.

At the second, in connection to Iraqthe Americans have sharply worsened its relations not only with Islamite world but also with Europethat prevets the West to coordinate their attempts in the Russian direction. Inthewhole, duetoIraqitrapetheAmericanshasnotimeforus, that’salreadypositive.

At the third, jihad against the USAin Iraqattracted plenty of passionaries form all Moslem countries that can otherwise be found in Northern Caucasia or Central Asia.

Finally, the fourth – the conflict in the area of the Persian Gulfhas contributed to the growth of the world prices for oil that means additional takings into the budget of both - Russians and exporters of raw materials. Publication of the book of Sergey Kurginyan – is an event which will, without saying, have load resonance also abroad where analytical process has been deintellectualized not so strongly as in Russia.   

This coming resonance in many ways is connected with the public activity of the author – organizer of constantly working Russian-Israeli seminar on the problems of security, a member of which I use to be. It’s enough to read the Russian-speaking Israeli press to form an opinion about the level of representation of Israeli part on this seminar – these are leading politicians and elite of intelligence community of the country which has for good reasons quite strong influence in the USA.

Another big undertaking of Kurginyan in which I also take part is – thrilateral Russian-Israeli seminar on terrorism on which Indiawas represented by the Prime-Minister last year.

At last, speaking about international contscts of the author of the book one shouldn’t forget to mention about China. “Forum.msk”, from its part, will also return not once to the themes mentioned in the book.

"А.Surikov and А.Butkyavichus after registering a claim to the magazine "Extra". May, 2006".

I wont’ hide it moreover that we have private and corporative interest. In particular? we will obligatory make to  the legal answer all those who tried to undermine our business reputation by way of spreading with the help of mass-media and Internet of deliberately false information about our imaginary belonging to some episodes metioned in Kurginyan’s research. The first steps on this way have been already done. Thus, together with my partner from “Forum.msk” and my friend well-known Lithuanian politician Andjus Butkyavichus in May of this year we lanched the procedure of juridical prosecusion in the court of Vilnius of magazine “Extra” which published a libel. Other claims will follow in the near future.
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