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The President Is Permissed to Shoot Off of Disagreables All Round the World

The President Is Permissed to Shoot Off of Disagreables All Round the World

The State Dume of Russia gave the permission to use elements of armed forces and special services abroad to take part in antiterroristic operations. Corresponding corrections in legislation were made by the Deputies today at once in the second or the third readings, practically without discussions.

Everybody was busy with tax amnesty – parliamentarians approved the bill which establishes reductive order of avowal of incomes received before the 1st of January, 2005. “Self likes itself best” than an opportunity of the president to kill someone abroad in accordance with the law of the RF and not "taking the law into own hands", as it used to be before.

As soon as the ntion “antiterroristic operation” is far too loose concept that has been already shown by the USAand its allies not once, to carry it on is possible on any ocasion. And even without it.

At that is hardly possible that the president Putin or his successor will bring the army suddenly, for example, into South Ossetiafor the protection of its people (who are, by the way, Russian practically without exception) form terrorism. Most likely that he will supply with cannon-fodder some NATO operation – he won’t need to persuade the parliament in something any longer: has brought and that’s all.

But this is not the most important. Now special operations such as elimination of Zelimhan Yandarbiev couldn’t become ordinary practice of the Russian special services abroad, not somwthing extraordinary. Zakaev and Udugov (who are not of any interest to someone in reality) also live abroad as well as the “accomplices of terrorists” – Beresovsky and Nevzlin. The interest is higher here. Tomorrow some runaway – businessman, politician or even disagreable to the state regime literary man... Whynot? Onecanintroducesuchtermas“intellectualterrorism”.

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