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Folklore Holidayof the Former Fleet

Folklore Holidayof the Former Fleet

Every year the Russian Navy fleet thaws and weakens while celebrating and anniversaries become more and more magnificent every year. During the Soviet time the holiday passed ascetically, the main thing in it was parade of the ships which entered the bays and harbors of seaside cities, today with disappearance of floatation devices more and more tinsels, guisers, rituals and customs never existed appear. In general, gradually the Navy Day turns from demonstration of power to a harmless folklore holiday.

Not so long ago in the meeting with representatives of the Arabian Diaspora on the occasion of the latest war in Lebanon, Gennady Zyuganov reminded that in the days of the USSR the Soviet navy fleet was able to show in the Mediterranean sea up to 130 fighting ships. Certainly, demonstration of such power alone was capable to prevent military conflict.

By the way, for the first time the Russian fleet began to interfere with Near-Eastern conflicts at the reign of Alexander III – also mainly not participating in fighting collisions, but only showing power.

Today the Black Seafleet of Russiahas 3 ships of the first rank, three – of the second and 2 underwater diesel boats. Only 1 ships of the first rank, 2 ships of the second and 1 submarine presented by businessmen from them are in condition to reach water area of Mediterranean Seaby themselves. Certainly, it’s not a power any more but "atomy" which demonstration is capable not to frighten but to cause condolences.

Not better the things are going on with other fleets of being once a mighty sea power.

But our president appeared to be able to finish the construction of KonstantinoskyPalacewhere he hosted the chapters of "the great eight". Peter the First had no money for this palace - all went to the construction of the ships, guns and Guards. Other emperors also found no necessary means – all of them built a fleet.

For ours – it created no problem. The ships, planes, tanks - all of them are the matters of yesterday’s importance. Today - holidays, balls, fireworks.

Keep it real!

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