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Whether to Demand Money - or Country and Dignity?

Whether to Demand Money - or Country and Dignity?
Alekseev Andrey 08.08.2006

The infringement of rights, insults, complaints are not the concepts for the men. It is necessary to argue sensibly: if the state “deceived” us, military pensioners, it means that we deserved it. I address to those officers who still remember that the most terrible thing for the Russian officer was not to lose privileges but honour. To those who understand that honour is a decency, human dignity and firm will in the defend o justice.

Whether it’s not strange to see as tens thousand military pensioners address with complaints to injustice of the government in every possible instances including foreign remedial ones? What do we want than - that our problems will be settled by fat Europeans who considered us for hundreds years not civilized nation? That any euro-gay from any present Hollandcounted our food ration?

Yes, present authorities have taken away our privileges guaranteed by the state, have deceived and continue to deceive with pension accounting, as a matter of fact - spit into face and smile impudently. But it doesn’t mean that it is necessary to run to the uncle smearing snots and tears and to complain of the offender! It doesn’t matter whether the uncle is domestic or a foreign one. To complain - it is unworthy of a man.

We were soldiers, were marching, lost comrades who gave their lives to fatherland, but they always were ready to help each other. Why do we protect now the honour and dignity so ineptly and apart?

There are millions of us. We are not "worked out material". If we vote for together – any shitcrat will draw a head in shoulders! It’s necessary to organize a uniform all-Russia organization of military men uniting former and operating militarians irrespective of departmental belonging. The aim is one - protection of rights and legitimate interests of military men against encroachments of officials and political businessmen. It should be the public organization of a new type which has not soiled itself by gambling on the rights of military men, by corruptibility of organization men of central and regional veterans’ organizations, by political booking and deputies’ rations.

It is not necessary to call people to meetings and demonstrations, to transform them into the herd operated by puppets of bureaucratic oligarchy. It’s possible to achieve from authorities only promises and charities by the hysterical shouts and slogans. The basic kinds of activity of such organization of military men should become claims in court as well as gathering and wide spreading of information. (I shall notice: everyone is free to make a choice by himself - those who underestimate a role and value of topical information are definitely happier than those people who are informed. But in this case it’s not worthy to claim on the fraud - one should pay for the happiness of ignorance).

Thousand pensioners should not toil in courts. There will be only one process on each case: on restoration of privileges; on return of the underpaid pensions in connection with changes of the cost of the food ration; on  recalculation of a monetary contentment of military men in connection with inflation; on other questions of social protection of military men in reserve and on active service. It will be civilized way of struggle for the rights, wodely and for a long time applied in the western democracies. To those ones who prefer the hopes for uncle’s, tsar’s, president’s help and write claims it’s necessary to understand that they are not interesting to anyone in our non-legal state and first of all to the disreputable government – protege and spokesmen of the will of the oligarch - with their material difficulties, diseases and injuries.

It’s necessary so that the voice of the military pensioners will be heard from the first person of the state or from their trusted representatives but not from the organization men appointed by plutocracy.

The mass organization has all means for payment of fair managers and competent lawyers, for informational supply. Besides the state has a financial debt to military pensioners in the sum of more than 250 billion roubles. To achieve payment of these means - and not in the following of 20-50 years but in reasonable time – could be done only by powerful social movement.

At last, military pensioners – is only a part of the population which requires social support. Social policy of the state should be based on principles of optimum justice. Privileges for one should not be accompanied by the infringement of rights of others.

Thus no one should be mislead by lamentations of authorities about absence of economic opportunities for the increase of social charges. These statements – are frank lie, by means of which they try to hide the inconsistency as leaders, inability to efficient control and, it is very frequent - mercenary interests. People should demand that belong to them but not to ask.

The requirement of simple citizen - is a mosquito squeak, million requirements – is the statistics and one legally issued requirement from tens thousand person is a very heavy weight on the weights of justice. It depends only on us: whether we shall peep for the blessing of domestic statistics or shall make justice fair and effective and authority - adequate to requirements of the right.

I hope everything that is mentioned will become a question for discussion.
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