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RPG-29 Continue to Strike Blows on the Reputation of the Israeli Army and Military and Industrial Complex

RPG-29 Continue to Strike Blows on the Reputation of the Israeli Army and Military and Industrial Complex
Alexander Magidovich 15.08.2006

Four Israeli tanks and three army bulldozers were destroyed on Sunday in the morning in proceeding fights in Southern Lebanon, despite of accepted on Friday evening resolution ofthe Security Council of U.N.O. on the cessation of military actions. Israeli armoured troops haven’tundergone such massacre for all their history, beside they suffer losses not from the regular army but from the combatantsarmed easy by wearable weapon.

During the last 24 hours Israeli armoured and motor-infantry units on a number of directions have gone as deep as at the distance of 10-11 kmfrom the border. At the same time Israeli troops move ahead passing settlements in the direction of the river the Ale – Litan which is 25-30 kmfar from the Lebanese-Israeli border. They supervise roads leading to them and separate heights but, being afraid of big losses, do not enter villages in which militants of "Hezbollah" have fortified their position.Second in command of Israeli battalion of armoured troops was wounded during the armed conflict with solgiers of "Hezbollah" in the valley Hajirin the south of Lebanon. If to consider the factor of time and a number of losses of people and equipment, Tsalahshows simply insignificant results at enormous efforts and expenses.

Israeli armies receded on Sunday morning from the village Hijam located in east sector of the Lebanese-Israeli border. After unsuccessful attempt which was undertaken previous night to take hold of it Israeli artillery spent 2 thousand missles on it while its aircraft made 30 air strikes.

It is considered today that Israelhas the most powerful and best armed troops in the Near Eastthat allows 7-million state to resist actually to all Islamic world. Until recent times the Israeli army easily rendered defeats to any enemy in the region. However, present campaign in Lebanonwith all evidence destroys the myth of basic superiority of Tsalahover any Arabian opponent, being for a long time not capable to cope with obviously worse armed and not too numerous opponent.

At that Israelhas 100-percent air superiority by means of using both own aviation equipment and the newest technique of the American production. In case of collision of Israel not with combanats of"Hezbollah" butwith regular army of any Arabian state, for example, Syria which has own aircraft and systems of air defence the result can be even more depressing for Tsalah.

Actually we observe changes of ratio of forces in the world when developed countries cannot unpunishedly use enormous economic and military - technical superiority any more. Iraqwas the last easy prey of the "developed countries". Today militants of "Hezbollah"solving their local tasks practically show to all worlds what would be the results of Iraqi scenario played out in Iranor Syria.

Actually, the world community was taught the same lesson by the militants in the ChechenRepublic, but that lesson was not understood. The world community decided that it’s a lesson only for Russiaand it’s only demonstration of feebleness of the Russian army and its special services. The lesson of Afghanistan– due to its remoteness and non-involvement in a global information network was not understood also, the false impression that there’s nothing special there was created. Though actually the armies practically of all developed countries of the world suffer strategic defeat there.

If to return to Lebanon, nothing’s been changed a lot in the Near Eastfor the last 1000 years. The alien inoculation of the western statehood (no matter made by the states of crusaders or the Jewish state) as though gets accustomed on this ground but only until the time when Islamic states are in an isolated condition and have no strong leader. As soon as in the East the strong centralized state Salah-ed-Dina started its formation (by the way, the state of the ethnic Kurd), the states of crusaders were liquidated in a short time interval and no superiority of armament helped incorporated Europeto fix in the East.

If ethnic Azerbaijanian Ahmadi Nejiad will manage to become as strong leader in the East as Salah-ed-Dina?

No, the times are different now and there couldn’t be individual leadership not only from the part of the West, but also from the part of the East. But centralized and strong states of the third world receive today technical opportunities to resist effectively to potential threat of obviously stronger opponents. Not depending whether there it will be Islamic Iran or quite secular Syria, Islamic Malaysia or completely not Islamic Venezuela.

It’s – a new reality and one has to examine it closely.

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