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"Skolkovo" Finely Got Separated from the RF

"Skolkovo" Finely Got Separated from the RF
Baranov Anatoly 23.09.2010

On Tuesday the State Duma accepted at the third, final legislative package about creation of innovation center "Skolkovo" in Skolkovo - it's specially allocated territory where special conditions will be created for researches and developments on energy efficiency and power saving, including innovative energy, nuclear, cosmic technologies first of all in the sphere of telecommunications and navigation systems (including creation of land infrastructure), medical and computer technologies, software.
At that "Skolkovo" - it's not simply the territory and even not the territory but a kind of form of privilege: all companies of RF which are occupied in new type of business - research one - get the right to get through "Skolkovo" necessary privileges on customs, profit, VAT, property. There's, for example, the way to escape from taxes and there's "Skolkovo". The first variant - criminal case, the second - not criminal for now.
The Russian managing company will build and provide the work of "Skolkovo" following the rules specified by the president of RF. Piece of land for the construction of this center will belong to this company, the company has the right to transfer the land for renting to all participating in realization of the project.
Functions of the federal bodies of the state authority on the territory of the center will be fulfilled by specially created including on the territory of the innovation center departments of the Ministry oа Internal Affairs, Federal Migration Service, Federal Customs Service, Federal Tax Service, Russian Agency of Patents and Trademarks.
In accordance with the decree employer doesn't need any special permission for attracting of foreign specialists to work. Permission to enter the country for such specialists will be given without registration of quotas on attraction of foreign workers appointed by the government.
Medical and educational activity on the territory of the center will be carried out by private organizations on the base of permissions provided by the managing director of the company.
It's difficult to say how it will look like in reality. Obviously, it's necessary to use one's creativity...
Semen Gorbunkov, the bookkeeper of a small innovation company in "Skolkovo" in reality situated in Vlaidvostok and selling canned crabs - surely being canned with application of new innovative method was urgently asked to arrive to the session of the Holding company "Skolkovo".
Semen Semenovich left airport being tired after the flight, ate ice-cream and took aeroexpress which in a half an hour without any traffic jams took him almost to the very sky-scraper of the Holding company eagling over the fields and country houses of the Moscow region with the sky pinned with small clouds and afternoon sun.
Almost noiseless elevator in a second took Semen Semenovich to the floor with three-figure number. Behind the door he saw half-transparent wall behind which he saw as if being in the plane the Moscow region, only the clouds were not on high but somewhere below.
Semen Semenovich was amazed by achievements of the progress and not without tremor trotted sort aside huge double-wing doors of Presidium of the Holding Company earlier seen by him only in TV pieces. Heavy doors unexpectedly easily opened at his approach and he found himself in a huge hall with round table of the corresponding size in the middle.
The president of the company himself was at the head of the table, Semen Semenovich recognized him at once from memory as his portrait hang in his modest cabinet in Vladivostok. On the portrait the President shakes hands with the resident of the country and was at that half a head higher - sign of special influence of his personality.
Other people were completely not familiar to him, except his direct boss - the eighteenth vice-president of the company on work with financial bodies. The vice-president presented Semen Semenovich to those present with the words: "Here you are, actually, our sentenced".
Semen Semenovich smiled though he didn't understand the joke.
- Semen Semenovich, dear, - meanwhile the vice-president continued. - You didn't understand us. We sentenced you to liquidation by the decision of the Holding company. You are old, good worker, therefore we make exception - you see we gathered here to inform you and give you some time...
- You mean that others are not informed at all? - still smiling a little silly Semen Semenovich asked, understanding that the joke lasted too long and that today is not April, 1st.
- No, dear, usually it's not done, - his interlocutor answered. - You should understand, it means a lot of efforts, squeal. While you are reliable, checked-up person. Eventually, we should somehow note your long-term contribution...
- Well. - Semen Semenovich started seething. - What about the lawyers, constitutional right on court, different public prosecutors?
Stop saying rubbish, Semen, - vice-president interrupted him. - What court? Whether you didn't read the law about "Skolkovo"? There are no courts, public prosecutors, lawyers here. Holding company solves here everything. Do You understand? Everything! Including questions of life and death. In fact you knew it when you signed the contract. Didn't you? Or you read it inattentively as all? In fact it makes no difference - we have innovative zone, all sentences here are definitive, cassations and appeals have become outdated and don't operate here. So, relax and start preparations for, so to say, final journey.
Semen Semenovich became soft, his shoulders fell and gray jacket began to be in harmony with the color of his face. He understood that it was not a joke and started thinking over what he had done to get under a sentence...
- Why me? - he squeezed out.
- We don't explain the reason to condemned, - the voice of the President of the company suddenly sounded from the depth of a hall. - What's the use to explain something to the dead man? He won't need such knowledge any more. The more so as a rule we don't declare sentences at all, we simply liquidate the subject - that's all. We made exception for you, following the desire of your head. But it seems to me that he himself already regrets about it?
The president looked at the eighteenth vice-president and the face of the last under a sight of the chief also began to be in harmony with the color of the jacket.
- You have a couple of hours to say goodbye to your family and to make last orders, - the President finished. - You needn't to write the will, all your movables, immovables and intellectual property now belongs to the company. Don't bother about funerals, mortuary urn will be sent to the place of your former residence.
- But I didn't kill, robber, rape anybody... Semen Semenovich mumbled.
- Well, may be, you should, - the President noticed philosophically. - Though, may be, you will catch up for remained couple of hours.
Semen Semenovich didn't remember how he found himself again on the street, near to the entrance of the Company skyscraper. Red monorail train rushed with noise over his head towards Moscow. Pigeons struggled for a grain crumb with bright sparrows on polymeric covering of sidewalk.
Semen Semenovich suddenly understood that he wants to pea and unexpectedly realized that there's already no need to feel shame. He stood up near the nearest wall and relieved himself. He felt relief but feet became wadded and he sat down directly on sidewalk, near to the puddle.
Mobile phone of his spouses didn't answer. Probably, she went to the pool in the evening and switched it off. The daughter didn't answer too. Semen Semenovich thought a bit and decided to send SMS: "My dear, good bye. You will receive mortuary urn. I love you and remember. Don't forget to feed a cat. Your father".
Mortuary urn came in time.

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