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Iran and China Import Monkeys: "They Are Used for Testing of Biological Weapons"

Iran and China Import Monkeys: "They Are Used for Testing of Biological Weapons"
Ljusya Izrailova 08.07.2008
The president of Iran Маhmoud Ahmadinejzad commented messages on possible attack of Israelis on the Iranian nuclear objects appeared. He declared: "Israel and the USA will not have enough boldness to attack and they perfectly know it. Our enemies use nuclear program as the pretext, while their real purpose - to make pressure on Iran. These countries have nuclear bomb but inspectors of IAEA don't care. Iran - is a mighty power and they should make up their minds to this fact".

Meanwhile British newspaper Telegraph writes about fears of a management of the Ministry of Defence of the USA concerning inability of Israel to destroy all nuclear objects of Iran as neither CIA, nor "Mossad" have no exact information about allocation of these objects. They are afraid in the Pentagon that Israel within the nearest year will be compelled to attack the Iranian nuclear objects not having guarantees that these attacks will seriously affect development of the Iranian nuclear program which represents a threat for existence of the Jewish state, Telegraph writes.

Referring to the words of an expert informed by sources in Washington and London, the author of the publication asserts that the given problem was discussed at recent negotiations of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the USA Michael Mullen with the Israeli generals.

In opinion of correspondent of Telegraph the fact that the president of the USA Bush authorized more intensive work of the American military investigation in Iran could be explained by shortage of intelligence data. According to one of the former employees of CIA who commented developed situation to the British edition, the Israeli army in case of attack on Iran would need to hit about 2000 purposes for utter annihilation of the nuclear program of Islamic republic.

In opinion of political analyst of FORUM.msk Ruslan Saidov, "It is absolutely unreal. In air impact across Iran Israel can totally or partially destroy 30-40 nuclear objects, including the basic ones - in Natanza and Isfahan. It will suspend performance of the nuclear program of Iran for some years that will be a delay of a problem but not its solving".

In the meantime Iran actively works at creation of not only nuclear but also, as well as China, biological weapons, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera informs. The newspaper writes:

"It is called African Primates, its headquarters are in Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania. This company sells monkeys and does not set superfluous questions what will happen with animals. Among its clients - according to the investigation which has been carried out by Sunday Times - the Iranian scientists from Razi Vaccine - a laboratory where vaccines are developed, but there are suspicions that researches there are conducted in the field of the bacteriological weapon. Last months emissaries of Teheran got 100 individuals of species protected by the international conventions.

One of the African businessmen told about illegal transaction in the course of conversation with the journalist who pretended to be the buyer. By words of Nizar Mandza, among his clients - Iranians: "When they negotiate, they are very constrained. They act in conditions of privacy and do not tell the truth what they want to make with monkeys". The scientists coming from Teheran are very captious. The script described by the British weekly journal reminds the scene of Preston's novels devoted to what is called "black biology".

Most of all experts are anxious about the destiny of monkeys. Razi Vaccine - research center in Karadza, nearby to Teheran - according to charges of opposition living in exile, is engaged in researches in the field of biological weapons. Iran already for a long time has a program of obtainment of means of mass defeat and pharmaceutical researches are only classical disguise. Meanwhile exposures of Sunday Times were perceived with caution by some observers who didn't exclude that widespread data is a part of operation on disinformation. Other observers, on the contrary, emphasize that one shouldn't underestimate actions of Ayatollahs.

Monkeys are being bought not only by Iran. As the sellers admit, Chinese are good buyers. "Great demand" is satisfied with active hunting. Animals are being caught by means of huge nets which have been spread out under the trees. Then monkeys are being delivered to Arusha and after that animals find themselves on the "farm" belonging to Nazir Mandza. According to the British edition, up to a thousand of monkeys contained in metal cages can be found in the center. It's their last haven before they are being taken out abroad by plane of airline Air Zimbabwe".

By words of Ruslan Saidov, "probably, Iran works at creation of the weapon on basis of strains of Ebola fever. Such weapon being applied in the territory of the USA is capable to carry away lives of tens thousand people and to cause psychological shock in society, commensurable with events of September, 11th. By the way, similar script about 10 years ago was described in one of the novels of Tom Klensky. There everything ended with large-scale military conflict and destruction of Iran".


- It is difficult to say, whether Iran really works at creation of biological weapons on the basis of one of hemorrhagic fevers, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noticed, - such as Ebola fever, the Crimean fever, black fever or dog disease. It's very nasty but it's, probably, not the nastiest as distribution of the "fighting" version of hemorrhagic fevers can cause the effect close to effect of September, 11th and here Ruslan Saidov is absolutely right. However recently even more often they speak about fighting strains of variola which is considered to be completely extirpated on a planet by virtue of that mass smallpox vaccination is not being carried out for the last 20 years. Roughly speaking if we with my colleague Saidov have on the right shoulder characteristic "pockmarks", traces of inoculations, our children already don't have them. "Fighting" strain of a black smallpox is quite capable to make devastation comparable to what smallpox made in medieval cities when every third or even every second died. Now cities are larger, contagiousness of smallpox can be artificially increased and the density of contacts in a modern megacity is some orders higher, than in medieval city. According to experts, such city as New York can die out by half within 2-3 months. The fact that monkeys are involved in experiments sets thinking not only about fevers but also about smallpox...
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