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Medvedev and Putin As Supervisors of Corruption

Medvedev and Putin As Supervisors of Corruption
Аlexander Golovenko 29.12.2010

It's worldwide acknowledged that Russia - the leader of world corruption. For 12 years of serene reign "galley slave" V.Putin and his successor D.Medvedev lowered our country in world "honesty rating" from 75 place to 154 from 180 countries.

Actually "tandem" has been indefatigably fraying all these years about struggle with bribes. It appealed, admonished, convinced, threatened. Though extremely carefully and abstractly: without pointing out and combing-out of the severest "bribe-taking" ministries and departments, officials and governors. It's clear: all high posts are occupied by own people. Appointees, proteges, former fellow students, school buddies, favourites and simply "criminals" bought ministerial or governor's posts. They make the majority.

Therefore it is clear why at all spells and appeals to give battle to extortion no sociological service, no scientific research institute, no other research center haven't received for 12 years from the Kremlin or "White House" the task to carry out research for revealing of the most corrupted ministries, departments, law-enforcement structures, territories, areas, autonomies. The struggle is abstract. Shadow-fighting.

As long as I remember the Center of Anticorruption Research Initiatives "Transparency International" - R (Russia) carried similar researches under direction of its permanent director Elena Panfilova on attractive funds. Actually, it's a branch of the International movement on corruption counteraction "Transparency International" ("International Transparency").

If to combine expert estimations, we receive the following picture. Today one of the most "bribe-taking" ministries - the Ministry of Internal Affairs (minister R.Nurgaliev). Further there are structures of the Supreme Court (the chairman V.Lebedev), the State Office of Public Prosecutor (public prosecutor J.Chajka). They are followed by the Ministries of Economic Affairs (minister E.Nabiullina), Ministry of Public Health (minister T.Golikova), Ministry of Education (minister A.Fursenko). All of them are creatures of ruling "tandem", as you know.

It would seem, if you want not to fight corruption not for "excuse" but in reality - take these figures away from public eyes. Even better - bring a couple of ministers in prison. But it is impossible!

On my belief, their task is to deliver corruption "greens" to the Kremlin and "White House". I simply don't see any other reasons for stay of these unfortunate figures on their posts. Every year in December "Transparency International" sums up the results of corruption condition worldwide and its branch - does it in Russia.

What are the conclusions independent experts make this year? In their opinion, condition of the Russian corruption for past year practically hasn't changed. The same quarter (26%) citizens of the country was compelled to pay tribute coming across law enforcement bodies, at references to the officials regulating education, public health services, to public utilities, etc. Thus 48% interrogated declared that corruption level raised.

It is curious that if in 2009 only 7% of citizens admitted that they dared to appeal against corruption behavior of civil workers while other considered it useless and dangerous, this year already 52% interrogated answered the question "Are you ready to inform about corruption fact?" in affirmative. It is very serious signal to the Kremlin and personally to comrade Medvedev who last months started talking about "mentality of the Russian people who got used to give and take bribes".

Starting out from the results of the carried out research, the Center "Transparency International - R" offers "seven simple steps" which, in its opinion, can strike on a ridge of the Russian bribe-taking.

1. To develop and accept quickly series of measures on protection of applicants on corruption facts, having extended it both on physical and legal bodies.

2. To toughen responsibility for concealment of information about corruption offenses and for absence of corresponding reaction to messages of citizens and businessmen.

3. To introduce the norm of "the collective claim" for protection of interests of a group of persons on corruption cases having given chance to public organizations and separate citizens to participate actively in corruption counteraction in a legal field.

4. To establish procedure of obligatory reaction of law enforcement bodies, investigation bodies and other supervising bodies to messages on corruption in mass media and Internet network with establishment of accurate terms of reaction and obligatory public report about accepted measures.

5. To establish norm of obligatory responsibility for corruption infringements not only of a person directly convicted of such infringement but his direct heads and supervising bodies of corresponding department.

6. To ratify article 20 of the Convention of the United Nations against corruption about introduction of criminal liability for illegal enrichment (was withdrawn from the Convention at its ratification in the State Duma in 2006 - author's comment). To make corresponding amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, to introduce into the legislation the norm about declaring of expenses of public officials and to establish accurate public procedure of check of income declarations, declarations of property and expenses of public officials.

7. To create institute of public hearings at federal, regional and local levels on the most resonant themes connected with corruption, with obligatory presence of representatives of authorities at such hearings, maintenance of broadcasting in mass-media and Internet network as well as transfer of materials of hearings to law-enforcement and other bodies.

P.S. As known economist Michael Delyagin declares half-seriously, half-jokingly, corruption - basis of the present system. Essence of "a sweet vertical" built up by Putin. Everyone who dares to make attempt it "is the state criminal". The scientist considers also that the majority of the state decisions is accepted for the sake of dear bribe, "kickbacks" and "distribution". No matter if it's "national projects", parent capital, building of the Olympic objects in Sochi, carrying out of World Cup in 2018, etc. In these conditions appeals of dear center, more likely, look as a voice in wilderness.


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