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The Russian Armies Began Attack of Kodori Gorge Using Needle Bullets Forbidden by International Conventions

The Russian Armies Began Attack of Kodori Gorge Using Needle Bullets Forbidden by International Conventions

The Abkhazian divisions at 6:00 a.m. of Moscow time begun operation on driving of the Georgian military formations from the top part of Kodori Gorge, "Interfax" referring to Ministry of Defence of Abkhazia informs. Thee reminded there that on the eve the opportunity to leave the top part of the Gorge using humanitarian corridor was given to the Georgian parts.

Under last information, advanced units of the Abkhazian army have already entered the top part of Kodori Gorge. During operation the Abkhazian divisions involved various types of arms including artillery and facilities of salvo fire "Grad", on air to telechannel "Vesti - 24" Minister for Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia Sergey Shamba informed.

He noted that "under data he has, operation develops under the planned scenario". "There is advance of armies", - he added.

Form Shamba's words, originally Georgian grouping in Kodori Gorge totaled about 3000 people. "However bombardment and aviation strikes have been proceeding all these days, therefore now it is difficult to say, how many of them remained there", - minister said.

He noticed that there was an observation post of mission of the United Nations in the top part of Kodori Gorge. "Prior to the beginning of operation we warned about necessity to evacuate people and they did it", - the chapter of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia emphasized.

Shamba reminded that up today the Abkhazian Air Forces and artillery carried out bombing attacks on military objects in the top part of Kodori Gorge within two days, ITAR-TASS informs.
On August, 10th the president of Abkhazia Sergey Bagapsh declared partial mobilization on the territory of all republic, defense emergency for 10 days was entered in the east of Abkhazia.

Shamba informed that the terms given to the Georgian party for voluntary withdrawal from the gorge expired today morning. "On August, 11th Minister of Defence of Abkhazia Mirab Kishmarija appealed to the Georgian military men for taking advantage of the given opportunity and to withdraw from Kodori Gorge. Time given on it expired ", - Shamba said. As he said, "Kodori Gorge is a part of Republic of Abkhazia and we shall take all necessary measures on distribution of jurisdiction of Abkhazia on this territory".

Minister also reminded that since July, 2006 Georgia entered military divisions into that part of Abkhazia and created military jumping-off place there. "It is impossible to live calmly, knowing that Kodori Gorge where armies of unfriendly to us state bearing plans of military capture of Abkhazia but not of peace negotiations hangs as "sword of Damocles" above you", - Shamba declared.

Sergey Shamba declared that the Russian militarians do not take part in operation in Kodori Gorge. As he said, operation is carried out only by forces of the Abkhazian soldiers and reservists of armed forces of Abkhazia.

Opposed opinion is stated by the head of the Ukrainian editorial board of FORUM.msk Vladimir Filin now being on the place of events. "Abkhazians are present for mob scene and posing before television cameras, while divisions of Military Forces of the RF carry out attack, they use, as it already was in the Chechen Republic, types of weapon forbidden by the international conventions including needle bullets".

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