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Russia Decided to Attack NATO

Russia Decided to Attack NATO

NATO received formal notice from Russia about freezing of the programs of military cooperation. Representative of the alliance Carmen Romero informed about it on Thursday.

On August, 19 Council of NATO at a level of Ministers of Defence accepted critical application in the address of Russia on a situation in South Ossetia. In this application it was emphasized that relations between Russia and NATO "cannot remain the same as earlier".

In answer full-time ambassador of Russia at NATO Dmitry Rogozin the same day promised that Russia also was going to reconsider cooperation with North Atlantic Alliance, ITAR-TASS transfers.

"Yes, the notice is directed", - Rogozin said to RIA News.

- It's necessary to note that sense of moderation is rather in time even in a situation when you receive kick in the pants, - editor-in-chief of OFRUM.msk Anatoly Baranov commented situation. - The Russian Federation is going to firth with NATO, whether it's so? Even with Georgia Moscow keep diplomatic relations, while for some reason it decided to tear them with North Atlantic Alliance. There is such a sensation that, having gained easy victory over the Georgian army, armed NATO second-hand, they decided in Moscow that they could put laurels of Napoleon or Caesar in the Kremlin borshch. NATO is not friendly in relation to the Russian Federation structure but if it's necessary to make it absolutely hostile one? In due time Napoleon said that the God is on the side of the big battalion, while present Russian army has very small, poorly equipped. Why do we puff up, whom do we want to prove something to?

Maxim Kalashnikov today cited as an example to our under-dictators their forerunner - Adolf Hitler: "Eight years of his authority - 1941. During that period fuhrer of the Third Reich completely overcame consequences of the Great depression of 1929-1933, inspired the nation, gave the Germans work, covered Germany with a network of autobahns, provided impressive growth of industry, housing construction and agriculture, reweaponed the army. To 41-st under Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, Denmark, Norway, the countries of the Benelux countries, Greece, Yugoslavia were already under the heel of the Germans. The Germans came closely to an opportunity to build essentially new technical equipment for that moment: rocket and jet".

- What did present governors who have petrodollars stuck out already from one place make for strengthening of defensibility of the country? - Anatoly Baranov asked a question. - We saw in Georgia the best in battle readiness 58-th army. All Georgians in armor vests, modern helmets. Our - in simple camouflage, stripped vests, helmets of times of defense of Stalingrad. Out-of-date tanks, frequently after standby storage. Pilots with flying time as cadets have. Strategic bombers which are carrying out tasks of front aircraft. Conducting of war in panzer columns as in Afghanistan of 1979. Success is never blamed? Well, we did not see yet the true opponent. Do we want to evoke evil?

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