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Steps to Financial Happiness?

Steps to Financial Happiness?
Оleg Sultanov 15.03.2011

Few days before female holiday the president of Russia held in the Kremlin a meeting with some high-ranking officials of the country to learn what they made for the expired two months to form International Financial Center in our country.

The head of the Russian Federation talked about necessity of appearance of such center already in December of last year and now he reminded his assistants that "Creation of IFC remains unconditional priority of development of our state". That is why he, the president, wants to learn supposedly what concrete steps were made by his subordinates that the star of IFC shines brightly on the Russian sky.

Dmitry Anatolevich anticipated curiosity ascertaining that all previous years the Kremlin team tried to introduce the international standards of financial reporting for emitters, tax department and different kind of regulating bodies. It means its attempts were unsuccessful as now the president noticed openly that all above-stated standards are necessary for introducing in optimum terms.

This introduction, in opinion of D.Medvedev, will allow Russia to participate better in formation of "a global financial system, will allow to improve our far not brilliant investment climate".

I will interrupt here citing of very correct but, in my opinion, far from the Russian realities words of the head of the Russian Federation. I will not quote also the Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Kudrin participating in the meeting who tried to carry out either a kind of campaign against economic illiteracy of the president-lawyer, or to let the  head of our rich with hydrocarbonic raw materials state know that it is hardly expedient to apply some international standards in Russia. I mean standards on a number of positions which directly influence welfare of all participants of vertical of power erected in our country.

Here, I am sorry, it is impossible to refrain from citing of Alexey Leonidovich. Ponder attentively upon sense of what he told: "There are standards which were never applied in our country and which will be very difficult to apply... For example, "investigation and estimation of mineral resources". Standard of IRFS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is very vague and its application in different countries (in our country application of the standard "investigation and estimation of mineral resources" is very sensitive) causes variety of questions or disputes when the data about a number of companies comes to light on the basis of such audit..."

I stressed part of A.Kudrin's revelations on purpose where he let know to exacting D.Medvedev that the international audit for some Russian getters of oil and gas closely connected with the Kremlin is deathlike.

I think the Minister of Finance had no necessity to remind the president (whether Dmitry Anatolevich doesn't know it himself - O.S.) that our "Rosneft", LUKOIL, "TNK-VR", "Gazpromneft" and a number of other purses of not clear people or the Kremlin prefer audit by rules of the USA as "for some reason" they consider, as Alexey Leonidovich declared, that formulation of the American rules is more convenient. Certainly it's more convenient - to the companies! The vice-president of the Russian government Mister Kudrin who underlined that the above-stated companies carry out emission in the American market that is why they apply the rules developed in the United States is right all over again. Who would doubt ...

Here D.Medvedev "all of a sudden" demands to apply the international financial tools which by definition can serve as an axe intended for ruthless cutting of imperious vertical built up by "the national leader". To tell you the truth, it's unbelievable that V.Putin's protege can so openly go against line of chief. Let's recollect if Putin at least once acted against Boris Yeltsin when last was alive? So, the same here ...

Most likely, our present president aspires to look as high-flier reformer in the opinion of the international business community arguing proceeding from realities developed in the country, say "Putin is dear to me, but truth is dearer still..." While I see different picture; IFC which necessity is often declared in the Kremlin's cabinets is rather difficult to create in today's Russia as legal regulation of the financial market of our country can't be carried out in present conditions promoting corruption.

D.Medvedev repeats that introduction of the international standards will cause powerful stream of investments into economy of the Russian Federation. I think, the president makes mistake or - is very naive. Normal investors prefer to put resources in transparent economies. No matter how actively the Kremlin shows on the international arena aspiration to lift Russia to the level of advanced financial countries, the world public opinion will all the same estimate the Russian Federation as the community overwhelmed with mass corruption where tops in every possible way support high-ranking swindlers instead of fair tax bearers.

After all it is impossible to deny the fact that the Kremlin showing with the help of mass-media inhabitants its fight against corruption limits itself to minor figures, leaving uncontrollable those who plunder Russia on substantial scale. There's no need to search for examples, to find them let's go down from the Kremlin wall to the guilty Russian earth.

... In the second part of previous year representative commission headed by the head of the department on supervision of execution of legislation in the sphere of economy of Chief Directorate on supervision of execution of the federal legislation of the General Prosecutor Office of Russia V.Kroshkin arrived to a hero-town Volgograd. General Prosecutor Office charged commission to check up how the city administration and a number of local governments executed legislation in economy sphere. An extensive note was made up following the results of check, every reader proceeding from its maintenance could draw a conclusion that the mayor of Volgograd Roman Grebennikov occupied the post by mistaken and deserved if not prison dismissals than dismissal from the offcie.

A lot of cases of infringement of the current legislation on economy by the mayor are described in the document of 25 pages made up by Muscovites. Proceeding from the all-Russian corruption measures the infringer R.Grebennikov looks, in my opinion, almost sacred but I am not going to argue with General Prosecutor Office - no one could break laws, even on trifles that is why, probably, in February of the current year the post of the Volgograd mayor was temporary occupied by different official.


I resulted that, basically, ordinary fact not to note how management of the Volgograd region by means of General Prosecutor Office meticulously eradicates filth in municipal economy. The aim is different. I think it'll be great to use the scheme which was used to make up that very competent note for General Prosecutor Office of the Russian Federation for check of legality of actions of much more high-ranking infringers of the Russian legislation.

I will tell you more, I start reading this document aloud to myself having replaced in it surname of the mayor with surname of Mister... well, I am even scared to pronounce this surname. I'll better refrain from it ...

So, I pronounced the word "Russia" instead of the word "Volgograd" loudly, thus autocratically I also "changed" thousand roubles for hundred billions dollars. After all it "clicked", one-for-one!

I will read you, dear readers, some parts from my "note-replacement":

"... Administration of Russia actually considers donations as one of the sources of financing of expenses on maintenance of federal institutions (recollect Putin's words that Abramovich won't grow poor from expenses on something necessary to the state);

... Infringements of legislation on priority of placing of orders for federal needs are revealed in activity of administration of the Russian Federation;

... Numerous infringements of legislation on public service and corruption counteraction are revealed in activity of officials of administration of Russia;

... Despite presence of sufficient operative positions, entry of data about illegal actions of heads of Russia including some ministers necessary operatively-search actions for documenting of criminal activity of figurants aren't carried out and operative information isn't properly checked".

I think, it's enough. Now let's return to the thoughts of the president about formation of the International Financial Center in Russia. It will obligatory appear, necessarily! But, probably, only after the Audit Chamber, the State Office of Public Prosecutor, Russian police and state security departments will at federal level make up the note similar to the one which public prosecutor's workers prepared in relation to the mayor of Volgograd. At that they should not only make it up but get the result - resignation of the concrete figurant who is guilty of official disorder, party swaying, infringements of laws, including Organic law of the Russian Federation in the country.

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