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The Russian Chasteners Will Be Equipped with Import Sniper's Rifles

The Russian Chasteners Will Be Equipped with Import Sniper's Rifles

Separate sniper divisions will be soon created in each squadron of the Russian Armed forces. Such plans were stated yesterday by the Chief of Defense Nikolay Makarov at making comments on carried out of reform of Armed forces.

The General Staff intends to increase quantity of snipers serving in armies. Specialized divisions will appear in each squadron. The Chief of Defense Makarov explained such decision by new realities of the modern battle impacts, plus he didn't exclude national excitements under "the Arabian scenario" in Russia in prospect

The reason of sniper strengthening, according to the general, is in increase of their role in conducting of modern operations especially in cities. Moreover, the military man didn't exclude excitements under "the Arabian scenario" in Russia. As he said, revolutions in Tunis, Egypt and Libya showed that the Russian army should be ready to the worst variants of development of political conditions in the country.

One sniper will be registered in each branch of such divisions, it is the most probable that the sniper platoon will be given to each squadron. Thus at the beginning rifles for the Russian snipers will be bought abroad. Skeleton of the sniper corps in the army will be made by sergeants-contract employees who will come to serve from the middle of 2012.

"Absolutely correct decision, considering that experience of the first and the second Chechen campaigns showed importance and capacity of sniper groups as a part of fighting divisions, - the member of social council of the Ministry of Defense Igor Korotchenko commented to RBC Daily. - It is important that the snipers who will serve in squadrons will be equipped with qualitative samples of foreign rifles. That is efficiency of shooting and powerful characteristics will rise".

"Now the biggest quantity of snipers is in the army of North Korea - ten squadrons of snipers, - the head of the Military Forecasting Centre Anatoly Tsyganok told to RBC Daily. - Moreover, the North Korean army - unique in the world having except snipers professionally prepared 300 kamikazes. Russia, of course, shouldn't adopt experience of die-hards, while there's sense to look closely at the training of snipers in Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Because unequivocally the problem how to prepare such considerable quantity of snipers, whence to take them, on what base to train and who will train them will arise".

"The sniper - is a craftwork, not one year of training is necessary, therefore unequivocally it should be professional contract employees, - Mr. Korotchenko specified. - Here we can't rely on regular soldiers as in old days when there was enough quantity from among short-term hires who learned to shoot well from Dragunov Sniper Rifle".

Reaction of the public to initiative of the Chief of Defense followed immediately. Known legal expert Lev Ponomarev made very sharp statement which we result here completely:

"If management of Russia still has at least any instinct of social self-preservation, then the chief of Defense general Nikolay Makarov who openly declared that creation of the special sniper divisions equipped with import target weapon for struggle against own people is planned in armed forces of Russia should be immediately sent in resignation. Simple politeness doesn't allow to place a question about psychiatric survey.

Offering innovation, the member of the Social Council of the Minister of Defense colonel Igor Korotchenko, the editor-in-chief of magazine "National Defense" referred to ostensibly successful experience of the first and the second Chechen campaigns. It means that his snipers should consider dissatisfied population of Russia as insurgents.

General Makarov is frightened by the Arabian revolutions and doesn't hide it. It is necessary to remind that revolutionary events in Tunis, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Libya arose after execution of peace demonstrations by chasteners. Today tragic events in Syria are developing under the same scenario.

Our country has big and bitter experience of consequences of weapon application against people by authorities. Almost always it ended in a bloody revolutionary distemper. It is necessary to remind that bloody fights in Budapest in autumn of 1956 also began after execution of peace demonstration.

Circumstance of murder of Alpha men near television tower in Vilnius on January, 13th, 91 and near the White House on October, 4th, 93 by unknown snipers still haven't been investigated.

I sincerely hope that only some part of ruling grouping is ready to unbinding of war against own people. I hope for prudence of others.

General Makarov and his adherents - immediately in resignation!"

From editorial board: Attitude to a new initiative of this time the Supreme command of Armed forces is, clear thing, dual.


On the one hand, strengthening of sniper divisions, appearance of new, modern weapon could be only welcomed. As such phenomenon as the pilot-sniper disappeared, it's great if at least several infantrymen would shoot more or less neatly. By and large, in modern army each motor-marksman should be the sniper. Here I don't see any reason why not to agree with colonel Korotchenko - I know him too well to assume that he will admire prospect of application of Armed forces against insurgent people as it's done in Libya. While whether it's bad to revive sniper school of RKKA, to equip army with new samples of arms - and by all means to adjust manufacture of analogs at the domestic enterprises?


While imaginations of the Chief of Defense Makarov as regards the Egyptian and other scenarios - already not simple resignation, but a case within jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. The army never and under no circumstances should be used in conflicts inside civil society because it either junta, or civil war (more often both simultaneously).

What army do you want to create, sirs? The army equipped with import weapon for protection against whom? Obviously not against external opponent which will deliver cartridges to new foreign rifles but against own citizens. It's foolish to hide behind the Chechen campaigns: whether we have the Chechen Republic all over Russia? ...

It's impossible not to recollect recent negotiations within the limits of the Collective Security Treaty Organization where this international military organization were given distinct tasks - to extinguish by joint efforts "the Arabian scenarios" in the territory of the CIS. There's no talking about external enemies.


Now we come across suggestion to have snipers and not one-two for the most outstanding figures of opposition but a mass appeal in chasteners. Though, to tell you the truth, at the time of Bloody Nikolas (sacred) machine-gun squadrons coped with it... Or now they would act in a modern way, using dot blows?


It's interesting to ask - where are we going to? To "inhabited island"?

Аnatoly Baranov

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