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Publicity Underestimated Chutzpah of the President Mitya

Publicity Underestimated Chutzpah of the President Mitya

Our president Mitya who heads now electoral list of "United Russia" considers real acts the best way of propaganda and considers criticism of "United Russia" by those political forces which aren't engaged in practical activity unconstructive, the state news agency RIA News informs.

"It is difficult to disagree that the best propaganda for the party is a result. While those who go about saying things after all for now made nothing. What have those who accuse party of some infringements, that it works not as it is necessary done?" - RIA News cites Medvedev's words at Friday' videoconference with regional staffs of United Russia.

Probably, our president Mitja considers that the best propaganda is chutzpah- such Jewish word which means something like superimpudence. As our president shows chutzpah far not the first time, there are bases to believe that it's made not for nothing.

Here you are - our other beloved prime minister, the national leader and also our new president since May, 7th of the next year just recently has declared that on the background of all Soviet leaders he - as Schwarzenegger against young children. Hinting that he would dust jackets of all these khrushchevs-brezhnevs one by one or all of them together. Probably he has just a little forgotten that affairs of the head of the state are judged by results, not by exterior. Thus the results of old man Brezhnev in every way look more convincing, though, I will repeat, he would look complete nonentity on a carpet against our Vova. While no one can be compared with Putin riding a horse or in aqualung. He in general has no match on rest...

Well Mitya's following his way now... Probably, there's some tectonic shift in the field of Priority national projects with which he went on his first and last presidential elections? May be life expectancy and health indicators in Medvedev's Russia made such jump upwards that the western billionaires join queue to receive medical treatment in our hospitals and to have a rest on resorts of the Chechen Republic which Ramzan Kadyrov promised to build soon? May be it became impossible to rent the apartment out for any money in Moscow - all have their own and if someone doesn't, he immediately receives improbably cheap mortgage under the program "Accessible habitation"? May be birth rate simply reads off scale thanks to the program "patrimonial certificates" and soon it will become necessary to limit the number of children in one family as they do it in China? May be there's so much domestic food which are produced under the program "Development of the Agrarian and Industrial Complex" that there's simply no place to store it - at last we got tired of grown rich farmers who buy up in cities apartments and expensive cars...

It looks as if even the president Mitya tries not to speak a lot about achievements which are called "Skolkova" - elections are near at hand, inconvenient... Well, lets recollect that during his presidency the rouble got devaluated twice, gross national product fell as well as standard of living accordingly.

Several satellites fell, several rockets didn't fly up, several crashed - the country received neither "Superjet", nor GLONASS, nor new fighter.

However, Mitya was bought second-hand Turkish yacht, in a quite good condition, now he sails. Dead Jobs presented him I-phone which became a symbol of Mitya's cadence - progress, of course, though in a separately taken pocket. As for me, for example, I have no yacht. I also have no I-phone because I don't need it even for pence. I have no personal plane as well. And a car with a flasher. I don't even have account in Twitter. That is I am really complete nonentity near to Mitya's achievements. I even really feel shame...

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of Forum.msk


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