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Аdmirals Again Report about Plans - Instead of Renewal of Strategic Forces

Аdmirals Again Report about Plans - Instead of Renewal of Strategic Forces

Since 2012 Russia starts construction of a series from five advanced multi-role nuclear submarines (SSN) of the fourth, newest generation of the project 885 "Yasen-M", the general director of "Sevmash" and the Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering "Rubin" Andrey Djachkov informed in interview of new agency RIA Novosti.

Earlier the commander-in-chief of the Navy of the Russian Federation admiral Vladimir Vysotsky told news agency RIA Novosti that eight submarine atomic-powered vessels of this project would be constructed all in all.

"United Shipbuilding Corporation signed the contract on creation of a series of nuclear-powered submarine „Yasen-M". The contract will be carried out by USC, "Sevmash" will act in a role of the subcontractor. It is a series from five ships", - Djachkov told.

Thus, as he said, this project together with orders for strategic submarines of "Borei" type (the project 955) gives "Sevmash" work up to 2020.

It is necessary to tell that on June 15, 2010 the head ship of the project 885 "Severodvinsk" was set afloat - it was under construction 17 years. The second ship is now under construction - "Kazan", it's being constructed under advanced project of "Yasen-M" (it is put over and above the plan 2 years ago, it's difficult to speak about prospects of its readiness). That is one couldn't speak about something new and unprecedented. Construction of series from 30 such submarines was planned, then the quantity of planned ships was decreased to 5, there were discussions of plans for building of 6 or 7 ships after, the projects that not less than 8 ships would ease in till 2020 appeared further. That is, as always, they try to amaze us with plans - but not by their execution.

It's important to note - the given nuclear-powered submarines are not strategic nuclear forces as they are armed by torpedoes and cruise missiles of average radius, intended mainly for struggle against surface ships of the opponent. That is they can't serve as indemnification for failure of the project 955 "Borei".

The USA possess nuclear-powered submarine of similar class ("Virginia") which is eased in since 2004, now 7 such submarines are a part of Naval Forces of the USA, 10 more units have been ordered, works under 6 of them have been already started, one has been set afloat, but hasn't been eased in. At that "Virginia" surpasses the project 885 in one and a half times comparing rocket armament.


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