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The Second Wave of Crisis: Stated Oficially!

The Second Wave of Crisis: Stated Oficially!
Кalashnikov Maxim 01.04.2009

We warned of it in January - February - and got ahead of white - blue-red macaques


Vice-premier Kudrin, assistant of the Russian president Dvorkovich, oligarch Aven, vice-chairman of bank directors of Sberbank Zlatkis - now all of them started bawling about the second, destructive wave of crisis of tricolor economy. These creatures could not offer anything positive. Putin's government is practically doomed. Ukraine is doomed for chaos also.


The program of saving actions proceeds only from us.




The meaning of Kudrin's words: crisis will become aggravated because of non-return of the loans given to enterprises that will entail mass crash of financial sector of the Russian Federation. Aven says the same things: banks will perish in packs, only 30 - 40 will be rescued with the help of the state. The rest - claws of "animal pitszetsi". Dvorkovich has the same arguments. Aven declared also that conditions reminded him 1990-1991 in the USSR.


All of them forget somehow that in parallel with crash of banks stops of enterprises of the real sector which would stay without financing will begin. What do you want, if you gave credits under excessive 20-25% per annum (lifting up discount rate of Central Bank) - at the time when all other world only reduced it? That were you, macaques, who programmed that second wave of crisis! Why are you keeping silent now: how will spring-and-summer agricultural works be financed? (This question is true also for Ukraine where financial sector was also ruined). How will you finance then northern delivery, harvest, elementary functioning of real sector? Preparation of cities, power and in general housing and communal services to next winter?


The most interesting is - that "effective managers" of both separative "half-states" (the Russian Federation and Ukraine) only repeat our old calculations stated six months ago (and a little later). It is enough to read materials of the author of these lines. For example, "Here Comes Animal Pitszetsi" (September, 19, 2008 - http://forum.msk.ru/material/power/531548.html?0100). Yes - yes, there it was declared, that Pu and Me - are already political corpses for they will not master crisis. Here you are a piece from that old text:


«... These poverties in power even did not have enough brains to understand: it is impossible to pour in 80 billion in completely parasitic bank sector, in this "cancer tumour" (there is no bank system in the normal sense of the word in the Russian Federation), it is necessary to rescue first of all real sector. To help the last through banks means finally exsanguinate enterprises. Selfish interests won: in fact the help to banks is a big ease of "chewing the fat", an easy opportunity to get away from and transform securities which the heads had into cash... "


The theme had continuation in reports "Second Heart Attack of the Russian Economy" (14.02.2009) and "Degenerates Oppress Industry" (31.01.2009). An article "Having Thought about Inconceivable" was published already in March, 2008 when the majority in the Russian Federation and Ukraine had even no representation about the crisis (http: // forum.msk.ru/material/power/449463.html).


While you, neoliberalistic-monetaristic macaques, see the light only now? The most terrible thing - that establishment neither in the Russian Federation, nor in Ukraine can offer any positive program of the way out from crisis. Brains of monetary primates are empty. They do not know what can be possibly done. They are helpless when it is necessary to be beyond primitive neoliberalistic "matrix".




It's clear what for separative macaques inflated loan percent. It is being done so that banks, having received state blasting, would not begin buying up hard currency and getting it abroad. Like, they will get engaged only in it, instead of giving of credits to real sector. The state itself doesn't want to finance enterprises, actually it even can't: its officials are worthless and irresponsible. That is the end of "the postSoviet experiments". All of them bite the dust. Here you are -forfeit for Belovezhskaya Pushcha, true forfeit - for that the worst is yet to come.


Macaques in this case go by the least efforts. They acted the same way also in 90th: excited price for credits as otherwise they all the same would be plundered and will be thrown "far from the mark". They didn't want to stop larceny: in fact it meant that it would be necessary to imprison for lattice the lion's share of "the postSoviet elite", starting from the nearest buddies of the president and prime-minister. FSB, Office of Public Prosecutor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not help here - they are corrupt themselves, they will simply force thieves to share with them - and nothing else. The same situation repeats now.


What does it remind of? Let's admit, credits are a life-giving moisture. Imagine that inhabitants of a house suffer and die from thirst but directors of water supply do not give them water. For, you see, all pipes - in holes, all the same half of water will be poured out. While we, like, need dryness (low inflation). Therefore it is easier to us not to give you water in general. Let even the whole house (population and real sector) die of thirst. For we, supreme heads, don't want to repair pipes. We choose the easiest decision.


However such policy dooms "the postSoviet states" (the Russian Federation and Ukraine) to collapse: first economic one, then also political. Holy mackerel, already in 2009! For attempts to act on short notice will lead to fast disappearance of the rests of financial reserves in the Russian Federation. Well, Ukraine didn't have them at all. Have a look at it: it simply is ahead of Russia in the same process. Both attempts to construct anti-soviet "market Utopias" failed, at that hopelessly. You, macaques, during 18 years led us all over again fruitless desert! More and more people in our republics understand it. Experiment was terminated: both in gasprom-chekyst, yeltsin-like, independent - sewing kind. No West will help: it should rescue itself.




What is terrible? That even if the mode will fail under impacts of crisis and mass actions, economy all the same appears in ruin and disorganization. Withdrawal of Pu and Me (Jushch and Тim) will not solve anything. A kind of analogue of "February democratic chaos" can take place as in 1917. Aggravation of disorder plus meetings. With larceny (trebled) and hyperinflation. Free elections in themselves - not panacea.




Maxim Kalashnikov already wrote in "Russian Mobplan" what to do. This material is present in Network, if you want - find and read it. I have no reason to repeat. But it's - only a part of possible measures, the program should be thought out together.


I think that National Assembly should put forward resulting economic program. Only having rejected away cannibal plans of misters liberals. Eventually, it is simply other version of macaques. While it's necessary to intercept the positive part of their program (anticorruption, help to small/average business) as comrade Lenin intercepted the initiative of socialist - revolutionary.


It is necessary to get prepared today for creation of anticorruption special service consisting of disinterested persons. It is necessary to get prepared to that thieves should be imprisoned and publicly punished - corruption decomposition on "the postSoviet territory" has gone too far. If it is necessary - Maxim Kalashnikov can work in such structure. There are technologies of hundred-percent quest.


It is necessary also to act with appeal to get united. The Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus staying alone won't leave crisis. Even at involvement of mechanism of MEFO and new five years' plans we should unite industrial, personnel and scientific - technological opportunities. During the time of separatist - monetary barbarity too mny things appeared to be beaten, choked, destroyed. What is still present today in the Russian Federation should be combined to what was kept in former USSR and Belarus. Somewhere there are still brains and personnel - and somewhere machine tools. There are already examples of integration: Zaporozh "Motor Sech" participates in airbuilding programs of the Russian Federation for there is no replacement for it! So, let's increase and expand such integration.


It seems to me that there's no other way for us.


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