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The Russian Fleet Floated to Syria with the Word of God instead of Missiles…

The Russian Fleet Floated to Syria with the Word of God instead of Missiles…
Baranov Anatoly 10.01.2012

Ship carrier group of the Navy of Russia as a part of a heavy aircraft cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov", big submarine chaser "Admiral Chabanenko", patrol ship "Ladny", rescue tug "Nikolay Chiker" and tanker "Lena" made a port call into Tartus with the purpose of replenishment of stocks.

There’s in Tartus sustainment center for the ships of the Navy of Russia which serve about 50 Russian military seamen. There’s also a floating workshop of the Black Sea Fleet there which provides repair of the coming Russian ships.

 The day prior to this epoch-making event there was a performance of the head of Synod Department on mutual relations of Church and society archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin. According to a vicarial word, Russia should increase military presence in all regions where "people ask protection against orange experiments, from all color revolutions".

"Even if Russia will need to participate in operations, one shouldn’t be afraid of it today. The army needs to be given real work at last. Network hamsters quite possibly can be sent to operating armies. Those who will survive, probably, will become people", - Chaplin told.

"Russia loses political will just because it doesn't participate at full capacity in world political processes. At the time we sent ships to the coast of Syria - it is good, but it should be only the beginning. Russia can quite be present even in military way in all those places where people are anxious about danger of color experiments with these or that peoples, it can do it full-scale even if it will mean participation in operations. All man's element of our people should participate in these actions, including those unfortunate hamsters who obviously can be changed for better only when they will face real man's work, military work", - archpriest declared.

Here you are – the Syrian news agency SANA already names port call of the Navy of Russia into Tartus "demonstration of solidarity with the people of Syria".

The words of the priest with a ridiculous surname Chaplin could not be taken seriously, but today the Russian Orthodox Church quite often sounds perspective directions in the Russian policy which present authorities don't dare to pronounce for a while - it looks too much... Well, let’s say, that it resembles practice of the Russian empire of the times when the church was ruled by synod with attorney-general at the head and students were exiled for freethinking to serve in army. They are right, there are a lot of students today, while we are lacking soldiers.

A lot already have been written about social and cultural degradation which with great strides goes now in Russia. Both Chaplin's words and the mood of false "elite" - all suit this process. However let's agree with aggressive archpriest and look, where and the main thing how our future defenders of fatherland from a number of "network hamsters" will serve at least during heroic campaign to Syria.

I purposely don't touch the delicate question about probable enemy of the archpriest that he is going to be at war with in Syria – one can suppose that it will be local insurgents. Since the governmental armies of the hereditary president of Syria Asad don't cope with them any longer. According to the United Nations, more than 5 thousand people already died in the country. The Syrian authorities declare that more than 2 thousand military men and law enforcement officers were killed in collisions with the armed opposition. So to help lawful (from own father) governor friendly power Russia should put forward the fleet.

What do we mean by saying the fleet?

As we see, this group is not the Black Sea Fleet though servicing point Tartus was once created for needs of the Navy of Russia (to be exactly for created on its base and no longer existing Mediterranean squadron). But the Black Sea Fleet is no longer the fleet, but flotilla consisting of different class of the ships, operatively subordinated to the North Caucasian district.

In the interservice team of ships from the Black sea Flett there remained only patrol ship "Ladny" and a tug. From the Baltic Fleet - tanker "Lena" and from the Northern Fleet – aircraft carrying heavy cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov", big submarine chaser "Admiral Chabanenko". That is for entering Mediterranean Sea Russia doesn’t have even stable carrier group which our strategic opponent the USA have in plentitude.

Let's pay attention to that engine unit on "Admiral Kuznetsov" is steam-turbine therefore the tanker with fuel follows it. Autonomy of a course of this ship - 45 days. If it is necessary to understand that together with the way there-back it should win small war in Syria for this short term. What forces and means it could use?

No other shock arms except 26 planes "Sukhoj" of deck basing and about the same number of helicopters "Kamov" is provided on "Admiral Kuznetsov". There are also no conditions for a military contingent which should carry out landing and ground war. I will not repeat words of military expert Alexander Khramchihin who considers that unique Russian aircraft carrier at the present moment represent nothing as fighting unit and is used only as school for deck pilots...

There are no means for delivering blow across ground targets on "Admiral Chabanenko", not speaking about "Ladny". There are no landing ships as a part of the group which came to Tartus for replenishment of stocks. That is we observe "flag demonstration" - though if there’s anything extraordinary in coming into own port for refueling?

For sure it’s impossible to call it demonstration of power - not only American, but also English or French Naval Forces today are capable to destroy our "floating museum" without making special efforts. At that our people will learn about the defeat when the rockets will start taken superstructures away. The runway device on "Admiral Kuznetsov" is that it’s impossible to operate with heavy planes, similar to AEW planes. As a result its possibilities on over-the-horizon location is restricted to helicopters AEW having small radius of action.

So, Syria is not South Ossetia which is possible to enter on tanks. While we already have nothing to float on. It’s so to say “the end”.

However, limited war somewhere far from the coast can help chaplins to get rid of "very clever" students – there are no chances to return alive from military campaign to Syria.

While clever students could be necessary for restoration of power of the Russian Fleet if, of course, the government will ever get anxious about this not for PR. No one managed to modernize arms without engineers and designers, using forces only of managers and lawyers with regimental priests.

But, obviously, nobody is interested in it.

For example, there is a heavy rocket cruiser completed on 95 percent on shipyard in Nikolaev which Russia refuses to take - "it doesn’t need it". Though this piece can partly compensate missing fire power of "Admiral Kuznetsov", plus it’s capable to bear rocket complexes for striking out at ground targets.

Actually Russia vitally needs to have at least two carrier groups - on Northern and Pacific Fleets – at that they should be high-grade - with aircraft carrying heavy cruisers with nuclear engines, with possibility to accept heavy planes, with possibility of placing considerable contingent of marines onboard.

The corruption transaction with "Mistrals" doesn't remove a question about maintenance of operations of the Navy with landing ships capable to land large contingents of armies, not only providing operations of battalion scale.

There’s no sense talking about carrier groups without developed submarine fleet with ships of all classes existing not only on paper but on Black Sea and really capable to fulfill real battle missions.

But existing in Russia power system is capable to produce only talkative priests and thievish “managers”... The only remaining in the country aircraft carrier was produced – just think of it – at Brezhnev.


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