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Lee Kuan Me

Lee Kuan Me
Piontkovsky Andrey 28.03.2012

The meeting carried out by Medvedev on March 22 crowned his four-year tireless activity on corruption counteraction.

It passed in touching and demonstrative unity of all our political "elite".

His recent rival, one of the prominent statesmen who fixed Russia on a saving KGB hook Sergey Ivanov was at his right. On his left – even more picturesque character. Reflecting after a victory http://echo.msk.ru/blog/aleksashenko/871730-echo ideologist of non-system opposition, the member of the political council of the party “Parnassus” Sergey Aleksashenko who become, by own modest recognition, the leader and the moderator of discussion.

Thus substitution of the subject is the most known way of modeling of every discussion in the necessary direction for the moderator. Most effectively such substitution is reached by purely linguistic means – imposing of a language in which undesirable statements are not simply taboo, but even become impossible technically.

That is the way long-term fight of the reformer Medvedev against hydra of corruption passes. Corruption, as he fairly explained once at a meeting, is binary relation: “It is clear that corruption both in broad and in household meaning is always a process where not one person is the participant. I will remind that the crime is being made not by the one takes a bribe, but also the one who gives it”.

So, the driver bribes GAI officer, the student - the teacher, the businessman - the official of a justice or even the deputy minister. It is called corruption. A hundred of state men in expensive suits and one journalist in a defiant sweater flaunting his shock value gathered for the meeting to resist it. Let them ride, if they are capable to pretend not to notice much more serious problem which can’t be covered by the term "corruption".

What if two persons necessary for the classical corruption transaction merge in one? As, for example, the largest oligarch who has become the first Deputy Prime Minister of the government of the Russian Federation of the 90s and naturally making on his post decisions in favor of own business. Or the Minister of Health of the zero years Madam Arbidol having serious interests in pharmaceutical branch. If they bribe themselves?

Or large economists and statesmen Gaidar, Koch, Aleksashenko "playing" big games in the state credit obligations market. It’s not important, if they at the moment of transactions occupied official posts or not. Aleksashenko occupied. While Gaidar and Koch didn’t. But during the 90s all of them belonged to that narrow informal circle which defined currency and financial policy of the state. Which in particular created the state credit obligations market, followed in the current mode what happens at auctions of state credit obligations and under created by it legal rules of that time had the right to participate in purchases of that state credit obligations.

It also refers to their linear heirs, all these well-known heroes of zero years rotengergs, kovalchuks, shamalovs, fursenkos, gorelovs and other members of the cooperative “Ozero” amicably became billionaires, giving nobody bribes, simply playing by the rules which they established inside narrow informal circle and which then their national leader fixed legally.

That one who, for example, authorized in 2005 payment of 13, 7 billion dollars to some Abramovich for stolen by him in 1996 from the state with a blessing of the previous President of the Russian Federation the company “Sibneft”. If Abramovich really gave bribes to two Presidents of the Russian Federation? No, of course, those were absolutely different business relations. Abramovich told about them rather frankly during his London process with Berezovsky, having explained that in essence he was the keeper of a collective common fund.

Approximately the same relations have been developed between the top management of the country and some Finnish citizen who has become besides the richest Russian exporting half of the Russian oil.

It’s possible to continue similar list infinitely. It’s not corruption in its classical meaning. It’s something different.

It’s irreversible rotting of the state. It is its capture by organized criminal group. Modern political economic science hasn’t developed the standard language means for the description of this new reality yet.

There are some complementary concepts - "power-property”, "osobizm", “model of ChuChe” (chubaysizm-chekizm) - http://2004.novayagazeta.ru/nomer/2004/28n/n28n-s09.shtml.

But they will never talk about it at the presidential meeting on counteraction to corruption. All these names won't be pronounced in vain. Firstly, because It is really not corruption. Secondly, because almost all participants of the meeting are either the members of the mentioned organized criminal group, or highly paid PR managers serving it. As, for example, the main speaker, the baby of the modern generation who was making a fool from “I-phonchik” using slides from I-pad.

Well, the one is easy to be deceived. He is happy to be deceived - the largest lumberman and tireless propagandist of art creativity of “Breguet” firm. It is interesting, whether he ever well-known answer of Lee Kuan Yew’s to a question what the most difficult was in carrying out of the policy of reforms.

I purposefully gave several examples from the 90s to remind that capture of the state by predatory and insatiable organized criminal group has begun not from Putin with his KGB hook, but much earlier. The major had magnificent teachers - natives of the Soviet nomenclature intelligentzia.

They led him by hand into power that he protected them from the national rage. He protects, he does it as he can. Thus surpassing them in scales of his deeds and pressing considerably. No wonder that many of them are dissatisfied. For example, annoyed citizens Koch and Aleksashenko.

However even the most "brave" of them, allowing themselves sometimes quite sharp criticism of alpha Chopper of all Russia, never attempt on sancta sanctorum — bases and sources of injust, illegitimate and criminal mode developed in Russia for last two decades. They urge, as a rule, to return to Yeltsin norms of party life and capitalist legality.

But "heritage of Yeltsin — Gaidar" — is not disposal from the Russian catastrophe of XXI century. It is already the way to it passed by us.

* * *

90-years old Lee Kuan Me got excited with fascinating party in badminton with young novice (daily gymnastics for strengthening of muscles of the head) took a seat to have a rest in a calm of monastic library.

“I haven’t enough courage to ask you, Teacher, what was the most difficult for you in your policy of the Great Liberal Reforms in Russia”, - making ritual ablution of feet of the Patriarch his partner Mu Mu reverentially asked.

“To arrest my benefactor and friend, man of one blood with me, the most worthy Pu. It is a heavy sin which I will carry away into a cell with me. Great Laozi taught that there’s nothing whiter than appreciation and darker, than ingratitude.

Nearly half a century passed, but I still have before my eyes his badgered look and these painfully familiar jaw muscles when drunk major of FSO Evsyukov took him somewhere away from the palace in Gelendzhik. By the way, then we were also playing badminton with him...

There was such time, gd. You won’t understand a lot...”

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