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They Already Openly Enter Serfdom in RF

They Already Openly Enter Serfdom in RF

Businessmen will be fined for enticement of workers and partners, the head of the department on control of advertizing and unfair competition of Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Nikolay Kartashov reported in interview to the governmental "The Russian Newspaper". Now FAS works over amendments in the law on competition where it wants to stipulate these innovations.

Nikolay Kartashov: "We suggest to expand existing norms a little bit. For example, to register that enticement of the worker using dishonest ways will be regarded as unfair competition".

"The rights and duties are fixed in the labour contracts (labour - editor's notes), - Kartashov says. - There are many points there which violation by the worker will cause damage to his employer. The contract can also fix restrictions on employment in the competing companies within several years after dismissal. If the worker is pushed to such actions from outside, it also means unfair competition. A company which allowed it will be punished".

It is curious that such norm is supported also by official labor unions.

Alexander Shershukov, secretary of Federation of Independent Trade Unions:

- As to unfair competition, I think it’s necessary to enter norms limiting it. About ten years ago we had scandal when the football player passed from one club to the other during high season. After that case separate article regulating work of athletes and forbidding similar acts appeared in the Labour Code. If there are the workers owning large volume of information which "leak" to competitors can cause damage to the employer, it is better to set restrictions on unfair actions legislatively.


From editorial board: In essence, they are preparing absolutely wild norm according to which qualified specialist won't be able to change work without consent of the "owner". It is clear that qualified specialist possesses some important information from former work, thereon he is specialist. He can pass as expert only to the competitor - in narrow-profile spheres one can find necessary variants of vacancies only in the competing companies, if, of course, specialist-chemist isn't going to change profession and to become the yard keeper.

The "owner" gets a stick against his employees - you are going to leave because your boss is swine and hear in reply: "No one will hire you, otherwise they will be accused of unfair competition".

What will it lead to? Now they buy athletes, practically as gladiators in ancient Rome. Then they will buy engineers, doctors, scientists. Absolutely improbable norms will appear in employment contracts which practically can't be challenged.

Welcome to a serfdom, "misters"...

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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