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Civil War Is Kindling in the Country

Civil War Is Kindling in the Country
Коmkov Sergey 12.12.2011

Civil war is kindling in the country. Dudaev once again took Russia. Only now it’s not Dzhokhar but Aslambek. However, inhabitants of Russia for some reason know present aggressor Dudaev under other surname – Surkov. It’s not a joke. Because at birth the one who names himself today Vladislav Yurevich Surkov was simple Chechen boy – Aslambek Andarbekovich Dudaev. Much later, as a result of difficult family twists and turns of life (divorce of mum and dad and moving from the Chechen Republic to the Lipetsk region and, as the result, full change of metrics) the boy turned to the one who on strange coincidence of circumstances is called today as "the main Kremlin ideologist”.

Life journey of Aslambek was not simple. Unsuccessful study in one of the leading HIGH SCHOOLS of the country – Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (hу was expelled for poor study and absences), service in the army, work as a yard keeper and a watchman, the second attempt to graduate from the Moscow State Institute of Culture (he was also expelled from there for poor study and absences). His friendship with the future oligarch – Michael Friedman and his command from "Alpha" played defining role. He was appointed to follow its interests in the Presidential Administration.

Before it (probably, not without sponsion of the friend Friedman) he successfully worked in Menatep for Michael Khodorkovsky. And then at Roman Abramovich's sponsion and with assistance of Boris Berezovsky he even managed to get known on the main Russian TV channel.

In general, the guy appeared to be extremely clever and penetrative. He was appointed “watchman” to the Kremlin and remained in this role for ever. He not only remained there. He actively started carrying out independent policy, actually preparing the country for full and definitive disorder. He is the discoverer of the greatest humanitarian find – “sovereign democracy”. He became a soul and the organizer of the whole chain of youth ersatz-movements: “Going Together”, “Young Guards of United Russia”, "Local” and, at last, "Nashi".

All this was done exclusively with one purpose: to compromise definitively the power in the opinion of population of Russia and to lead it to full breakdown. Though, at first sight, it looked as if it should strengthen positions of that power which he being appointed “watchman” by the Russian oligarchic clan in due time should observe. It looked so only at first sight. Because mass paid actions of youth which Mister Dudaev together with his assistants (first of all – Vasily Yakemenko) constantly arrange using state money cause nothing except irritation.

So, in particular, happened right after scandalous elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation on December, 4th. Members of “Nashi” and “Young Guards” were took to the streets of Moscow, given drums and forced to play as hares representing wild pleasure from “Pyrrhic victory” of the party which people call today the party of swindlers and thieves. Certainly, we are sorry for these drugged with Dudaev’s propagation boys and girls who tomorrow will suffer difficulties with explanation to their families why they acted in a role of political strikebreakers in the turning point for the country. Though most of all we are sorry for their parents who will suddenly realize that they have grown up their children for the need of such political rascals as Surkov-Dudaev.

Russia today is heavily and hopelessly ill. The main sign of this disease is prosperity there of such persons as our "hero". Today's Surkov-Dudaev can be compared to the notorious person in the Russian history – Grigory Rasputin. Its appearance means only one thing – the power has definitively decayed and became rot inside. As if the state is being operated on the quiet by ignorant impostors it has to stay on a historical scene not for long.

However, already present generation can see it. For last elections showed that the trust of people to its governors falls at catastrophic rates. Present owners of the Kremlin and “the White House” on Krasnopresnenskaya Quay start reminding swindlers caught at the act on the scene of a crime. These people start causing among living environment not admiration of power and point, but pity and fastidiousness. The mood of experts understanding what is happening today on the one seventh part of a terrestrial land obviously becomes worse. Because unfortunately there are no other political leaders not being infected by Dudaev’s virus. That is, we are compelled to establish the fact: the program of full and definitive ruin of Russia started by the western special services approaches its successful end. Modest Chechen boy with the name Aslambek played not the least important role in it.



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