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250 warheads lost between Ukraine and Russia

Vladimir Philin 16.04.2006

The split is impending in the Republican party of the USA between the "hawks" from "Cheney Gang" having been playing up till now leading part in formation of foreign policy of Bush’s administration and moderate wing represented by Condolisa Rice and standing at her side George Bush-senior and Henry Kissinger. At support of oppositional Democratic party - the party of moderate Republicans undertake efforts aiming to achieve resignations of Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense - Ramsfeld.

"Cheney Gang" in its turn strikes back. Thus it became known last week that in "Libby’s deal" - scandal about admission by the former chief of Vice President apparatus Lewis Libby deliberate outflow of state secret about an accessory to CIA of the wife of one of opponents of administration, instead of Richard Cheney the main thing suspected becomes president Bush. Libby declared to the inquest that it was not Cheney but Bush being guided by motive of political revenge who made the unprecedented in its cynicism decision to let people know the name of the secret agent. By doing it he knocked out the trump card with the help of which moderate Republicans were going to lay out Vice President. At the same moment the USA policy is being resumed audits especially in the Middle East.

At the time when Cheney and Ramsfeld did their basic rate on military force Rice applies more refined methods including procrastination of introduction of sanctions against Iran and negotiation process on a situation in Iraq with actual opponents of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Teheran hierarchy. Such way of putting a question on such negotiations met concern in the region.

A series of meetings devoted to situation in Iraq among Secret Service Heads of Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates took place in March. The latest one took place in Cairo. At the end one of its participants expressed the general opinion to me that the of collusion of Department of State of the USA with the moderate forces in Teheran due to interests of Arabs and the Turk causes the most serious fears. Even more so as symptoms of possible collusion are present. On the one hand, during the trip of Ms Rice to Bagdad with the purpose which wasn’t even hidden – purpose of fomentation of conflict inside the Shiite community of Iraq aiming to blow up position of forces focused on Ahmadi-Nedgiad. On the other hand, the moderate leader of Shiite Supreme Body of Islamic revolution in Iraq Abdul Aziz Al-Khakim openly supported negotiations having made it in peak to another authoritative Shiites namely to the Prime Minister of Iran Ibragim Al-Dgiaafari and to religious leader Muktade As-Sadr.

Anyhow formal negotiations in Bagdad have not begun yet. In the meantime subordinate to the President of Iran army forces lead series of drills and exercises in Strait of Hormuz thus having shown real opportunity of creation of threat to oil export through the country. In response the Pentagon leaked to mass-media information that to impact Iranian underground objects Americans are ready to apply nuclear warheads "B61-11". So mutual blackmailing proceeds. Nevertheless desirable by both side - "Cheney Gang" and Al Ahmadinejad frontal collision is postponed for uncertain period of time.

Meanwhile enemies of “Cheney Gang” are finishing preparatory works for another impact which should according to their plan not only knock down Vice President and Secretary of Defense of the USA but also prepare favourable conditions for global mopping up of their followers in state apparatus, army and intelligence agency. Director of Center Intelligence Agency – Poter Goss who was appointed to this post in September 2004 in spite of negative opinion of the majority of American espionage department staff – personally supervises preparation of the scandal. In the core of a scandal lays situation repeatedly approved as far back as within the years of "cold war" when opponents being in rigid confrontation from a certain moment appear to be in need with each other as soon as each of the parties can solve its problems more effectively in conditions of balancing on the verge of war.

Thus as political scientist Ruslan Saidov expressed confrontation becomes a form of co-operation. Examples are numerous even in relationship of the USSR and the USA, one can find even literary works of foreign classics of detective genre, for example, "The Devil's Alternative" by Frederik Forsyte. Examples of secret cooperation of the American Republicans with radical clergy of Iran are not less known. The most famous is scandal "Irangate". The peculiar feature of such secret operations is that at desire “truth searchers” and “unmaskers” can elementary bring their participants under criminal clauses.

In the "Irangate" mentioned secret deliveries of arms to Teheran in exchange for discharge of hostages in Lebanon can be easily qualified as "weapons smuggling" and "human traffic", fitting of Nicaraguan "contras" in contrary to the Congress prohibition as "financing of terrorism" and taking into consideration volumes of the cocaine traffic from Colombia to the USA through Central America - as participation in "drugs contraband". And all this is crowned by "money-laundering received from criminal sources". Passing further to our time scandal chronology is the following.

In January, 2004 on a tip of German BND in the Ukraine have opened criminal case in connection with sent to Russia in 2000-2001 12 strategic cruise missiles x-55 together with the technical documentation and the ground equipment appeared ostensibly in China, Pakistan and Iran. Ukrainian businessman Evdokimov was arrested in April while two his Russian partners - Oleg Orlov and Evgeny Shilenko were declared in the international search. Shilenko disappeared as soon as it happened whereas Orlov all this time lived with his Czech wife in Karlovi Vari. Probably he conducted negotiations with Americans in the East Europe. However in August something made him to try to escape but was arrested. 

It is necessary to note that all the year 2004 the "deal x-55" proceeded without publicity. But all changed after appointment of Alexander Turchinov to the post of the Head of Security Service of the Ukraine (SSU) who is a colleague of Julia Timoshenko and who probably decided that this deal could become the lever of pressure on Uschenko who had at the moment of preparation of transactions the post of prime-minister and a member of Security Council. Anyhow in the beginning of 2005 Turchinov, deputy Omelchenko and public prosecutor Piskun sounded the history with leakage of rocket technologies – the version that was at once highlighted in foreign press. However provocation received the greatest completeness in the Russian liberal newspaper "New newspaper" which on February, 14th published an article written by Pavel Felgengauer called "Rocket carriers". In the article frequent visitor of the USA embassy in Moscow Felgengauer for the first time connected "deal x-55 " with special services and Russian leadership. New best seller "Tomahawk" appeared in April in the Ukraine developed this idea and the theme of "Russian trace" has received the further evolution.

In particular in the novel appeared quite recognized though caricatured images of smugglers and their bosses from GRU and the Kremlin. After x-55 Russian "villains" once again "pulling the plug" to the Ukraine tried to sell nuclear warheads to Iran. And they would have sold them but for the smart anticipatory actions of Turchnov’s people. To the middle of 2005 the situation has ripened and the Czech court made a decision to grant extradition of Orlov to the Ukraine at the command of Turchinov and Piskun. But an overlay occurred - in September both of them together with Timoshenko were dismissed. Moreover relatively to Turchnov investigatory actions began. He was suspected in abusive practice that led to a beginning of criminal case. He - from his part - answered by dosed leakage in press of the internal secret materials belonged to SSU. Appeared the names of intermediaries, details of "grey" and "black" schemes, the facts about supposedly taken place illegal deliveries from the Ukraine of MANPAD "Igla" (“Eagle”) even after 2000: to the Colombian guerrilla organization FARC "in exchange for cocaine", to Syria from where the MANPAD could probably be delivered to forces of the Iraq resistance "Hezbollah" and to "Islamic Jihad". At the same time it was told that for x-55 Iranians supposedly paid with the Kuwaiti gold grasped in due time by Saddam Hussein and subsequently forwarded in Teheran. It was hinted at the deliveries to "countries-derelicts" of substance Os-187 and so-called "red mercury".

It was found out also that Leonid Kuchma and SSU in July, 2001 informed Goss”s predecessor in the post of the Head of CIA - George Tennet – about leakage of x-55 to China and Iran. However Tennet together with Cheney and and Ramsfeld suppressed this theme as they were not inclined to quarrel with Iranians and Chinese people on the threshold of aggressions against Afghanistan and Iraq. At last in December under initiative of Turchinov the results of activity of the parliamentary commission created to check facts of illegal traffic of arms were declared. At that one of the deputies from Timoshenko’s coalition – Sinchenko - in spirit of best seller "Tomahawk" declared that ostensibly a difference in 250 pieces had been found out between quantity of the nuclear ammunition transferred on papers by the Ukraine and officially accepted by Russia. But as it happened before the New Year holidays nobody paid attention to Sinchenko’s revelations. They were recalled only on the 4th of April, 2006 in a week after elections in the Ukraine in connection with the article in "New newspaper» issued under the title "In Iran our ammunition will not be gone" written by Felgengauer. This publication was preceded with a number of sign events.

Firstly, Lukashenko’s accusation by the USA administration in weapons smuggling for one billion dollars a year which ostensibly went to presidential funds. The accusation was preceded by denunciation of the West in organization in Minsk of provocations with human victims. It was done as a result of investigation carried out by responsible for struggle against terrorism people of Belarus KGB.

Secondly, in Nigeria the former President of Liberia Charles Taylor who was sent to Sierra Leone to be taken to international court. It is necessary to tell that as long ago as in the summer of 2005 Taylor became the prototype of the negative character having bypassed all screens of the world in the Hollywood action movie "Lord of War" (in the Russian hire - "Weapon baron"). In the film leading role of the smuggler with surname Orlov (Eagle!) connected with the Ukraine people was plaid by Nicolas Cage. Cage’s hero was selling the weapon to one and all including Taylor in exchange for diamonds. At the same time "Orlov" used protection of the top heads in Washington.

Thirdly, State Department of the USA at obvious unwillingness of the Pentagon began to untwist a theme "the Russian spy" in Qatar who during winter time of the years 2002-2003 intercepted ostensibly telephone conversations of the American command thus learning about details of a prepared aggression against Iraq. Then information through Moscow and the Russian embassy in Bagdad got to the Iraq militaries. It’s curious to see that the Russian espionage theme crossed German one which tool place at the same time.

As it is known in Berlin now there is an investigation of the fact of transfer in Qatar in the beginning of 2003 to Americans the gen about Iraq by two BND employees who were awarded later by the USA. All these notwithstanding the fact that Germany officially dissociated from aggression. However the same situation arises with Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

In the whole it is evident that Rice's administration is strongly willing to draw attention to the international activity which was carried out at the moment in Qatar and present it as authorized by the chief of the Pentagon exchange of gen and material assets through intermediaries in both directions.

That is to present all as secret confederacy of "Cheney Gang" with the Iraq military top on a corruption basis and at participation unfriendly for that moment intelligence services of Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and, certainly, the Kremlin. Coming back to April article written by Felgengauer is necessary to notice that he connected all themes listed above starting form x-55 and nuclear warheads, arms traffic "black" and "grey" schemes, Iraq and Qatar in one having added memorable messages about a course of the Iraq campaign which were placed in the Internet by someone called himself "Ramzai".

In similar connection the adjusting impulses starting from Washington are rather well felt. That means that even in real life such connection can be designed artificially. For example, if Turchinov will be appointed to a high position in SSU, one shouldn’t doubt that Orlov's deal will point out approximately the same circle of people as "the international trial" with Charles Taylor. Future can be painted in scripts to movies "Weapon Baron" and the best seller "Tomahawk". Thus main "whipping boys" will be appointed not from the ordinary people but from the figures of the first size both in Washington and in Moscow.


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