Petersburg Becomes the Capital of "Screwdriver" Assemblage

In the industrial zone – Shushary - of Saint-Petersburg the first stone for the foundation of new factory of General Motors Corporation was laid. On the ceremony dedicated to the laying of the stone all St Petersburg beau-monde headed by Valentina Matvienko was present, even Medvedev and Greff came from Moscow, obviously, to demonstrate triumph of economic policy of “St Petersburg” team.    

"One of the biggest world leaders of automobile industry took a decision to build its enterprise on the Russian land – on the territoryof St Petersburg, - Matvienko announced.  – This is a significant event not only for our city but for the whole Russia". She was right – this event is a sign one, only what kind of sign it is? It looks like it resembles popular figure from three fingers.

The first part with the productive amount of 25 thousand cars a year a company plans to start at the end of the year 2008. Ford Motors factory being situated near Petersburgand having started working long ago had to achieve a quota of 25 thousand cars not for one year, but here the amount is regarded as a starting point. One shouldn’t be a prophet to see serious problems first of all for the domestic auto industry behind it.

The volume of investments into the project includes 115 million dollars – practically the some is paltry, it’s possible to organize only “screwdriver” industry for this sum. Taxes from 115 million will constitute a ridiculous sum.  This conclusion is also confirmed by the other figure: as a result of introducing of production only 700 new working places will be created. We should frankly say that for the city with 5 million inhabitants it’s a drop in the ocean.

It’s also known that it’s practically forbidden to organize trade unions on all new factories established in Russiaby the Western companies. The workers are deprived of a lot of rights which the workers in so-called “civilized” countries have where the main manufacture is situated.

Such things confuse neither government nor local administration. Obviously Petersburgwill become the capital of “screwdriver” assemblage in Russia: in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg – in Shushary – one more factory of Japanese Toyota is being built, another Japanese company - Nissan – wants to establish assembling production in small town Kamenka near St-Petersburg. As it was mentioned before, in Leningradskaya region assembling production of the American company Ford Motors is functioning. As if we are in Detroit...

With great amount of certainty one can notice: "St Petersburg" team chooses the most miserable way for production development for the country – based on the export of capital of introduced "dirty" and "screwdriver" manufactures.  "Competitive advantage" of the country in such variant can be low salary for the workers and absence of rights as well as pure qualification and humbleness of the personal. Putin and his team have enough brains only for this.