Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences vs Maxim Kalashnikov and Co: Obstruction or Form-Factor?


What it will be: constructive or confrontational?

So, on January, 20th at 2.00 p.m. the initiative group of innovators of Maxim Kalashnikov should hold a meeting with academicians in presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences. All these - consequences of reaction of president D.Medvedev on my reference on September, 15th. The academy of sciences should pronounce a judgment about our offers: on creation of elements of National innovative system (especially - Agencies of the Advanced Projects, expanded analogue of the American DARPA) and on a building of pilot futurepolis: a city of farmstead type, a clot of diversified innovations - technical, social and humanitarian.

What will be this meeting like? Let's try to foresee some moments.




Actually there are only two variants. The first one - we will be given hostile reception arranging obstruction. They will try to catch us on trifles and particulars withdrawing from the main ideas. In the second variant we will find common language and build the general front of "innovative approach". The more so creation of futurepolis and AAP allows to involve powerful potential of the academic research structures.


Unfortunately, very many indirect data and our secret-service information say that there will be obstruction. For our offers are considered as competition to the developed system of distribution and sharing "money for science" and in general creation of competition. One unpleasant moment puts on guards: nobody from scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences communicated with named in D.Medvedev's letter innovators and developers of the project. It concerns Igor Boshchenko (neuronets and system of autonomy of the 4th generation), Andrey Zheleznov (multi-purpose system of digital telecommunications), either with Society of biotechnologists, or initiative group of Vitaly Grebnev-Igor Volk (agricultural biopolises). Probably, opinion about the projects was made judging the papers - without dialogue with the developers.

Under the data we have, they will try "to rap over the knuckles" us by impossibility of construction of dome houses invented by Grebnev. We will answer with a video shooting of such house which has been built long time ago and still operate in Saltykovka. In fact, one shouldn't hung up on dome houses: it's only one variant of quickly-constructed manor. There are also others quickly-constructed houses, not only of dome type. In general - citizens of futurepolises will decide for themselves what buildings to construct.

The main thing - not houses themselves but idea of futurepolises: farmstead city round innovative structures and advanced agro-industrial manufacture, city-centre of innovations in building, life-support, communication, self-management, public health services and education. If the academic top tries to drown this idea in particulars, it will not be compliment to it. Moreover, here is possible to be trapped. One initiative team with investors has been acting here (and it's quite forward) irrespective of us, it's ready to build futurepolises in the Russian Federation. If the Russian Academy of Sciences opposes our projects of futurepolises vigorously, this second group all the same will construct it in Moscow on VDNH-VVTs - how would Academy look after that? The project "Time-Forward-Centre" has been already confirmed top-level.

Idea of futurepolises - an idea of system integration of various innovations and available technologies giving synergic effect. That is - new quality. In the same way the idea of Agencies of Advanced Projects is also synergic. It will be very bad if momentary-egoistical interests will make the higher echelon of the Russian Academy of Sciences enemies of our activity.

In this case we are going to fight. Our meeting will be registered by videocamera.

In obstructive variant Academy of Sciences loses possible ally and punishes itself. For it's not a secret that they on the "top" have been nursing plans of "removal" of the Russian Academy of Sciences under the pretext that Academy has no real exit. That there's no use from Academy. Painfully sweet gain: the real estate under institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In the USSR times they were built in the best locations.



In constructive variant it would be possible to construct mutually advantageous cooperation.

Expansion of a chain of futurepolises means creation of demand for innovations of the same academic institutes, possibility to adjust preparation of young change for science, to create both innovative manufactures and research universities in frameworks of futurepolises as well as to solve housing problems of young scientists. By the way of elderly ones too.

The same - with such "tractor" of innovations as Agency of Advanced Projects. If it will work as a whole, the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences should not submit to president of the RF the list of 160 innovations. They will be in demand without it. Besides it is easier to knock down irrepressible marauders - "reformers"together.

Well, January, 20th comes nearer. I hope that the reason will get the better of egoism and short-sightedness.