Putin Reanimated Gorbachev's Antialcoholic Decree

By 2020 the state expects to finish with traditions of the Russian hard drinking, to lower more than twice consumption of alcoholic production in the country and to liquidate completely illegal alcoholic market. The corresponding concept was confirmed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Authors of the concept placed on a site of the government notice that if in 1914-1917 Russia in comparison with Europe had the lowest consumption level of alcoholic products - 0,83 litres of pure spirit per capita, essential increase in consumption of alcohol began from the middle of 1970s years. To the beginning of 1990s years consumption made 5,4 litres of absolute alcohol a year and by 2008 it increased to 10 litres, that is in 1,8 times.

"Taking into account forbidden for consumption spirit-based products and strong homemade spirits actual consumption of alcoholic products per capita makes now about 18 litres a year", - is said in the document. It twice exceeds admissible norm established by the World Organisation of public health services.

Antialcoholic concept will be realized in two stages. At the first stage (2010-2012) they planned the decrease in consumption level of alcoholic products per capita by 15%. At the second stage (2013-2020) - liquidation of the illegal alcoholic market, decrease in consumption level of alcoholic products per capita by 55%.

The Russian authorities plan to reach these indicators at the expense of carrying out of a package of measures including among others introduction of the criminal liability for numerous infringements in sphere of manufacture and alcohol turnover, sharp restriction of advertising of alcoholic products and introduction of the pricing policy assuming dependence of a retail price on the content of ethyl spirit in a drink.

Particular interest in the concept is caused by "restriction (up to absolute prohibition) of indirect advertising of the alcoholic products drawing public attention especially of children and youth". Earlier there was in press information referring to the documents of Ministry of Social Development and Health about intentions of authorities ostensibly to forbid alcoholic scenes in films. The head of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights expressed his opinion in favour of interdiction of the veiled advertising of alcohol in films.


From editorial board: It painfully reminds Gorbachev's "decree"... While they still argue with Lenin who said that history develops on a spiral. However, specifying Lenin, it is necessary to say that the Russian history develops on a coil spiral in a hootch still...


Certainly, each figure and each argument of the "Putin's" decree is written off from Gorbachev's decree. Almost each figure - a lie. From consumption of spirit in imperial Russia - who calculated it in pre-revolutionary village where 85% of population lived? To the beginning of 90s, if to trust official statistics, it didn't increase but fell to 5,4 - as a result of antialcoholic campaign (certainly, with essential share of consumption which became "shadow"). aWhile the fact that it grew by 2008s to 10 litres - it's a "merit" of V.V.Putin and state machinery headed by him.


About 18 litres a year - simply delirium. I suggest to estimate - one can produce from 1 litre of spirit 5 bottles of vodka, it means that each Russian including babies, Moslems, teetotal and so forth drinks 90 bottles of vodka annually? Almost two bottles of vodka in a week?

All who is senior remember as it was in the second half of 80s. A joke: "Stop - wine shop. The next stop - the middle of the queuer". Purchase of alcohol turned into mad loss of forces and time, not to mention boundless humiliation. For a couple of years people were taught to hate the power more, than the Germans in occupation. You'll ask, how it could be so, why the working class refused own power let it be even nominal? Here you are - the Soviet power died in wine queues in 80s.

So we'll wish V.V.Putin and his company big successes in carrying out of antialcoholic campaign. We advise "to accelerate and deepen".

What does reduction by 15% mean? What is the pitiful figure? It is necessary to reduce consumption in 2, even in 3 times! And faster.

To take alcohol away from the screens in general - the same way they took away opposition - radically and absolutely. For infringements - imprison, create a body like as FDCS to control over alcohol turnover. To cut down vineyards, to reduce beet crops, to take from retail network pressure cooker and juicers away. To declare sugar and yeast to declare precursors (further to expand the list of precursors on jam, lemonade, sugar candies and etc).

To block borders with all southern republics the potion can arrive from - to strengthen customs control on the border, to pay attention of comrade Onischenko to transportation of so-called "churchkhela". Take into account that guestarbeiters going to the Russian Federation can act as "containers", taking alcohol in stomach and possibly - in a rectum by means of clyster. Especially to strengthen control over children which can take precursors in the form of so-called "sugar candies" or "grandmother's jam". To cut down besides vineyards apple-trees, plums, pears, cherries and other trees which fruits can be used in hootchmaking.

Go ahead, Vladimir Vladimirovich, opposition will in every possible way support you. To the end, so to say.

natoly Baranov