Form Is Correct, Essence - Mockery


I will tell you at once: there's a lot of correct things in Chubays's speech. About intolerable dullness of tax and customs policies of the three-coloured state. That there's there are the same conditions for bringing in into the Russian Federation of top-level expert and stupid Asian guestarbeiter. Chubays even told about predominating role of the state at placing of targets before innovative community, about its role in technoparks and technopolises. He uttered seditious for liberals thought: say, successful modernisation doesn't have presence of liberal democracy as indispensable condition.

Yes, everything is true. But nothing new. Either we and other people for already ten years have been talking the same and we do it more distinctly and firmer. Only from Chubays's lips it sounds almost floutingly. Why didn't you notice it before? At that even at all importance of mentioned themes, there are no answer to main points, the main themes do not sound. What is the reason to change tax, customs and migratory policies of the state? In what direction should it work in general?

Here Chubays is silent. He says nothing about that the Fifth technological way and rudiments of the Sixth were destroyed in the Russian Federation. That the country passed the Fifth way. Now the jump from the Fourth into the Sixth technological way is necessary. And it demands titanic efforts. It demands clear plan of development of the Russian Federation and image of future. If there's something similar in Chubays's speech? Nothing of the kind!

Let's go further. Innovative community cannot live in emptiness. Innovative economy successfully develops only where accurate sheaf "Industry - Science - Education" works. You beat out one link - and the others ruin. Crushing blow was put on industry and education in the Russian Federation, science was strongly ruined. At least today is necessary to talk about necessity to carry out industrial policy which was definitively destroyed in 1994. It, they say, deformed "signals of free market". There's no successful innovation without working industry, the last - as fish. There is no water (working real sector of high repartitions) - there is no fish.

New industrial policy is unequivocally anathema to Gaydars and Chubayses, refusal of WTO, strong enough protectionism, plans of five years' development (see example of South Korea), indicative planning at national level, creation of national financial system (it's not present in the Russian Federation), construction of strong banks of development, etc. There and then - not creation of amorphous "Rosnano" but strong-willed Agency of Advanced Working outs, analogue of DARPA in the USA. The structure - searcher of breaking through technologies of the Sixth way and provider of strategic tasks before scientific and technical community. There's nothing similar in Chubays's speech. All - new neoliberal kissel. Say, innovative business exists as though in itself. Bosh!

I do not see that Chubays opposed VAT - tax - murderer either of industries of high repartitions and scientific and technical business. He stands up for intellectual property (results of working outs) doesn't belong to the state. To whom then? It's not clear from Chubays's speech. While our position here - accurate as never. Intellectual property - even if research works were 100% financed by treasury - should belong directly to people-developers! As in the USA.


The main element of innovative policy of breaking through into the Sixth way - creation of a magnificent education system. Chubays says only that the Russian high schools are better equipped, than the Soviet ones. That idiotic Centralized Testing leads to degradation of the Russian education, he does not wish to notice. He doesn't see that the salary of professors and teachers in the Russian Federation is lower in times, than in the USSR. How poor people will teach students? Accordingly. He does not notice how quality of secondary schools falls, that graduates of the Russian high schools - are of worse quality. That the link between science and education is broken. Education and industry.


The following words of Anatoly Borisych touched: "... there's no in modern Russia social, political, economic mechanism which would block start of construction of innovative economy..." Such things could be said only by blockhead. All realities of raw, corrupted Russian Federation kill innovations. Corruption is a bastion on a way of innovations: as they reduce possibilities of "sawing cut". Corruption and laziness of business officials dictates a policy of purchase of everything abroad. Monstrously stupid and thievish machinery of state- and united corporations smothers innovation. Credits - are desperately inaccessible. Well, at last, half-dead condition of industry affects in innovative business the most pernicious way. Social and economic system created at the direct participation of Red suffers almost full innovative impassability. If he really does not understand it?


I see only one rational explanation to the action on rousing of image of Chubays as "Great Innovator-Modernizer": attempt of kleptokratic-raw "elite" to remain in power. (The same reason - for appointment of chubays-like Minister of Finance Kudrin in structure of Council for Economy Modernisation). For many years Chubays was kept out of system of official power, thinking that silly electorate will forget red "feats". Well, now we will be showed this blende as "alternative" to completely failed "chekism". Actually we know that everything Chubays was engaged in terminated in crash. It concerns both privatisation and public finances. We will have to liquidate consequences of "electric power industry reforms". One couldn't be wise to understand what will be the end of "modernisation of the Russian Federation" under leadership of Mr. Voucher. Before us - attempt of creation of two-headed hydra from caught stealing "chekists" and "reformatory" rubbish of 90s. Attempt to create "two-party system" from a horse-radish and a radish, awl and soap.

To the death you all!