6 out of 10 Russians Get Less Than 500 Dollars a Month

First three "prize-winners" - V.Lisin - 18,8 billion dollars, M.Prokhorov - 17,85 billion dollars, R.Abramovich - 17 billion dollars. First ten nominees for January, 1st, 2010 have total capital 139,3 billion dollars. All in all among dollar billionaires of 2010 - 77 "dear Russians". Following the results of crisis 2008 there were 49 of them with total capital 76 billion dollars. As a result of assistance rendered by Putin and Medvedev sirs have grown in number in 1,5 times, having almost doubled the general capital. Paraphrasing known saying "war makes some people reach" it is quite possible to say that crisis makes some people rich.

Now let's resort to the data of the International Labour Organization by which estimation the parity of 10% of the population with maximum incomes for labour compensation of 10% of minimum paid workers in Russia makes 26:1 (in China it's 3:1, in the USA 6:1, in the countries of Latin America 12:1, in the USSR was 4:1).

By estimations of scientists social crisis comes at parity 8:1. The first president of "the reviving Russia" B.N.Yeltsin, of course, was not scientist. Neither prominent, nor simple... But once, when he just cut the way to the presidency and, accordingly, was going to "revive", in far 1990 he said literally the following: "We build social state. Heads of new Russia should nick down that the level of their salary, their incomes has no right to exceed the salary of workers, doctors, teachers more, than in 5-7, well, in 10 times! It's the requirement for next 40, 50 years of life of the country. If I start getting, say, in 12 times more, than the teacher - kick me out! Such salary for the heads of the state is a CRIME. Dangerous criminal and social crime! Once again - we build social state. We are obliged to develop society harmoniously".

I remember, for the sake of triumph of those ideas Boris Nikolaevich was going even to fall on rails! And what do we have TODAY? Today 15% of citizens of the Russian Federation own 92% of the national property. Parity of rich to poor is 26:1. Figures of incomes of different and absolutely incommensurable groups of Russians are resulted above. So?

According to Yeltsin, it turns out that during these years - at his own presidency and presidency of his successors - Putin and Medvedev - DANGEROUS CRIMINAL OFFENCE occurred in Russia for which its heads should be kicked out. Otherwise it is necessary to ascertain that BORIS was WRONG...

As to the sources of this crime, here you are its ideology stated by one of (according to Yeltsin) criminals - A.Chubays in 2001: "Privatization in Russia was not at all economic process till 1997. It served the main task - to stop communism. We solved that problem. We solved it completely. We knew that each sold factory is a nail in a cover of a coffin of communism. Whether it is expensive, cheap, free of charge, at cost plus price - it doesn't matter. The first question is one: each private proprietor newly appeared in Russia is irreversibility".

Even Yeltsin's American adviser for economic problems (since autumn, 1991 till the end of 1993) Jeffrey Sucks was compelled to be indignant in response to it: "It's malicious, premeditated, well thought over action, having the purpose of large-scale redistribution of riches in interests of a narrow circle of people". It happened as he said. 70000 nails "were hammered into a coffin of communism" - 70000 factories in general stopped their existence.

General losses of national riches for years of "reforms" - 2,7 trillion dollars. There are 2,2 million official unemployed in the Russian Federation, by data of the International Labour Organization - there are over 7 million of them. State property decreased in 10 times. Despite it all, Putin who has repeatedly declared that there would be no revision of the results of privatization and there's no alternative to the market gives green light to a new (probably already to the last) coil of privatization of enterprises in "reviving" (if it could be more?) Russia. At the time when there's even no law about nationalization in the Russian legislation...

By the way, 2010 begins in the tideway of this lack of options, 2010 during which, as you remember, Vladimir Vladimirovich promised to double gross national product. As we see, he has doubled... properties of grown poor Russian oligarchs.

The last thing. A lot of temples are open in "reviving" Russia. We often see the president, the prime minister, many other serious people there - both to power belonging and close to nominations of magazine "Finance" - with candles in their hands devoutly making the sign of the Cross. It's interesting why they - devoutly making signs of the Cross - are not afraid of the future? Whether they opened the Bible at least once? After all it is said in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 6, verse 24: "... cannot serve the God and Mammona (Riches)". Chapter 19, verse 23: "Truly I say that it's difficult to enter the heaven to the rich". Verse 24: "And still I say to you: more convenient to a camel to pass through needle ears, than to the rich enter the heaven"...

So, it turns out, that they take order neither from God, nor from Yeltsin?! It means - JUDICIUM will follow!