Global Warming Will Lead to Global Growth of Number of Migrants

Scientists of Princeton University established connection between the growth of temperature in the world and increase of the number of migrants, BBC informs. They found out that global warming influences agriculture. As a result every 10% of lost crops will lead to 2% increase of the number of migrants.

According to calculations of scientists, such situation will especially characteristic for Mexico which inhabitants due to global warming migrate more and more actively to the USA. As a result to 2011 the share of those who left the country will make 10% of its population.

Similar situation will be in Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

- Actually such global changes of climate on the planet in historical past led to the great transmigration of peoples and great cultural-historical shifts, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - It refers to CIA countries as well, where people in southern republics are not capable to feed themselves and their families working on earth, millions of them are compelled to go for earning to more comfortable republics. It will end badly as in case if it will be impossible to live in southern republics millions people will try this or that way to change them for more attractive places. There are three ways for behavior for RF. First one - to fence with iron cordon from migrants as nationalists recommend. As in history of Rome it will lead to such situation when migrants will break cordon having gathered in organized military formations. Second one - to accept and give work to maximum possible number of migrants which is also difficult as the quantity of wishing will be more than possibility to accept. Third one - reconstruction in this or that way of patronage over Middle Asia, investing of economy of this region for creation of favourable for living there conditions which will liquidate reasons for mass migration. Naturally the third model is the only state approach and it's the only improbable one at the existing form of management of RF.


Results of the poll carried out by FORUM.msk, whether Moscow needs migrants:


Whether Moscow needs migrants?


Yes, they are necessary (843)


Yes, but only from RF (413)


Yes, but only the Slavs (767)


No, they are not necessary at all (658)


I am a stranger myself (189)

As we can see, the majority thinks that migrants are necessary though some restrictions are supposed. Though there are such people who welcome migrants without any restrictions. That is myth about xenophobia and anti-migrant moods of our readers - just myth being, however, supported by forum trolls. Only less than a quarter of respondents is completely against migrants. It's understandable - Moscow, as any other capital of big country is a city of migrants.