Soviet Is Worked out, Russian Is Not Present, There Is Nothing to Fire

Armed forces of Russia completely worked out a stock of arms and military equipment got from the Soviet Union, therefore it's necessary to speed up supplies of the army with new samples of arms, Director of Armaments of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - the deputy minister of defense of the Russian Federation, general - colonel Vladimir Popovkin said in interview to the newspaper "Krasnaya Zvezda" on Thursday.

"For today the situation is such that the Soviet stock of arms and military equipment is already worked out completely", - Popovkin said.

State program of armament for 2007 - 2015 provides development of new samples of arms and military equipment to the beginning of 2011 practically under the whole line of nomenclature, the general reminded.

As he said, events which took place in Georgia, South Ossetia and Abkhazia forced Ministry of Defence "to think over a bit today's condition of Armed Forces and the way they should develop further".

"... It was planned from 2011 - 2012 to begin reequipment of Armed Forces. However circumstances developed so that it's necessary to speed it all up, that Armed Forces were equipped with modern arms", - Popovkin noticed.

There is no sense to invent anything new - it is necessary to speed up simply creation, tests and passing to service of those samples of arms and military equipment which are being developed in the scheduled order, Director of Armaments of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation considers.


"It concerns strategic nuclear forces and general purpose forces: aircraft, fleet, space arms, communication, automated control systems, radio-electronic struggle, that is... the whole spectrum of arms", - he explained.

From editorial board: It's very pleasant for vanity when officials repeat what you said 3-5 years ago. Another thing is very unpleasant - that all these are just words and there are and there will be no actions behind them.

Let's recollect, how many years all experts and not specialists blared about catastrophic condition of aviation complex. And what of it? Some high ranking chiefs one by one made PR on its background speaking about re-structuring, restoration and even rescue of domestic aircraft. Where are these misters? All of them in very good places. Where is aircraft? Also in well-known place...

Popovkin's performance actually also doesn't look like acknowledgment of guilt into the State Office of Public Prosecutor, while in other times...

General Popovkin speaks about armament program which provides full reequipment of army, aircraft and fleet in three years (maximum in 6 years). Where are these samples of arms and military equipment?

However, it's more or less ok with samples, there is something in singular copy. Where, excuse me, will their batch production be carried out? Where are attributes of reanimation of defensive manufacture in Russia?

There is the only factory which produces aviation technics serially and that one due to the Indian and Chinese orders. While the native army received 3 planes for last years.

Even worse things are with rocket equipment, not talking about factories which do not produce end-product but produce accessories, materials, etc. Only one high-grade powder factory remains in the country. What will be used for the flights of solid-fuel rockets, battle-planes, not speaking about elementary cartridges. In fact they already speak everywhere that in case of big war there will be nothing to fire.

Ballistic missiles of new generation have import accessories - there are no of native origin. The fighting aircraft flies on the French and Israeli avionics for long time.

It hurts and it's a shame to speak about fleet - for all years of "reforms" only one corvette and one nuclear submarine without rockets appeared.

Though we are now the first in space! On number of commercial start-ups. Because there are no and there will be no orbital grouping of satellites in the near future. While commercial start-ups are carried out on the ballistic missiles removed from fighting watch - that is thus we utilize (or, perhaps, we junk for a cheap price) our nuclear-missile shield. Instead of left out of operation we introduce approximately 20% from the required of new ones for elementary maintenance of parity.


There is no and there will not be weapon. We shall assail enemy with caps. As civil guardsmen of 1941 went to fight with one rifle for five people. However at negative birth rate we won't able to assail enemy with own corpses.

Anatoly Baranov