TV-Putinka as Panacea from Economic Crisis

So, the next session of psychotherapy of professor Kash... Pi... Pu... Putin took place. Do you feel any better, dear Russians? Did your purses bloat out from hopes for well-being?

Neither raw (present), nor former empire knew more crafty leader. The point is not in peculiarities of an epoch of PR, not even in personal features. It's an objective factor. Who said that 1990th - valiant and unloved - ended? They have only begun - and crisis will dip people into this truth with a head. You do not believe? Then Putin goes to you!

He comes on telewire, stops on a threshold of the screen, looks but does not break your privacy, does not eat from your refrigerator herring but insists on the fact that "economy grows". Why not to agree? Let's repeat "halvah - halvah", "economy grows". I was always getting enraged with that word-combination... Even when petrodollars flew from the heavens (to be exact from under the ground and not at all without effort of the working class on behalf of oilmen and the same Surgut drivers of "Profsvoboda"). For branches grow, parameters grow - but economy does not grow, it's a section, it's a component and basis of the public life, it simply exists. It's not a tree, not hair and not the grass. Only the impudence of the present elite grows. And prime-minister proved it to the slow-witted from the screen.

How strongly one should get frightened and afraid of Yeltsin during long year to fall recklessly in love with Putin? In fact everyone understood a maneuver: yes, Yeltsin made tired and lost charisma - legitimacy, he was a personal shame and pensioner on the allowance of the dying out nation. He palmed off the successor - who on the newcomer? What has changed after him, after Yeltsin? Oil rain casually passed? Well, whose merit is it? In fact all the same people trusts - mystically hopes that it's the will of the Supreme governor, both relative calmness and prosperity (at kept extinction) is a man-made deed, it's Putin's merit.

But objectivity of expectations of the end 1990th consisted in the fact that there's nothing worse? If it's possible to ruin manufacture and agriculture further? If there is a reasonable limit to repartition? To sell all factories on scrap metal? Those very questions crystallized in consciousness with Putin's appearance - further PR began, "mistake the wish for the reality". Oil rain everybody apprehended as the result of efforts of the new president, small rise of manufacture - as effect of the thought over policy. So, here we go... A new cult of personality was formed. In parallel books about Stalin in record circulations and in unprecedented variety were issued - let's not take into account negative ones - that's the essence of really Freudian replacement which took place. People were ready to accept Putin as the leader - but only through Stalin's rehabilitation. Revival and a birth of personality cult of those two historian characters went congenially, as Ostan Bender would say.

Ideology and mythology - very important factor of a modern policy. Therefore authority speaking earlier only about efficiency and management was compelled to proceed to a modern language. Putin started talking in language of a part of layers supporting him - wished well-being to bourgeoisie in New Year, patted nationalists and great power nationalists using word-combination "democratic empire". All those speeches of the Great and Long-awaited were written on the knee by the former PR - manager of YUKOS, however the nation didn't need anything greater - they didn't interfere with life and that's ok. While rhetoric seems to be collapsible... Let them sing...

What has changed then with arrival of crisis? Mythology should have been dispelled. Legends and crazes, beliefs in wisdom of the Supreme governor - are irrelevant when the prices grow and salaries reduce, if not to dismiss. Here you are a phenomenon of today's life, a fresh one: to a meeting with me the writer and ex-polician Sergey Shargunov went in a car of the militarian just demobilized. That one repented that firstly he supported reorganization, abused liberals and... expressed hopes that Putin would settle down everything. Here you are - the force of TV. A session of the irreplaceable professor was not in vain.

Why, by the way, not to carry out such by Medvedev? His charisma has not grown yet. He adopted intonation, but didn't acquire nimbus and the impenetrable reservation of God's favour and people's belief. Therefore Putin proceeds as usual.

In fact it's a hard work: to convince the workers paid off from factories that economy of democratic empire rising from knees grows, it's difficult to name black white. What will prime-minister achieve with it? May be people will become thoughtfull - but in fact they will believe their eyes and empty purse faster, than to TV.

Yes - PR led postSoviet politicians into dead end. It won't be easier farther. People will had New Year holidays, will spend their savings on alcoholic anesthesia - there new spring impacts will follow. "When I'll set fire oil - you will be good, absolutely good", as Abdula from known Soviet film used to say. When unemployed people will be more than working ones - what will you do, will you sing about stability to us, Sun-like?

Factories stop working or work in half-capacity - but economy all the same grows? Stabilization Fund is blowning off as a ball after holiday - but economy all the same grows? There is crisis all over the world - while we have stability, do we understand you correctly, the Supreme Chekist?

Actually, there is a limit to people's trustfulness and telesusceptibility. We are ready to marvel together with people on Sun-like - but together with it and we'll pass beyond teleillusion so actively formed by footmen in Ostankino.

Capitalism became for the postSoviet Russia that form of life at which the majority, not capable to realize itself as class and to struggle for its rights, naturally dies out. By the way, rural old women voting for Yeltsin also died out - but they, probably, thought that it is necessary for strengthening of democracy. We are not the supporters of such errors. Therefore we do everything to change the tendency. Therefore authority in a time unpleasant to it aspires to show through its intermediaries that the left, trade-union and civil activism, to put it mildly, is not pleasant to it.

Very much in time Putin praised Shmakov hiding the real data on the quits of the wards - that now trade unions is not school of communism. Do not worry, Vladimir Vladimirovich - very soon all country will become school of communism for the world, which it used to be for long decades and only the period of board of your predecessor became a failure on this historical way. Lock-outs and unemployment will turn out badly to you and your team. The left movement, no matter how shattered it is, is nevertheless the carrier of revolutionary knowledge - it will break through a veil of lie and phylactery of security-service-oligarchic minority having settled itself down on shoulders of the working people.

Crisis showed well what the driving force in manufacture is. Someone cackled about political and economic death of proletariat - a pier, there is no more such a class... whom then by the thousands kick out from factories and building areas now? Dismissed and the ones who can't find work even as a shuttle trader - they will not watch TV at the moment when their refrigerators are empty. Any left-wing parties will freshen class consciousness of kicked out on the side by System. The smallest groups of left will fit, the most limited newspapers - and when comprehension of banefulness of the system will become not a version but total enlightenment for people, here reality-show will begin.

What is really important: crisis of capitalist system of values, of all System of public relations - should not be overcome for the sake of revival of capitalism. Udaltsov wrote and I'll repeat after him again: let crisis be strong! Jump to a new formation is possible in situation of total depreciation in public consciousness of that System which has thrown out its details (workers) on the street. Not only the raw model of parasitic economy of the Russian Federation should disappear forever after crisis but also the capitalism as a way of redistribution of results of a social production. Yes - yes, it is high time to recollect Marxist terms - all that seemed to be dusty Soviet antiques!

Inside small public groups, doomed to become a basis of the Union, completely new epoch is coming - and it comes all over the world, as crisis is total. The time for the majority and "horizontal" to get authority - as authority created conditions for their unemployment and absence of demand. And, as Bolsheviks of the last century, we can and should achieve world revolution - but by the example of own, certainly.

The army of guest workers, army of both all dismissed and not entered in blown off and broken System - will soon demand not revolutionary phrases but concrete orders, strategy of actions on self-rescue from starvation within the framework of System. Public blocks will collide in tectonic class battle, will ennoble on a place of collision new layers, new authority, new Justice - and all our former dreams and projects have chance to be embodied more fully and large-scaled, than we can imagine ourselves. Not simply capitalism but the most monetary system of evaluation of work should disappear - centralized distribution according to live-in, cash and personally authentic work comes to change depersonalized and exchanged on cash equivalent item one.

Yes, not the rest and joy for left are ahead - the hardest and most dangerous work. But the work on which we are signed by History. Only left of all colours will not be unemployed in the developing crisis.