Putin Saved Money for "United Russia" on Drowned Children

The first as it is considered rich man of Russia "gallery slave" Putin confirmed his reputation of the first Pharisee of Russia. Yesterday at a meeting with metallurgists of Magnitogorsk answering inspired question, what qualities the president should possess he, without batting an eyelid, said: decency. Which he, naturally, possesses in abundance.

I hardly fell from a chair. I have till now hiccoughs. Pressure jumps all the time... Who started talking about decency? The one who was recently accused by the Public military court under management of Victor Ilyukhin of treachery of interests of the Native land? The one who deprived the country population of privileges earned by sweat of their brow?

Among robbed are - children-invalids, Heroes of the Soviet Union and Heroes of Socialist Labour. "Chernobyl cleanup veterans", mothers having many children and honourable donors ...

The one who in the dying out country established monthly child allowance of shameful 70 roubles till 16 years? Who stuffed into the present State Duma pleasant to him glamour maidens, dollar billionaires, showmen and other political nonsense?

Who, at last, contrary to the Constitution, the law, norms of morals and decency is busy now with organizing of so-called "popular front" behind us but at our expense - a striking power for his victory on parliamentary and forthcoming presidential elections.

The window of heaven didn't open above him, thunder didn't strike, never lightened, cleaning fire didn't appear from a blast furnace and didn't absorb the Pharisee.

After ship-wreck on Volga in which more than 200 passengers died, Putin again played benefactor. He hastened to rescue the Ministry of Transport, owners of "Bulgaria" and promised to relatives of the dead to pay 1 million roubles from the state budget. Well, 300 thousand will be taken from the budget of Tatarstan. That is from we will pay for the criminal negligence of minister-millionaire Levitin and his officials, owners and tenants of the steam-ship, for corruption of chiefs of supervising services.

Everything as after a big fire in the Perm night restaurant "Lame Horse" in December, 2009 which was the result of "universal slovenliness". As well as after tragedy on the Kemerovo mine "Raspadskaya" which carried away lives of 90 miners. For which investigation our "decent" prime minister forbade Gryzlov to create parliamentary commission.

Everything as after technogenic accident on Sayano-Shushenskaya HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION which drowned 75 workers and employees. None of the originators of those catastrophes were brought to responsibility for death of people. Everywhere we paid off for infringements of rules of safety techniques, avidity of proprietors and bribability of checking and supervising institutions from our own pocket.

Only one question: why indemnifications to families of victims in accidents, failures, acts of terrorism and other states of emergency are appointed personally by Putin? Why did he estimate ruined in airport "Domodedovo" soul in 3 million roubles? While lives of passengers drowned in Volga - husbands, mothers and children - in 1 million? It means they are worse"?

I will remind: under his estimations the life of victims of "Lame Horse" cost 400 thousand roubles. While lives of miners of "Raspadskaya" - 1 million. (It was paid form the state budget, the regional authorities and owners of the mine).

Yesterday I recalculated: for 16 years of a throw of the country "in gangster capitalism" presidents Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev declared national mourning almost 30 times. Mournings of local value are baked as pancakes. To say that present comprador government deserves resignation - only mill the wind. We won't achieve it. Even comrade Zyuganov does not demand it.

If you read the speech he made after Putin's report in the Duma? Only Brezhnev's kisses were missing. People say: it is time to discharge Putin of establishment of indemnifications to widows and children of victims died in catastrophes with mass human victims. After all it's impossible to understand what he is thinking about each time.

Some stand up for acceptance of some kind of law "About indemnifications to families of victims of emergencies". It should be offered there to define accurately the rules of announcement of national grief in case of mass mortality of people as a result of acts of terrorism, industrial, transport, technogenic and other accidents. According to deputies of opposition of the State Duma such law should register the size of indemnifications to families of victims in every possible states of emergency, their social insurance till full age including giving education to children in high schools and accommodation services.

That, in general, was practiced at the Soviet power. What about those 10 orphans whose mum or daddy drowned in Volga - what will be their destinies? They will be forgotten the day after tomorrow! They will be allocated only survivor pension in the sum of 2,500 thousand roubles - as it happened not once in similar accidents.

Today the government gives the widow for the miner died in the mine 2500 rbl. a month. It is twice less than the living wage. Enough to make a hen laugh! Putin established quite "decent" pension - 2800 rbl monthly to children of the drowned by oligarchs workers of Sayano-Shushenskaya HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. Well done!

It's necessary to write down in that law, for example, that the employer pays lifelong pension to the family of the worker died on his manufacture at a rate of monthly salary. Let the Ministry of Transport pays to "the Volga orphans" pension till their full age. Misters Medvedev and Putin told many pharisaic words about "slovenliness" as national threat, bribability of officials supervising and law enforcement bodies, perversity of gluttonous domestic bureaucracy which they foster themselves. These are only words which they repeat from tragedy to tragedy.

The country is uncontrollable and it rolls down. Shaft of acts of terrorism and human victims accrues ... Therefore we need clear law which would accurately define the sum of indemnifications to families in case of mass mortality and wounds received by people in acts of terrorism, in production accidents, in public transport. That everything would be under the law and mister Putin ceased to make his "bloody PR" on the grief of families of the dead.

P.S. So why, you will ask, Mr. Putin lowered the size of indemnifications to victims of the drowned "Bulgaria" three times? Haven't you guessed? Because start up of parliamentary elections is ahead and saved on drowned children money he will spend on advertising of "United Russia".