64 Warheads Were Stolen in Romania

Four containers were stolen from the military echelon transporting ammunition to Bulgaria in the territory of Romania. Containing 64 warheads. It was announced today, on July, 17th by the military Office of Public Prosecutor of the country. According to investigating bodies, the loss was found out on Saturday when the train arrived to the station Stanesht of the district of Dzhurdzhu.

Under the statement of the authorities, stolen warheads did not contain any explosives, however they can be used as a cover for improvised explosive devices. However, according to the authorities, it is the most probable that ammunition was stolen by collectors of scrap metal.

- Of course, in general the story is a trifle, warheads are not nuclear though Romania is the member of NATO and such things shouldn't happen with countries-members of the Alliance, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - Look Hollywood action movies - warheads can be stolen only in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. While everything's organized in the best way in the "empire of glow and welfare". At last Bruce Willis (Steven Seagal) comes and rescues all... However, when Ceausescu was still alive, Romania nearly became nuclear power. Probably that strange death of Ceausescu and his spouse, as well as the whole strange Romanian "revolution" occurred because of a threat that Romania can adjoin nuclear club - with its non-realized ambitions of times of the Second World War. Other country leaders of east block still live more or less comfortably, only Ceausescu was hastily shot. The same way Saddam Hussein suspected of creation of weapons of mass destruction was put to death. What is interesting is that after Ceausescu's death new management of Romania immediately stopped the nuclear project - experts from the USA and the Russian Federation were engaged in export of elements of the Romanian nuclear program. They did it without the slightest contradictions and competition that is also rather suspicious in respect of so unanimous approval of the Romanian events by both parties, though after all formally there was a putsch in the course of which lawful head of the country was killed. It's also curious that during liquidation of the Romanian nuclear arsenal something, as they say, was lost. As well as during export of nuclear missiles from Ukraine after disintegration of the USSR. What was lost? It's possible only to build assumptions but after those losses nuclear programs of India, Pakistan and Democratic People's Republic of Korea were most advantageously realized. Not for nothing there's a saying that if there's a loss somewhere, there will be a profit in other place.