Bribe Won Medvedev

At the end of the year president Medvedev declared that he visa widely advertised package of anticorruption laws. And by that, according to my understanding, signed full and final capitulation before bribe. Paper mountain of "a strong lawyer" gave birth to another mouse. Not even the mouse but to who know what monster. Really, as known economist Michael Delyagin expressed once, the ruling mode created such economic system when the bribe, present, "kickbacks" became an ultimate goal, motor and driving force of "reforms". For the sake of them the majority of state decisions are being accepted in the country.


Actually, it was confirmed also by newly elected president D.Medvedev in the Message to Federal Assembly: "The state machinery in the country is also the biggest employer, the most active publisher, the best producer, justice for itself, a party and finally people per se. Such system is absolutely inefficient and creates only one thing - corruption. It generates mass legal nihilism, it conflicts to the Constitution".


Medvedev called corruption "system evil" to which he asked to give "system answer". However he charged a haughty caste of officials led by the chief of administration radio engineer S.Naryshkin to write the National Plan of Counteraction of Corruption. What "system answer" could it be?


Read this child of bureaucrats. 80-90% of its content - noncommittal appeals: "to improve, promote, improve norms, to provide detailed elaboration of the mechanism of control, to raise legal culture of a society as a whole", etc. So if to get accustomed better - it'll be seen that we received not the National Plan of Counteraction of Corruption (it wasn't prepared or discussed with the nation) but, more likely, the National Plan of officials on counteraction of exposure of corruption.


In fact, what's its supertask? It's not stated. What do we want to achieve by this "plan"? To lower a level of corruption? On how many percents?


Today annual volume of corruption services, by estimation of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, is over 300 billion dollars. We want to lower it to what limit? Up to 200 billion, up to 150 or 100? Where are we being extorted bribes but for administrations of all levels? Mr. Medvedev kept silent about it. Probably, he wasn't told about it.


Then we shall remind: they extort most of all, in opinion of analysts, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (STSI, inquest, "fronting" of business, prostitution and underground public houses), in courts and Office of Public Prosecutor (payment for justificatory verdicts, condemnation of competitors), in the Ministry of Education and Sciences (admission committees of high schools, answers on USE, sale of diplomas and orphans under the guise of international adoption). It goes without saying - in Ministry of Defence (military commissariats, medical boards for "fake excuses" from going to army), in Ministry of Public Health and Social Development (purchases of import medicines and equipment, bribes for difficult operations, delivery of forged medicines to drugstores and so forth).


It means, the new president should, first of all, send away the heads of these ministries and departments. In fact misters Patrushev and Ustinov, Chajka, Nurgaliev and Lebedev, Zurabov and Fursenko, S.Ivanov and Serdjukov led Russia to such a state that for last 8 years in a world "rating of honesty" it lowered from 70 place to 147. At that under direction of national leader Putin.


How now these ministers, having remained on the high posts, led by such prime-minister will struggle with their child - all-permeating bribery?


However what do we see? Medvedev appointed all-Russia allergen Zurabov his adviser. We congratulate! Mrs. Golikova - wife of minister Khristenko, understanding nothing in medicine, he handed over a post of the head physician of the country. The son-in-law of vice-premier Zubkov - furniture speculator Serdjukov - was given a post of Minister of Defence. One more congratulation.


I will be objected: the law "About Counteraction of Corruption" which Russia have been failing to get during postSoviet years became a core of the presidential "anticorruption package". Either Yeltsin tabooed veto or Putin stealthily sabotaged. It is true. However if to get accustomed - this law, in its essence, a parody to that bill which in 2001 was prepared by a group of the Duma generals - security officials led then by chairman of security committee of the State Duma general Alexander Gurov.


Deputies of the third Duma at support of opposition accepted that variant in the first reading in 2002. But just because the law was too good, it absorbed the best world experience Putin with his company buried it.


As experts approve, there's nothing but continuous nonsense like the duty of officials and their relatives to fill in declarations in the Natioanl Plan and the law. There is no main thing that Conventions of the United Nations and the Council of Europe on struggle against corruption demand from Russia. Namely: introduction of responsibility for "illegal enrichment". There isn't a thing which in the legislation of some countries and the USA refers to as presumption of guilt of a citizen before tax bodies. There is an iron order there: charges of the official always should correspond to a level of his incomes. If you fail to explain, what dividends you spent on a summer residence on Canary Islands, solid bank account, multimillion private residence - it means you stole, took bribes. That is why you should return it to the state as illegally earned and to prison for deceit of the state as you has not paid taxes from these riches.


Besides both "National Plan" and "anticorruption package" do not put the government and bureaucracy under control of legislature as it is demanded by the Constitution. In fact, according to it, Russia - a lawful state with the republican form of board. It means, the supreme authority should belong to Federal Assembly, that is to the Council of Federation and the State Duma.


However creation of parliamentary republic Medvedev recently called "inadmissible" business as it would turn "catastrophe" for the country. So, what are we talking about, as they say? It means that after signing of "anticorruption package" the government will consider the State Duma public whore. And any official - bribe taker - has the right to bend it at own discretion. The swindler from regional administration will also proceed putting regional Legislative assembly, not speaking about the governor into "a pose of Omar Khayam". It still will be impregnable.


All of us suffer from corruption even if we do not "sugar" any businessman puts the sum of bribes to officials and authorities into the price of the goods and services. Because of it all of us pays corruption tax - from a baby up to the old-aged woman. What can we say - haughty caste of officials created very convenient system of extraction of dividends from their posts for years of deep Yeltsin's drunkenness. It strengthened it for years of serene reign of sportsman Putin. While presidential pre-election ambitions of "a strong lawyer" Ý┼dvedev were used for preservation of incomes in inviolability.