"Bulava" and Fighter of the Fifth Generation Didn't Fly up

21st of August was extremely unsuccessful, simply fatal day for the Russian military-technical sector: one and the same day ended with failures of tests of two most "advertized" and most strategically important projects of the military industrial complex - rockets of sea basing "Bulava" and prototype of fighter of fifth generation -50. Two failures in one day - perhaps, it is difficult to recollect something similar in world practice. While what is it - fatal accident or fatal regularity?

To begin with about accident at air show KS-2011 where they decided to show strictly coded plane, they spent the whole series of test flights - risky enough PR - the plane is not simply "crude", for the present it's not in general plane but prototype, risk of failures of such vehicle is tremendously big. Let's note there were a record number of spectators present that day.

I can imagine how the hero of Russia Bogdan crossed himself in a cabin when the plane braked and stopped. The press wrote soothingly that supposedly the plane didn't run off the strip limits - so runaway in Zhukovsky, apparently, is the longest in the world, it's more than 7 kilometers, it's been projected specially for "Buran". This runaway remembers terrible case when the crew of the experimental car burned down on it as on an emery paper even not having reached its limit - that time the car already come off the earth but touched the ground again already with retracted landing gears, at great speed it drove on a belly on covering. It was audible via radio what's going on in cabin...

Fortunately T-50 stopped not having time to speed up and landed with gears down. The reason of emergency braking was more than serious - unstart of engine. From all reasons of it most real is error admitted at designing or faulty operation of control system of the engine. At that we are talking not about regular engine for the fighter of the fifth generation but about "intermediate" modernization of the ones which equip planes "Sukhoi" AL-41F: L-41F1 equips PAK FA and L-41F1S equips Su-35 (the engine has been developed owing to that former one didn't correspond to the requirements of foreign customers to cars of the fourth (!) generation). But even if that engine appeared "crude" for PAK FA, than will be with really new engine unit?

Let's ask now the simplest question: what about loud statements to equip army with such planes by 2012? After all serial purchase of PAK F for the Air Forces of Russia will begin in 2016, the first deputy of the Minister of Defense of Russia Vladimir Popovkin declared in interview to "The Russian Newspaper". Something prompts - it won't begin... Though our Ministry of Defense can in general put into service the plane without engine and without arms.

At least we already have strategic missile submarines (while only 1 piece) of new generation of the project 955, Borei class without corresponding to them strategic rockets "Bulava".

Atomic ballistic missile submarine of new generation "Yury Dolgorukiy" which entered water area of the White Sea for test start-up of "Bulava" was compelled to return to Sevmashzavod in Severodvinsk not having carried out the task. Start-up didn't take place because of the error in electric power supply in one of submarine systems. Decision to return a boat to the enterprise to analyze the reason of malfunction then and there was accepted.

Till the end of 2011 they planned to make two test start-ups of intercontinental ballistic missile "Bulava" from ballistic missile submarine "Yury Dolgorukiy". It was decided to make decision on accepting sea rocket complex D-30 (the rocket and submarine) for service of the Navy in case of success of the last.

It is interesting that "Bulava" had more unsuccessful start-ups rather than successful ones but nevertheless the decision to start its batch production and, accordingly, to accept it for service has been already accepted - as a matter of fact irrespective of the fact if it will fly or not. It failed...

Let's not mock at the production terms of new technique - but how to start batch production and accordingly to stake in the strategic defensive doctrine on not flying samples, actually just - moulages? Let's imagine that half of planes at Z hour will fail to come off runway, half of submarines will remains on the berth and half of rockets either won't fly up, or will misdeliver. If there are a lot of submarines, rockets and planes, it's not important - the remaining half will solve the fighting task. Though there won't be a lot of technique, they will produce only individual samples as it always occurs with new equipment for last 20 years.

In modern war nobody will give us odds - to recede to Moscow as in two patriotic wars. Or we will act as Czechia in last war - will give in without fight having left all technique to invaders? Well, Germans managed to provide in the forties the Czech factories with three-shift work and full-time job. If the country can't support own army, it supports alien one...