ķichael Delyagin: To Win Corruption Is Necessary to Consider It Vice and Not Political System Basis

Source: World of News

- Michael Gennadevich, what is going on with corruption in Russia in reality - if we really struggle with it or only in words?

- Who are "we"? One acquaintance of mine tried to create movement to fight against corruption - so, he was prohibited to take such name in the Ministry of Justice: say, only the bodies created for fight against corruption have such right in the Russian Federation. While citizens are prohibited to do it - corruption is after all basically in power, so it is possible to think up to the struggle for the rights... They allowed to register the movement as "assistance in fight against corruption" - if to take first letters of the Russian name, you will get abbreviation which is translated as "dog"...

Authorities fight not so much against corruption as with phenomenon, as it threatens with blasting of well-being of ruling class, but with separate corrupt persons. They are even get imprisoned and the terms are not conditional, but written and unwritten rules remain former, simply representative of "right" clan changes representative of the "wrong" one. Let's note that it takes not less bribes, than the former one.

- Why does the power only chat and do nothing in practice?

- Well, don't be so rough? Only in 2010 more than 40 thousand criminal cases on corruption were brought into action, though they are against "switchmen", as it is possible to judge. The heads, as Caesar's wife, are out of suspicions. However, there is a category of heads which has got "under a skating rink" of fight against abusing - 90% of mayors of the cities which dared and managed to win elections from proteges of "United Russia" were put into prison and dismissed from their post during presidency of liberal Medvedev under far-fetched pretexts. The price to such "struggle" is clear, as well as become almost official name of this party - "party of swindlers and thieves".

To fight against corruption as a whole means to fight against ruling party and even to undermine bases of the created political system. It is impossible for bureaucracy. While struggle for repartition of corruption financial streams which looks on a surface often like struggle with corrupted persons - lovely business.

- What could we wait on this front after returning of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin?

- Nothing. Unless something depends on the address where the head of the country sits - on Krasnopresnenskaya Quay or in the Kremlin? It always seemed to me that the matter is not in the address, but in the person and his idea of right and wrong. All Russians dissatisfied with corruptions get into the category of the last, as long as it's possible to understand policy of the state.

Eventually, as one representative of sociological "science" publicly declared: "I became a member of "United Russia" two years ago and I do not understand how it is possible to speak about total character of corruption if only 27% of Russians confessed in sociological polls to direct involvement in corruption actions". It is very characteristic position for present ruling party.

- What it would be necessary to do to advance in fight against corruption?

- Only three measures are necessary.

Firstly - to release the giver of a bribe cooperating with investigation from responsibility. After all the official creating "game rules" compels the businessman to bribe. In our country in the beginning of the 2000s fair business was quite seriously suggested to commit social suicide: say, who doesn't want to give bribes - should leave business, there are no claims to him. Realization of this measure breaks off mutual responsibility between the organizer of corruption and its victim. It is experience of Italy.

Secondly - confiscation of everything including honesty gained actives from a family of a member of the organized crime (corruption in power is impossible without it) not cooperating with investigation. The family should be left only things sufficient for very modest life - thus it should destroy economic base of mafia as common fund will not be enough for all. It is experience of the USA.

At last, thirdly - lifelong interdiction condemned for corruption not only to occupy state post as well as to be elected, but also to lead any supervising, legal or teaching work.

It'll be good to create also system of electronic decision-making allowing to supervise all activity of the official imperceptibly for him and also following an example of Belarus, Moldova and Georgia on pain of prison to send from the country all "thieves in law". But it is an auxiliary measure; first three steps are most important.

They allow to carry out cleanup of the country even in conditions of criminality of a considerable part of "law enforcement bodies and frequent inadequacy - up to direct legal insanity of courts.

Though the main thing that is necessary is - desire.

To win corruption is necessary to consider it vice and not political system basis.

- Whether it's possible to win corruption in Russia in general? Or it is a fixed idea or ideal dream? If so what is possible to do at least for reduction of corruption sizes? ... Or we will eternally fight against these not two but already three troubles of Russia?

- Corruption will be won within a year after recovery of the Russian state - pure desire of its leaders will be enough for this purpose.

We will help them to feel this desire, we will see corruption eradication with our own eyes and, I hope, we will take in it the most direct participation.