The Main Conveyer of AvtoVaz Stopped. 3 Thousand Workers Will Be Axed

On Tuesday AvtoVaz again stopped conveyor because of the problems with deliveries of car components. For the first time for the same reason AvtoVaz stopped working in the beginning of February. On the eve its key supplier - Samara group SOK which provides up to 40% of the needs of AvtoVaz in car components - cancelled the shipment. The group supervises nine enterprises which produce components for engine, transmissions, lighting devices, elements of interior.


SOK demands from AvtoVaz revision of conditions of deliveries, since February the factory gets only 30% of the cost of purchased components for money and the other 70% - for bills. When suppliers stopped delivery for the first time, they expressed disagreement with the new terms of payment.


It's possible to understand position of SOK group as well as other suppliers of AvtoVaz, Michael Ljamin from Bank of Moscow commented for "Commersant". Most likely, "the group itself is suffering from the lack of money and its factories are just about to stop working". However, for AvtoVaz during crisis when sales fall the next stopage is not so painful.

From editorial staff: As the active worker of Revolutionary Workers' Party and Left Front Denis Tihotsky who was in due time taking part in organization of the strike on AvtoVaz informed us, situation is not connected directly to working-class movement and has system-wide character - in conditions of crisis industrial cooperation at the capitalist enterprises, as we see, works not better, than during crisis in the USSR. But the general position of workers on AvtoVaz did not much improve since the time of strike one and a half year ago, improvement didn't last long - now the enterprise is transferred to incomplete working week, the bonus part of the salary is sharply reduced, while the charges connected to inflation appreciably grew. The tension in labour collective is very high.



- By and large, production of cars in Tolyatti for the Russian government - like a thing which is inconvenient but impossible to throw away, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - Having let foreign manufacturers to enter our market, as a matter of fact, they sentenced domestic car industry, though not at once. Here it was found out that together with car industry it's necessary to close some cities, for example, half-million Tolyatti where there's no other work. As our government categorically avoids social burden, it preferred that AvtoVaz died on the sly. In any case, nobody will spare money on rescue of manufacture in Tolyatti. The same way as nobody will begin rescuing numerous enterprises which interrelate with AvtoVaz and will be lost not even together with it but even earlier.


"The Russian industry during crisis will inevitably pass to the "Ukrainian" scheme, - Anatoly Baranov continued, - when the enterprise is privatized under liquidation - equipment goes on scrap metal, while premises and areas are being redesigned. It's very effective scheme from the point of view of getting profit and very barbarous from the point of view of consequences. In Ukraine workers have already applied "neo-Troskyist" method of struggle against such phenomenon - creation of trade unions, capture of enterprise and demand to de-privatize it and transfer functions of management to labour collective. Now all CIS keeps watch over the end of opposition under the scheme on Kherson Car Works. Literally the day before yesterday professor Klotsvog at conference of the Left front reminded of such way of class struggle as General strike. I think, it's very duly reminder. At that the "strike" in the initial meaning of this word - not a cessation of work but namely capture of the enterprise by workers and its retention up to satisfaction of requirements of labour collective".


PS. It's planned to axe three thousand two hundred workers of "AvtoVaz". It was declared today by Minister of Health and Social Development of Russia Tatyana Golikova who made public speech on plenary session in Council of Federation. "On our data, it's planned to axe 3,2 thousand workers of "AvtoVaz"", - Golikova said, answering a question of the senator of Samara region Konstantin Titov.