50 Years Will Pass Quickly...

Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Kudrin, making public speech on April, 14 on collegium of Ministry of Finance, presented sad forecast of economic condition of our economy. If to trust the chief financier of the country, the nearest 50 years external economic conditions will not be as favorable for the Russian Federation as they used to be from the beginning of 2000. He gave ingenious reason: in the beginning of XXI century recession of the American economy last 8 months, they spent almost 10 years to overcome it. Further Alexey Leonidovich "calmed down" members of the collegium: "Now recession in economy of the USA will last 16-18 months, it means that the way out from crisis, probably, will get several years ..."


Thanks God that torments of long expectation for happy tomorrow will not touch our pensioners; president Dmitry Medvedev also made public speech on April, 14 and guaranteed them that next year pension in the country would not be below living wage of the pensioner. He noted that average size of increase in pension for those who are now older than 70 years would reach 1700 roubles and for those who are 60-65 years - about 1300 roubles. That is, if I am, for example, 60 years, then fifty years' expectation of future social and economic paradise will pass imperceptibly for every month my heart, old bones and stomach would be toasted $38 increase to pension. Well, I can use this easy money, as some German pensioner, to go round half-planet! Have you already been to Tahiti?


So, in vain pessimists make up crisis fears. V.Putin's government has already developed anti-recessionary measures which, naturally, will be paid from the budget. Our cabinet is going to direct three quarters of these means to authorized capitals of large proprietors and on support of worthy, from the point of view of the government, bank structures. The rest quarter will be seen by industry and population of Russia.


It's clear that party "Edinaya Russia" hotly supports such lay of things and one of its functionaries Andrey Isaev even has beheld similarity in the actions of Putin and Roosevelt. It was such president in the USA who pulled out in 30th years of the last century economy of the United States from crisis. To tell you the truth, as far as I can recollect, Franklin Delano Roosevelt not only strengthened banks using state grants but also resorted to financing of concrete branches of the American economy, reduced taxes, forbade export of gold, recommended sharp decrease in salaries of all federal employees, legislators. While it would not be amiss to equal enormous in their size pensions of government officials, members of Federal Assembly, supreme officials of Russia and pensions of simple Russians.


Upon my life, in this case the budget of the country would become much more comfortable, society could overcome crisis phenomena more effectively. In fact, for example, on results of the first quarter of this year incomes of the federal budget decreased in comparison with similar period of 2008 almost on 0,5 billion roubles, while charges increased more than for third.


The worst is yet to come; Mister A.Kudrin "encouraged" society revealing data that the basic deficiency of the budget would arise in the second and next quarters of 2009, it would make by results of the current year almost 7,5% of gross national product. Next year charges of the federal budget will be reduced more than on billion roubles. That is why, Minister of Finance said, his department was compelled "to agree with the offer to cancel the budget for 2010-2011, not to cut down everybody slightly but to define priorities and to say, we should carry out those charges in full, we should reduce those charges more than on 20%..."


It's interesting, whose offer is it and whether it includes 20% reduction, for example, of charges on wages of all officials of Russia - from the president, prime minister, deputies of all levels and up to the chapters of regional board? In fact to expostulate for all crisis troubles only the USA, obviously, would not be quite correct, for imperious vertical built up for 10 years by the team of our Petersburg reformers failed somewhere. You would agree, dear readers, that the result of economic development of Russia achieved somehow just slightly interfaces with vigorous messages of the president of the Russian Federation to Federal Assembly on the basis of which members of "Edinaya Russia" even made certain victorious plan which heading contained surname sacred for each member of "Edinaya Russia".


Suddenly such discomfiture - philosophy of victory suffered bankruptcy and the nearest 50 years, if to trust true member of V.Putin's team, there would be no slightest gleam at all. It turns out in "victorious" fever of long-term presidency of Mister Putin ruthless exploitation of oil-and-gas deposits exhausted not only the bowels but also the hopes of simple Russians for improvement of life of at least one generation. In fact in 50 years nobody will recollect the responsibility of political team from the coast of Neva which made callous squandering of natural resources of Russia, enriched few hundreds capitalists and turned several tens millions inhabitants of the country into beggars.


I suppose, it is impossible to deny that this "group of comrades" transformed embryonic ocean of the Russian free business into the lame oil pool near to which nothing but for the chawing of fat oligarchs could be heard. It's clear that not the growth of incomes of the population of native land but quantity of personal planes, steam-ships, islands, palaces "on balance" of thieves encouraged by authority is the parameter of social success in such company. Never the Russian management could fill up a chasm of disagreements between people and those billionaires appointed by authority who have been plundering and continue to plunder it, not even using the sand of fifty years' old remoteness. The Kremlin had all opportunities to mobilize belief and pride of the Russians for their native land but they had been already missed, as V.Putin and his protege D.Medvedev, as against F.Roosevelt, even didn't suggested to clear up reviving native land of stratification of greedy monopolies. They offered us something different: to renew conversation about national happiness in five decades ...