Value Law in Canalization Aspect

Talks like “more socialism” “to Lenin New Economic Policy”, “rouble should work”, “balance of demand and supply”, “market self-regulation”, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” and other “objective economic laws” related to perestroika ceased long ago, their blind action releases high-native nomenclature minds from “not imperial business” like – from tediousness of practical work on organization and planning of activity of a huge uniform economic production complex for satisfaction of pressing needs of each member of society.

Such blessed time when statesmen can guzzle vodka for months, “to work with documents” in numerous residences, to call caught stealing boyars, mock at servile fierce, to be impassable fool came – laws of economy work by themselves, not interfering with life of masters, not burdening their head with anything superfluous, not worsening digestion.

Nevertheless some doubt prevents to indulge in rave about freedom of action of value law let out of cage of “the developed socialism” – a predator devouring "weak" and strengthening "strong", balancing commodity-money masses, sentencing whole branches of economy to slaughter and civilizations to disappearance.

I am not the whiner therefore I will not stop on ethical problems of submission of activity of a person to a blind external force and to waste eloquence for social problems generated by it. Let it be unfair. Let it be bestiality and slavery. Let it be death of millions, let it be ecosystem destruction, let it be exhaustion of natural resources and environmental pollution. Though may be there are pluses which justify all these expenses, all monarchial petty tyranny, all “teardrops of children”, all partitions of big states, all humanitarian bombings of small ones? Perhaps, economic efficiency of the cannibal monster is such that it is necessary to close eyes not to see degradation of society, extinction of the population, overrun of fields, destroyed cases of mighty plants, factories, rise in crime, drug addiction, falling of standard of living?

Let's consider action of value law on the commonest example – in the sphere of housing and communal services. How did Soviet people use water earlier? Not market-like, not monetarist, it is possible even to say criminally in totalitarian way. Opened the crane, poured water, closed the crane. Certainly, not free of charge. The payment was about 20 kopeks a month.

But free economy can't suffer similar squandering. Money which could be spend on buying country houses, on castles in Spain, on yachts, on Faberge's eggs remain in pockets of water users without due supervision! Simply some recidive of socialism. It is necessary to adjust capitalist “account and control” - to install counters and to place order in tariffs. Installed counters. What did happen? People whom capitalists decided to use appeared to be fairly clever and quickly understood – to pay less one should spend less water. The capitalist understood it soon as the profit started falling.

What could be done? The profit is a sacred thing, it shouldn't become less. The "owner" reduces expenses, dismisses part of workers and raises tariff for water use. But our people know the score! Buckets, basins, canisters appear in apartments. The slogan of the day – reuse of water resources. After avaricious ablution of houseware water is being gathered to a basin and is being spent on filling of a toilet bowl tank. The bath is being used consistently by all members of the family. Drain from bath is naturally combined with washing of floors and toilet bowl tank. The bourgeois profit again went down. What could be done, if the profit can be spent on..., see above..

Tariffs are again being raised, residents again show sharpness, placing capacities on balconies collecting rain water. Some have possibility to bring a pair of full canisters from work sharing with neighbors. The profit of water lord is again going down. But value law is up to every move. Consumer has no way to escape from it! Tariffs!

When dehydrated inhabitant exhausts all means of water production, it becomes clear that as a result of its total economy liquid which he drains is inadmissibly dense and the pipes which should be used for water let this liquid of denser consistence pass reluctantly creating jams and blockages in the sewerage which remained after communists. There comes a moment when everything stops. Pipes are hammered, water isn't being used, hastily hammered toilet with letters "M" and "F" in a yard appears on a place of the former playground.