"Effective Managers" Refuse from Adopted Children?

Official mass-media intensively warm up attention of the Russian public to destiny of the Russian children adopted by foreigners and to destiny of children who became a subject of dispute between divorced parents one of whom is Russian man (or more often Russian woman), while the other - foreigner.


Description of really tragical circumstances, scrupulous analysis of legal and actual circumstances, as well as insult for our children and parents and other understandable emotions distract the Russian society from, at least, not less pressing question - position of children in Russia.


Big quantity of homeless and neglected children, child's alcoholism, drug addiction and prostitution, worsening condition of physical health and level of intellectual development of children from rather secured families - here you are only some ulcers of today's Russian society. When the state and large corporations actually choked in money, Dzerzhinsky should have appeared capable really, in practice, not only orally to start saving children from a hell of "wild", liberal capitalism.

Social and economic crisis developing in our country, despite of soothing statements of official propagation not simply worsens position of children but also generates new, unprecedented even in the recent past tragedies.

In particular, active workers of some public organizations studying problems of family and childhood paid attention to not individual refusals of representatives of "middle class" of earlier adopted children developing into dreadful, monstrous tendency.

The state statistics doesn't reflect this process, as profile departments categorically do not want the national account even of adoption process. However appearance of such phenomenon as refusal of earlier adopted child is indicative of deep moral crash of the Russian society.

It is clear that far not all parents understand how difficult and painful could be the process of adoption and upbringing of biologically not self child, who besides got the hardest psychological traumas, almost inevitable even in good orphanage. It is clear that the standard of living of the Russians, no matter what fairy tales would be told by professional "nightingales of reforms", falls and will continue to fall in the foreseeable future. It is clear that unemployment grows and deprives people of even shaky confidence of their future.

However neither it, nor any other reason can be an apology for people returning child to the orphanage as some spoilt toy, motor vehicle taken on credit when there's nothing to pay for, making thus even greater evil, than the parents who renounced him. The Russian society - to be more precise - its well-to-do part is affected illness which the Western sociologists politically correctly name "consumerism".

Principle of life for the sake of personal consumption, taking on by official propagation with a view of maintenance of political stability and become spontaneous reaction of the exhausted society to monstrous falling of standard of living and destruction of well-being as a result of liberal reforms of 90th years is incompatible with normal society, incompatible with humanity. Certainly, orientation of demographic propagation of the state to the least adapted for the adoption, focused on consumption type of people - most likely, it was involuntary, caused by that its organizers belong to this type and subconsciously proceeded in working out of propaganda concepts from own system of values. Certainly, incomplete performance by the state of social obligations (for example, delays in transfer of grants, their small sizes, reduction of social payments) served its purpose also.

Appearance of false ideas under the influence of at least careless state propagation was also important - for example that adoption of a child makes possible under due "parent capital" and grants to take hypothecary credit for improvement of living conditions.

However all these factors are minor.

The main thing - consecutive efforts of the state on consumerization of the society, on transformation of consumption into the main sense of a human life and "home sapiens" - into "consumer sapiens".

"Consumer sapiens" is a nonsense, catachresis: a term being formed from the words which are incompatible with each other - as "dry water" or "fair cleptocrat". Transformation of consumption into the aim of a human life destroys it, that is confirmed by tragedies of children returned back in children's asylums. It should be remembered even in our country more than 80% of population where are artificially kept in poverty (according to Levada-centre, the share of the Russians lacking money for purchase of durable goods makes 86%).