ánatoly Baranov: Housing and Public Services Need Not Regulator but a Kind of “Commissar Cattani”

If in 2010 Muscovites spent for payment of housing and public services 7% of total costs, in 2011 that indicator reached already 10,3%. Thus, growth is threefold, in other figures it increased by 47%. In spite of the fact that the total all the same remained less average level across Russia, for citizens increase of tariffs appeared very essential, it follows from the research of Audit and Consulting Group "Finexpertise" which are given by RBC Daily.

Experts propose that further the share of expenses of Muscovites will grow even quicker. Subsidizing by the city will gradually decrease, respectively expenses of citizens will grow. Several years ago the share of inhabitants was 66% of fee, the rest was paid by the city. But then citizens started paying 80%, all 100% should be expected in future.

- Though there is one interesting feature, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov notes. - Each time increasing prices significantly authorities told citizens that they should stop live for free and that now they would pay all 100 percent. Later it always turned out for some reason that citizens’ share was only 66%, then 80%. There is an impression that we are simply "deceived into parting with money” periodically.

Inhabitants of Ivanovo and Moscow regions are also in drawback, it also concerns the Chukotka Autonomous District. In 2011 they had to spend 30% more than average Russian indicator for housing and public services - 14,9, 14,6 and 14,1% of the budget respectively.

-As the candidate in mayors of situated near Moscow Khimki I officially declare, - Anatoly Baranov continued, - that I understand why costs of housing and public services in the Chukotka Autonomous District are more expensive, than in Moscow. The climate there is rougher and there’s need to deliver fuel there. While I don’t understand why tariffs in Moscow region are higher than in Moscow by 30% taking into consideration that fact that climate there is the same and transport leg is the same. I think that to explain such paradox one should possess remarkable abilities to sophistry. If to look at Khimki, one could see that both density of building and extent of communications are as in Moscow, while heating systems are even in better condition, than in the capital because they are in general newer. Repair works in Moscow region should be cheaper by definition - firstly, average salaries there are lower, than in Moscow, secondly, the works are cheaper as it is not necessary to bite into century stratifications and interlacings of communications as in the center of Moscow. Nevertheless – services are higher by 30 percent! It is clear that formation of prices is opaque, management companies are built by the "Sicilian" principle. So here we need not regulator but some kind of "commissar Cattani". Then tariffs will at once become equal to the Moscow level, as it is simply impossible that the capital tariff was lower than provincial one, it’s by definition the most expensive, while here we see different picture.

Since July, 2013 electric power will rise in price by 12-15% (in 2012 - by 6%). Tariffs for heat will be also raised in July: in 2013 - by 8-10%. Gas, on forecasts of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, will be risen in price by 15% a year.

- We should send “doctor” to analyze situation here following Putin’s formula, - Anatoly Baranov considers. - Gas becomes cheaper all over the globe, in our country – it rises in price. Why? Well, it’s clear, "Gazprom" compensates half-received profit at the expense of the domestic market and, as we can understand, intends to do it further more. While Putin as actual "owner" of "Gazprom" won't send anybody anywhere - except citizens with their indignation with the growth of tariffs. It means it is necessary to pass to cheaper technologies of heating at municipal level - not at once, not in one year. It’s simply immoral to feed these "fat cats" at the expense of kopeks of pensioners. There are technologies, they are being percolated widely in Ukraine - the need forces to do it. It’s useful for us not to wait till we will eat from hand to mouth, but to percolate progressive ways of economy. Let Putin deceive his friend Berlusconi with his Italians into parting with money for gas…