Eastern Europegets ready for a crusade for Russian oil and gas

To the beginning of 2006 the configuration of the future wars of the 3rd millenium - wars for resources has started to appear. A new series of "gas wars" that is ready to burst out in the nearest future on the post-Soviet space with great degree of probability can force creation of "the power defensive union" within the limits of NATO or "in the image and likeness of" an alliance – RIA news states in RIA.

Actually we have already written quite long time ago that the growth of the price for oil over 50 dollars per barrel (alongside with correspondent price growth for gas) will bring up a question of retention of petro-gas deposits by the weak countries which will become a problem number one - we shall agree that the countries possessing powerful armies and developed military-industrial complexes are not obliged to look kindly on abramovichi buying up football clubs and private residences near to royal ones. The British, the French, the Italians and the Germans can manage the question how to spend free money without the help of Arabian and Russian oil sheikhs.

Naturally Putin declaring that our raw appendage will be referred to as "Power Empire" has not considered that empires consist not only of one gas gate but also propose imperial armies, fleet and military-air forces.

While in Moscowthey are proud of the beautiful name they contrived for the country, Europethink over the Polish idea of "power safety" supported by the countries of Vyshegradskaja group (Czechia, Hungaryand Slovakia), Baltics and - informally - the USA. Its essence consists in the statement about necessity of energy carriers diversification which European countries use and in the creation of "the power defensive union" like NATO.

Actually for the acquisition of the control over power resources of the Near Eastsuch organization as NATO will be sufficient without creating something "like".

So wonderfully has coincided that all "international terrorism" has concentrated in regions of oil and gas deposits - Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabiaand the Emirates. In the countries where valorous armies of "forces of goods" are already on their guard. Venezuelaprepares for the reception of carriers of light ideals on the helicopters "Apaches".

But there is a serious problem with some of the countries of the former USSR, to be more precise with Russia, Kazakhstanand Azerbaijanwhere deposits of oil and gas are also numerous and consequently it can lead to the appearance of international terrorism there.

By virtue of it in the White House the concept of "power NATO" received a little bit different interpretation than in Warsaw. As follows from the report (published, by the way, two days prior to the summit of EU) on the other part of Atlantic idea of "power defensive union" has been apprehended as an opportunity for NATO to take upon itself officially functions of "providing of power infrastructure safety" during "the periods of instability" in the countries-suppliers and the transit states. As an example of actions aimed at “providing of power safety” the war in the Persian Gulfis mentioned among other things.

That means that the most aggressive position is occupied by former allies of the USSRunder the Warsawcontract - Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungaryand former republics of Baltics. Probably they – as well as the Poles in Iraq– are promised certain share in oil and gas "pie". But the main thing in the future struggle of "forces of goods" with "forces of evil" is involvement into it of such former Soviet republics as the Ukraineand Belarussia.

Even letting alone lengthy conjoint general border the Ukraineand Belarussia possess rather impressive military potential in the field of usual means of arms. However, the condition of the Ukrainian army even more sad than Russian one but with all the might the moral and psychological process of creation an image of Russia-enemy in the minds of the Ukrainians goes on. Today the Ukrainian militaries are getting experience of leading war against former allies in the former Yugoslaviaand Iraq.

The case with an alliance with Belarussia is going on a little bit worse after the failure of the attempt to fall down Lukashenko and thus to tear off this country from Russia. Belarussia has rather modern, well equipped and entirely completed 50-thousand army. If Lukashenko takes into his head to enter Moscow, his tanks would appear on Kutusovsky Avenuewithin day and there they will be met not with anti-tank rockets but with flowers.

We shouldn’t forget that the 21st century has just begun and the West continues to bring down Lukashenko perfectly aware that the Russian nuclear forces are inapplicable against the Ukraineand Belarussia, as regards to usual armament degradation of the Russian army sooner or later will balance chances of the parties. That will be the time for Baltic and Polish units to enter the game and take under control oil fields and pipelines.

Fiction? Well, what about the American Blue berets making photos on the ruins of Babylon– isn’t it a fiction? What about Polish commandos in Afghanistan? What about Japanese military experts in Baghram?

There is no fiction any longer; there is left-off reality.